Wednesday 21 August 2013


Springtime in Cornwall Park

Oh my goodness
I never imagined it would take me
so long to decide on a new computer..

..but I needed to be sure that
what I bought would tick all the boxes
for my diverse needs.

I told my computer man
what I wanted to do
and he came up with an 
HP TouchSmart Sleekbook
that he has tweeked to give
me super-fast net surfing
and also do my business accounts.
I pick it up tomorrow
so I'll give you a quick preview then!

Isn't this little one adorable?

I'm so appreciative to everyone

who stopped by.
Thank you for your advice,
telling me about your set-ups
and all your encouraging words.

I knew if I put out the call
my dear bloggy friends would respond!

I weighed up the pros and cons.
Those of you who recommended
I stay with a laptop
for my business + blogging needs
were right!!!


I'll be back in business tomorrow
and hope that I'm not too late
to join in
Vee's Note Card Party!

À bientôt

be kind to one another


Auckland city from Mt Eden - an extinct volcano.


  1. Look forward to your return Shane - so glad you have your dilema sorted. Those lambs & daffys are gorgeous - spring must not be far away - hugs Julie x0x

  2. Oh what gorgeous images Shane!
    Makes me feel like Spring is almost upon us and I can hardly wait!
    Yes the best choice certainly over an Ipad for your needs I feel for sure.
    Now you will have to show us how great it really is.
    Yes we really need the speed of our computers to keep up with all our blogging friends near and far!
    Sending you love and hugs and heaps
    of enjoyment with your new little pony!
    Suzy ♥

  3. Ah Shance, so glad to hear from you again! Thanks so much for leaving this sweet comment on my blog!
    I have not been visiting my favourite blogs regularly as we had the summer holidays and we were up and about. Gardening, travelling, the whole lot. (Not that I complain!)
    But now that I said hello, I will dig deeper into your posts to catch up with everything I missed! Good luck with your new computer! Looking forward to seeing you soon again in Blogland!
    Hugs, Manu

  4. Spring lambs, how delightful!
    So glad you have found the perfect laptop for your needs, and I look forward to seeing you burst into print with it. That is a great photo from Mt. Eden - I stood there and took some pretty dismal pics last year, on a dull day. I like yours much better! xxx

  5. It's great to see you back Shane. I'm glad you have found the perfect computer for you! Your notecard photos are beautiful. I adore sheep and little lambs. Pamela

  6. I just love your little lambs and I'll be eager to see you back in blog world on a regular basis very soon!

  7. Lovely to see your Springtime daffodils and little lamb. Glad you've got sorted re computing needs after getting lots of advice as it's always difficult to make that final decision I find. Happy day!

  8. So nice to see another post, Shane. I hope the new computer will settle in well with you.
    Lovely images of sweet lambs.

  9. Hi Shane
    I think the new computers are pretty amazing. If my almost 80 year old friend could buy a new touch screen laptop and learn it on her own with the help of books, anyone can.
    Good luck.

  10. Shane, dear, that is so wonderful,
    then you can soon again be here among us :-) YES I had my cleaned computer back yesterday--no real viruses, but lots of other disturbing things :-(((
    Now it works great again!!
    I so hope you will be happy for your choice, and that it will fit your needs and wishes !!
    See you tomorrow again dear friend!!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  11. It feels like spring visiting you today. Good luck with the new lap top.
    Sarah x

  12. It feels like spring visiting you today. Good luck with the new lap top.
    Sarah x

  13. Now this post could work with a special dispensation that I am happy to grant given your special circumstances. Hope that you and your new laptop get along very well!

  14. I agree, what sweet hotos, can't wait to see your super fast blogging fingers posting again soon! ❤

  15. Dearest Shane,
    Oh my those cute little lambs make up for so many other things in life! That is the loveliest sight in nature, the renewing of LIFE.
    You have done this very wise and it needs a lot of thought for coming to the right decision and not impulsively buying something that cuts you short on one or the other.
    So glad for you and I guess that's what I need for the future too if I replace my 'heavy' laptop.
    Enjoy your spring days.

  16. Oh gosh, I've fallen in love with that little lamb! So precious! Wonderful photo of him with the backlighting!!!

  17. I will have to remember this, as I know in the near future a laptop will need to be purchased.
    Oh it is looking like Spring there. Enjoy!



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