Wednesday 10 April 2013

Trésor Collage a parting gift...

My dear friend Carol who now lives
and works in the UK
has just been home for a
month long Summer visit.

Out of all my friends
she is one of very few who "get it"
regarding my love of blogging,
and visiting thrift shops
looking for old linen and lace trésors!

We spent some lovely time together
which included shopping,
enjoying afternoon teas at
'The Florentine Tea Room'
'Little and Friday'.

I wanted to make something special
for Carol as a reminder of her visit home.
I pulled out all my most precious
laces and fabrics for her to choose from.

Carol chose a beautiful piece of old
French embroidered linen
(given to me by my dear blogging friend Barbara
who sadly died in February this year.
You can read my tribute post here).

An old piece of toile fabric with images
of roosters especially caught her eye
(this was given to me by Lilla -
thank you L).

Carol's mother was from England originally -
 her maiden name was Cockerell.

So, being the fervent francophile that I am
I translated the 'Gallic Cockerill'
to 'Le Coq Gaulois'!

On the right hand side I included
a piece of New Zealand Paua shell
as a reminder of home.
Carol told me she has it hanging
on her bedpost!

Today I'm joining Becky for
Blissful Whites Wednesday
Claudia for 
A Favorite Thing Saturday

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Rhonda of "A Little Bit French"
Manu of "Vintage Savonette"
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À bientôt
and be kind to one another



  1. Shane you have really created something beautiful and special for your close girlfriend here. It will carry many fond memories from you that she can keep forever as a reminder of the closeness that you have shared over the years.
    Is it a little book or a hanging?
    The fabrics and the vintage cotton laces also carry the memories of other friends and even one who has recently passed.
    It is simply beautiful!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Just beautiful - what a lovely gift and I'm sure it will be greatly treasured. Bonne journee!

  3. What a beautiful piece Shane for a dear friend. So much thought and creativity went into this. You have been given some gorgeous lace pieces.

  4. Simply beautiful and so very special,dear Shane.I'm sure your friend will treasure it.Have a wonderful week.

  5. What a beautiful gift for your friend. I am sure she will treasure it forever.

  6. This is just beautiful -- and it isn't just beautiful outside with your lovely materials and workmanship, but inside with all the thought and interpretation that went into its creation. You are so very talented and your friend Carol is a very lucky woman!

  7. ♥ ooo,beautiful!! ♥ xxx riitta♥

  8. It's nice to have a friend that is a kindred spirit and I think the linen and lace gift you made her will be a favourite treasure.

  9. What a beautiful gift to your friend. It is stunning.

  10. Such wonderful sentiments to include in one art piece - such a special gift. I know she will treasure it forever.

  11. What a beautiful piece of JOY! The special final touch of the shell is precious.

  12. what a very special and personal gift you have created for your friend Shane. The fabrics and laces are gorgeous, and I love the words a la francaise!

  13. Your friend will treasure your collage. How beautifully created it is.
    Isn't it wonderful to find a friend who truly "gets it"?

  14. Oh dear Shane, such a most beautiful creation for your dear friend.
    How lovely for her, to see at home, and remember all your wonderful hours together- is is gorgeous, and filled with sweet memmories,- a gift from your heart and hands she will treasure alwayes.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  15. What a beautiful token of your friendship... A souvenir from lace and linnen... Your friend is very lucky to have you and your thoughtful collage to remind her of the joyful time you spent together... It shows that you have a friendly heart, dear Shane! Hugs, Manu

  16. What a thoughtful gift you made for your friend!
    You know, Barbara gifted me a piece of that shelving lace, too, and it's precious to me.

  17. What a beautiful gift for your friend Wow...

  18. Hello Shane - that is an absolutely exquisite gift you have made for your friend - I am sure she will treasure it and remember her visit here when she looks at it. How lovely she has it hanging on her bedpost. Beautiful work :-)
    Hugs, Julie Xx

  19. I've so enjoyed seeing the gift you made for your close friend inspired by her maternal family name and using material with associations of other dear friends.
    The detail of the hand work is beautiful and it will be treasured by your friend forever.

  20. What a charming gift - and so special. You are good friend to give up your most treasured fabrics and laces.

  21. It's beautiful and so very sweet.


  22. So glad you got to spend quality time together. That is a very beautiful gift you made for her. Still makes me very sad when I read about Barbara's passing. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  23. Wow Shane,
    What a lovely work of the heart for your special friend. I so understand scouring around for lace and trims...I adore them, too~~especially the handmade ones!

    I know she absolutely loves your delightful gift, and all that went into creating it for her. What a sweet friend and blessing you are.

    Thank you for sharing at Blissful Whites Wednesday!

  24. Very lovely! Visiting from MHC.

  25. Shane, your lovingly made gift for your friend is beautiful. She will treasure it always.

    Thank you so much for joining in this week.


  26. What a beautiful post full of friendship and creativity and more!

    I certainly am glad you are in blogland and that you share your passion and creativity with us Shane...what a good friend you are to your dear Carol too!


  27. I can see what a thoughtful friend you are because your kind heart shows through the beauty of your handwork. I am your newest follower. Stop by my cottage any time. My gate will be open for you.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  28. oh my goodness Shane, this is stunning, so gorgeous! So sweet of you to let your friend choose herself from your stash of beauties given to you by other sweet friends.




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