Sunday 14 April 2013


A weekend at Tairua on the Coromandel Peninsula
New Zealand. February 2013.

I've been popping into my favorite
blogs this morning to say hello.
I found that many of them had
'stand-out' photos as part of a
challenge set by Donna of

Evidence that seagulls were milling about here
for a morning chat!

This challenge is not as easy as it sounds!
Anyway, in for a penny - in for a pound.
As I searched through
my albums, it took a while
before I found some images
that I thought might meet the challenge.
I would appreciate your
comments Donna!

Tas the golden labrador was taking us for a walk!

I have a very basic 'point and shoot'
digital Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3
with a Leica lens.

I take most photos on 'normal picture'
mode unless it's children or animals.
I haven't got Photoshop although
I would love to have a play with it!!

Please visit Debbie's blog to see some
magical photos and why not show us
your photos too!

À bientôt
and be kind to one another



  1. Hi Shane,

    How wonderful that you had a weekend away on the Coromandel.
    Loved the footprints on the sand, from the seagulls and the dog, your photos are lovely.

    Happy Sunday

  2. I love the seashore more than anything else in the world, so your photos touch my heart! Beautiful!

  3. Love your 'simple' beach photos.

  4. Hi Shane
    Nice to see you join the monthly challenge. I love the paw prints in the sand.

  5. Who doesn't love being on the sea-shore? Great pictures, bringing that beachy feeling right up to us! I can smell the salt air..

  6. Dearest Shane,
    Simplicity in all forms is one of the best recipes for life!
    Love your photos by the way; they do tell a story!

  7. Shane, I think you have done beautifully with the challenge. I especially like that first one. It's so calming.

  8. These are all wonderful. The tide one is my favorite. New Zealand is on my bucket list of places I must see. Good job!

  9. Hi Shane - loving your beach pics, especially the one with the tide going out leaving the textured sand - true 'simplicity' captured there. Is Tas your lab? Love the paw prints shot.

    Hope the weekend is going well - of course it's probably almost over down under! We're having fabulous weather and today was spent gardening and have just come in from the theatre. Tomorrow more gardening - everything's popping up and branching out!

    Hugs - Mary

  10. I like your photos, the wave in the sand and the dogs footprints.
    Hugs to you dear Shane

  11. Hi Shane

    If you would like to try something like Photoshop but easier have you tried Pic Monkey? I love it



  12. Love and blessings for this sunday

  13. Photos of the sand and water are always lovely to view. I can almost picture myself there.

  14. Your photos are great - my fav the shore line. It's such a relaxing image! Found you through Vee's blog.

    Blessings & hugs, Sherry

  15. Just longing to see water again and walk in it and not be bundled up! These photos are indeed magic for they give me hope for spring!

  16. You have captured simplicity so well. Love the seagull tracks.

  17. These are perfect examples of simplicity, even down to the monochrome color! The track photos are such fun. Most people overlook such details, but captured images like this tell a story. I especially adore the first photo with the wave. The soft diagonal line of the water is very pleasing, and there is visual contrast between the softness of the water and the hard texture of the sand.

    Just wonderful. You deserve to be proud of how you rose to this challenge!

  18. Point and shoot cameras these days do a remarkable job in capturing our visions. You might want to get out the manual and see if there are additional built-in features that you could take use for your favorite subject matter. The biggest thing to be careful about , in my experience, with point and shoot cameras is camera motion. Because they are so small, it is easy to move the camera too much in the process pushing down the shutter button. Also, there is a lag time between pushing down the button and when the shutter is fully closed. Your photos are crisp here, so you must be already using caution in holding your camera still until an image is captured.

    On the challenge blog, I have a list on the sidebar of free online photo editing links. You might want to check them out and see if any of them help you with post-processing. These are great tools to use until you want to advance to a program like Photoshop Elements.

  19. Hi Shane, I am especially fond of sea and surf photos so the first is my favorite.

  20. Yes dear Shane,
    the seashore, is a wonderful place where I too, love to take a walk, watching remnants in the sand, footprints or stones..seaweed or driftwood--all is equal wonderful to study!
    Your pictures are wonderfully in their simplicity, --so beautiful!

  21. Sorry to be late! I was out of town...
    Hello Shane!
    Your shots are Wonderfully done...LOVE the first one! How peaceful...

  22. Looks to be like you did a pretty good job with the challenge. The images are simple and lovely.

    Gosh, I haven't been over here in a while. How did I miss so much? And where does the time go?

    Have a great week! Tammy



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