Friday, 12 February 2016

Five on Friday

A busker at Viaduct Harbour on the
Auckland waterfront. 

I love these books - they take me on a journey
to places known and unknown.

A waterfront cafe, the perfect venue in summer
to watch the world go by.

My favourite Latte coffee with a heart for

'Melt in the mouth' 
Sponge Kisses 
baked for the Mahjong girls!

It's Friday so I'm joining Amy for 

Thank you for popping in to say hello
wishing you a happy weekend!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you Amy for hosting.


  1. Isn't this a lovely place? We discovered it when we returned home via Auckland last May. Perfect coffee for Valentine's Day, Shane. xox

  2. Dear Shane,

    Love all your wonderful five on Friday - isn't it wonderful walking around the Viaduct and always something interesting to see there. Also haven't we been lucky with the weather - today was glorious.
    As I am writing a mosquito is buzzing around my ear - they have been so bad over here this summer.
    Happy weekend

  3. Fab five this Friday, Shane! I love those wee sponge delights! You just reminded me of Mahjong which I used to play a lot and enjoyed! Have fun!

  4. Love all your 'five on Friday' photos. My favourite is the harbour restaurant, can't wait for summer.

  5. what a delightful post Shane! And I sure do wish I could be sitting at that waterfront cafe....always dreaming about summer...:)

  6. A beautiful waterfront scene. I would find it a peaceful place looking out over the water and listening to the cello music. Enjoy your reading and your time with the ladies. I'm sure they enjoy your homemade treats.

  7. I would love to sit there in the Waterfront Cafe! Wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day!

  8. I am LOVING my first time visit with you . . .
    Thank you for visiting me at the Irish garden house . . .
    Keep LOVE in our heart . . . and all things seem pretty wonderful!

  9. Every single photo in this post made my heart sing -- even the coffee (although coffee isn't my beverage!) Lovely and fun!

  10. Great and wonderful photos. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  11. Hmmmm...those cookies look heavenly!

  12. Lovely images and my mouth is watering with the Sponge Kisses!!

  13. I could sit there, all day, too, dear Shane, such a lovely cafe, and with the mouthwatering Latte, and the "kisses" it can only be perfect !!
    Dorthe, xox

  14. Those little sponges look delicious. I think I would prefer the texture to a macron.
    You certainly have a better class of busker in your neck of the woods! Over here, at this time of year we get a lot of kids with guitars and the odd fiddler dressed as Darth Vader. What that has to do with fiddling I cannot say!
    The view of the harbour from the cafe - exquisite!

  15. I could while away an afternoon at a waterfront cafe, especially if I had a friend to chat with. Hopefully you've experience the one in your photo more than once Shane.
    Wish I could hear that busker...the sponge kisses look delicious.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  16. All wonderful! Have a super Saturday! Tammy

  17. How lovely I would love to sit in that cafe drink coffee and eat some of those sponge kisses while listening to that busker what a fabulous view. Have a great weekend. :)

  18. Dear Shane:
    Lovely photos and sharing. Also the ducks below - darling!

  19. Sitting here in the cold it's nice to see summer!

  20. What a fabulous place to be busking!! That is busking in style isn't it! The little cakes look absolutely delicious too! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, Happy Valentines! xx

  21. What a great picture of the busker. It all looks so lovely and warm there. I know you say the same thing when our summer comes and you have winter. Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

  22. Your photo of the busker by the water could have been taken at the waterfront here during the summer. I enjoy walking and listening to the music and entertainment on an occasional evening. I'll take tea, but I'll also admire your beautiful cup of coffee! And I'll dream of faraway places like France with you.

  23. Lovely photos Shane. I haven't played mahjong in years. Brought back happy memories

  24. Beautiful photos, love the busker on the waterfront and your sponge kisses look very tasty:)

  25. It is -14 today where I am (-25 C) !!, so the beautiful summery scenes are lovely to see! The coffee and cookies look delicious. Enjoy your beautiful weather Shane! xo Deborah

  26. I love the look of those cookies and I have a feeling they even taste better.

  27. Some lovely sunny images here Shane. I love the latte and the sponges, just yummy!

  28. Lovely photos of Auckland waterfront. Wish I could be there again, it is a long time we were there.

  29. Dearest Shane,
    Lovely photos from beautiful events and delicious treats!
    Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day and sending you hugs.

  30. Hi Shane, my dear friend,
    wishing you a lovely and Hpaay Valentins Day!
    Love and hugs to you,
    ♥ A Claudia ♥

  31. My lovely Shane,
    these are truly so beautiful shots for the link-up party !

    In the hope you had a wonderful weekend, sweetie,
    I'm sending big hugs to you,
    with love

  32. Oh my goodness - those cookies look SO yummy!!!!



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