Friday, 8 April 2016

Moments in my Week

I think this must be Cotton Tail - don't you?!
Spotted through a fence on the way to
Sandspit at the weekend.

I'm at my happiest in the countryside
I'm not at all a city girl
in spite of living in the city
for my entire married life - 46 years
(on Monday 11th April)!

Our embroidery group met yesterday,
this is always a very relaxing day.
The picture above is a hint of Rose's next project
(Rose is the creative one in our little group).
These beautiful threads and silk ribbon will be used
to embroider a paisley design for a cushion!
I'll give you an update once she gets started!

We met at Thelma's
and she made us a delicious salmon salad for lunch with
fresh grainy bread - all very healthy.

For afternoon tea we had Madelines and
Apple Roses - both extremely yummy!
If you would like the recipe and 'easy peasy' technique
for making these Apple Roses
let me know and I'll email it to you
(don't forget your email address if I haven't got it already).

I subscribe to an email newsletter called
Bonjour Paris.
The latest issue arrived at my computer this week
One of the articles was about the
restoration of the Royal apartments at
Palace of Versailles.

Guerlain are taking orders for their
limited edition perfume called
Le Bouquet de la Reine.
The price will be... 550,00 € tax incl.
($921 in New Zealand dollars)
...just a tad over my budget
how about you?

I'm joining Mimi for Five Star Frou-Frou
Amy for Five on Friday
Nancy for Random 5 Friday
Tanya for Willy Nilly Friday
Cath for Fun Friday Favourites
Bernideen for BTTCG

Thank you everyone for popping in
I love reading your comments!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you ladies for hosting your link-ups!


  1. Expensive perfume...but I bet it's gorgeous!

  2. Your countryside views are georgeous! And so are the silk ribbons. Enjoy your embroidery!

  3. Oh gosh! Just looking at those cakes has made me hungry!

  4. I always enjoy a road trip in the country!
    Happy 46th Anniversary!

  5. A randomly interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. These photos are beautiful and your week sounds wonderful. I must say that even though I don't embroider, that photo of your embroidery threads stopped me cold with its loveliness and I just had to spend a little extra time looking at it. Very beautiful!

  7. Crazy expensive perfume - more like a donation to the restoration fund with a bit of scent thrown in.
    Your creative get together with friends sounds like a lovely time - good food, laughter and stitching. The threads your friend has chosen meld together beautifully.
    Happy Anniversary in advance! Congratulations on 46 years!

  8. What a lovely spread for your embroidery group. That perfume is out of my network for sure. Truth be told the last perfume I bought was in the 1980's. Do you think it's still good. LOL. The bottle is pretty so I still have it. Those threads really are beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Wish I was there to be part of your group. I love to embroider and am working on a pair of pillow cases now that I received for my birthday. Great photos. The lunch sounds delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Gosh yes, I prefer the country side as well! Beautiful photo you took there, Shane. And how wonderful to be part of an embroidery group. We have a knitting group here where I live, but I never take the time to join. May be I should, ha! Sounds like a happy idea.

  11. I've lived in the countryside all my life and couldn't imagine giving it up.

    That embroidery floss is gorgeous, especially the blue. Wow!

  12. Dearest Shane,
    Oh my, you did enjoy a lovely week and yes, as much as I love to visit world cities, in my heart I too am a country girl and so is Pieter!
    That Guerlain is way over my budget but very special...

  13. Lovely moments from your week! I hope you have a great anniversary on Monday. That perfume is incredibly expensive isn't it, even if it is for Versailles! Although I believe that their perfume is incredibly expensive anyway! So I wonder how much goes to Versailles, a lot I hope. Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, hope you have a great weekend! xx

  14. The apple roses look delicious , I must look at the recipe. Wishing you a very happy anniversavery. :-)

  15. That perfume is not cheap it would want to be good.
    Great colours looking forward to the finished cushion.
    Happy anniversary 46 years not a bad effort.

  16. What a sweet little bunny - perhaps he's an Easter bunny? Very happy anniversary wishes to you and your dear husband....I hope you will be doing something fun (that might involve some yummy treats perhaps?)

  17. Wow and I thought my perfume, Opium, was expensive. So fun to have a group to craft with.

  18. Love the pictures and the one reminds me of "Ann of Green Gables", for some reason :)

  19. Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary!
    I love the colours your friend has chosen and I am a teensy bit envious of your stitching group. It's a lovely idea.
    Yes please - I would like the recipe for the Apple Roses - here I am at

  20. A post full of pretties, dear Shane. Congratulations on your anniversary, and we are not far behind you. What a cute cottontail bunny I see. I never think of NZ as a rabbit place, but there you go. Embroidery groups are wonderful: lovely silks, and delicious food. I'd love the recipe too, never having encountered Apple Roses. Could impress with them at my group. Happy weekend Shane. xox

  21. There is so much to enjoy in the city, and there is so much to love in the country. Some of both is perfect.

  22. Love the embroidery colors and textures . . .
    And the Apple Roses look yummy . . .
    Cotton tail for sure . . .
    Yes, perfume is a tad expensive for this gal . . .

  23. Such a beautiful and inspiring post, dear Shane! The embroidery supplies look wonderful. Just look at those elegant colours!
    Happy Anniversary!! xx

  24. Delightful post, loved the afternoon tea and the stunning cake stand.

  25. Shane, I'm happiest in the countryside too. I find so much peace there. These apple roses look scrumptious, and the pink rose serving plates are pretty.

    The two purple flower pics were the same flower on my post. I didn't realize it was lavender though. I wasn't sure what it was.

    Your photos are lovely today.


  26. Oh, you may be right, Shane. There were two bushes in that garden, and they might be different lavenders, but not sure. I think they're called Spanish Lavender. Thanks for the help, I was really curious about that. :)

  27. Yes, definitely over my budget. I'm glad that my favorite scent in all the world sells for under ten dollars. Ha! I will be interested to see what you ladies are working on with the embroidery. OH and what fun to gather together and enjoy such yummy foods as well as the conversation and task.

  28. Hello Shane, Loved your post today and Happy Anniversary tomorrow. I am not a city girl either. We lived on a Dairy farm in my youth and that is the life for me. However, I grew up In Miami, Fl when we moved South but I always longed for the country and ended up in the Western Carolina mountains. We love where we live.

    The perfume sounds delightful but I haven't changed what I wear in years. I wear Opium which is also $50. but my children are wonderful to make sure I do not run out. It lasts a very long time because just a 'tiny' bit is all you need with that perfume. I do hope the Versailles Palace does get enough money to renovate where needed.


  29. If those fancy-looking apple roses are easy, I need the recipe! Do you still have my email addy from the other recipe?

  30. Dear Shane:
    I loved your pictures....the Madeleines were wonderful and the apple roses. I have made them too. They were all the rage on facebook last fall and Christmastime. The perfume looks amazing. I can't even imagine the smell - heavenly I am sure! Thanks for sharing and linking.



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