Friday 22 April 2016

Moments in My Week

On my trip to the Waikato on Wednesday,
the client I visited told me to look out for cows
in Morrinsville!

I expected to see real cows but this is what she was
talking about!
Isn't this one gorgeous. 
We discovered a small herd of 8-10
life sized cows throughout the main street!

The last roses of Summer on my archway.
This is Pierre de Ronsard which I've shown you many times.
Such a worthwhile rose to have in the garden.
It is at it's best in Spring, but continues flowering through Summer
and as you can see above, well into Autumn too.
My only regret is it's lack of fragrance.

Dawn in my neck of the woods.
I'm up at 5am on my work days and 
I captured this exquisite sky before I drove out the driveway.
I love photographing skies - what about you?

The May issue of New Zealand House & Garden
magazine arrived in my letterbox this week.
Usually the May issue focuses on Mothers Day
and spoiling our mothers, baking etc
but this one only gives a cursory nod to mothers.
Change - it is happening everywhere!

Someone who never changes is the Queen
and what an example she is to all of us!
Celebrating her 90th birthday and
63 years as the Monarch of Great Britain
and the Commonwealth.

New Zealand was a founding member of the Commonwealth
family in 1931 and we remain loyal to the Queen.
Congratulations Your Majesty!

Some days as I head off to work 
I ask myself "why am I doing this at my age"
and I'm only in my seventies!!!

Last night we watched a wonderful BBC documentary 
of the Queen's life.
The Queen "works" almost every day of the year.
The only days she doesn't have to read
the Parliamentary 'red box'
are her birthday and Christmas Day.
Now that is real dedication to duty.
God Bless the Queen.

Today I'm joining these parties
Mimi for Five Star Frou-Frou
Susanne for Friday's Fave Five
Amy for Five on Friday
Nancy for Random 5 Friday
Tanya for Willy Nilly Friday
Cath for Fun Friday Favourites

Thank you all for your visits

Take care and
be kind to one another.

à bientôt



  1. I certainly couldn't do what our Queen does! I'm sure there must be days when she doesn't feel like doing anything.She is a true example.

  2. I for one am most impressed that you get up at 5.00 am to go to any age!! You are one energetic lady :) Those cows look very gorgeous, all painted up. A few towns in Australia do this as well, and there is a house not far from us who put them out in their garden from time to time.
    Well said about Her Majesty, an amazing monarch, whose sense of duty never flags. She looks so fresh in her green outfit with the spring flowers hat. Always looks completely appropriate.

  3. wonderful list of faves!! I'm only 56 and teach special needs children but i can tell ya...there is NO way I will be doing that in my 70s!! Whatever it is you do, good for you!! (in my 70s I plan on doing lots of kayaking and hopefully will still be hiking!!)...:)

    Happy Weekend!!

  4. the queen is an amazing woman isn't she?!! and so cute too! your roses are beautiful and that sunrise makes it worth getting up early for! i love when cities have sculptures like the cow around to find...i like him, he is colorful! thank you for linking up and have a great weekend!!

  5. Lovely post. Had to laugh at the cow. Your dawn photo is lovely but I'd find it hard to get up that early. I should be taking pictures of the moon as I'm a night owl. I love that picture of the Queen with the Guardsman. She looks so happy. It was a great day for her yesterday.

  6. Hello, sounds like you have a busy day. Lov ethe pretty sunrise and the painted cow. The Queen is amazing, I often wondered why she did not retire and have the son take over?
    Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. I celebrate "the change" - everywhere - the new century is in good hands . . and, what fabulous photos of the Queen . . .

    but, i like those roses best of all.

    Happy Day to YOU!

  8. Lovely pictures of the queen and the cow art is just adorable. How pleasant to see that along the street, but nice to see the real ones in the street too I'm sure! Your sunrise is beautiful. Have a good weekend,

  9. Good Morning, Shane,
    The Queen is amazing and she just keeps on smiling! A beautiful lady. Houston "did" cows many years ago and what fun they were. I don't remember what we were celebrating! Beautiful sunrise. We are entering summer here -- UGH time! :) Happy Friday!

  10. What a lovely post, Shane. Like you, I am still working - the only one of my friends still going out to the office every day. It helps that I love my job and that it isn't really to 'an office'.
    The Queen's smile says it all - what an example of duty and dignity she is!
    Skies - I photograph the sunrise nearly every day. This morning I was on the beach by 0545 but the sky was thick with cloud and it is now raining. No complaints though, as we have been pretty dry for weeks.

  11. A lovely post, Shane! I, too, love sky shots, especially a lovely dawn as seen from my east-facing house. Until this week I didn't know you had a "job;" there's always more to learn about one another. And your inspirational queen looks even better when viewed through the lens of our strange and terrible election campaign here.

  12. A wonderful post and what great photos. Enjoyed this very much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. Dear Shane,
    lovely pictures! The Sky is georgeous, and ... I love the pictures from the Queen :O) I always wath her Birthday on TV ;O)
    Happy weekend to you,
    Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  14. I love this post! That cow is fabulous! But I especially love the Queen. Did you know Lizzie is named after her? I got her around the time of the Jubilee in 2012. She was just originally named Elizabeth (until Rick decided she was a Les Mis-type orphan and needed Cosette as a middle name!). I often call my girl Lilibet when she's being especially sweet! I admire that woman so much.

  15. I'm sure it was fun to spot all those cows around town!

  16. Shane,
    Yes, I love taking pictures of the sky, especially the sunrises, as I'm an early bird. :) Your roses are so pretty and what a nice color they are. It's so strange hearing that it's summer there, as we are in full spring right now. The House and Garden magazine sounds like a good one.

    Have a nice and restful weekend, Shane.


  17. I love your header! How pretty!

    How neat about the cows! Fun!

    What a reward for having to get up that early!

    Interesting about the Queen - I had no idea she worked so many days.

  18. I used to get up at 5:30 a.m. to be at work before 8. It was hard after I retired to sleep in.

    Your picture of the sunrise is stunning. What a beautiful sight to see early in the morning.

    The Queen is a wonderful woman and does not look 90 years old. God bless her and I wish her a wonderful year.

    Thanks so much for the great post.


  19. Thanks for such a delightful post, Shane, with so much variety. Love the Morrinsville cows and the glorious sunrise.

  20. The cows are such fun! They have painted horses in Corolla/Nags Head North Carolina and painted pigs somewhere else in Virginia...probably Smithfield. In Norfolk, Virginia there are beautiful mermaids all over the city, some glistening with glass embellishments, some beautifully painted. They are wonderful as well!

    Love the Queen's light green suit and Eastery!

  21. Wonderful five! Wow...good for you for being able to be up and productive at 5am for your work days! I have so enjoyed seeing the photos published for the Queen's birthday...
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Dear Shane,

    Lovely post and photos you have shared. Your rose is so pretty - mine continues to flower too, probably for not much longer though.
    The cow is bright and colourful and love the message ' Family Always'
    We watched the BBC documentary and enjoyed it too - isn't the Queen amazing and always looks so beautiful in her gorgeous outfits.
    Love the sunrise photograph and yes, I agree about some of the magazines - they are not what they used to be.
    Have a happy, long weekend

  23. For a second there I thought you were in Calgary, Alberta looking at the cows. They had an interesting cow sculpture history too though I don't think they are on the streets anymore.

    It's hard to believe the queen is 90! She sure does not look or act like it. That sunrise is gorgeous! I don't see many of those except in winter when it doesn't come up until later. I am so not a morning person.

  24. The sky photo is gorgeous! I am amazed at our Queen's stamina and longevity. She is a beautiful lady. A video has been circulating on social media of a photo for every year of her life and she really looks lovely for every one of her 90 years. I hope if I live that long I will be as active and bright as she is! God save our gracious Queen...long live our noble Queen.

  25. The Queen is an amazing woman - not many of us would have her abilities (and stamina) at the age of 90. Seeing your cow picture reminds me that a number of years ago something similar was done in Toronto - only they had moose instead of cows. They were certainly fun to see.

  26. Ha! In downtown Seattle you could be on the lookout for decorated pigs not cows! It is fun to be on the lookout. I've so enjoyed all the photos from the Queen's birthday celebrations and photo shoots! Beautiful skies you captured, too. Hope your weekend started and ends well!

  27. A wonderful tribute to The Queen! Love the cow too, how cute is that! Thank you for joining Five On Friday! xx

  28. There are painted cows in Portland, Oregon, too, as well as bronze statues of otters and beaver and of course a man walking in the rain with his umbrella.
    Queen Elizabeth is definitely a heroine in my book! Happy Birthday to her!

  29. Love the painted cow dear Shane! How sweet! And of course all tributes to our lovely Monarch. She's always a picture, isn't she? Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou last week. Will you join us again? Mimi xxx



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