Friday 6 March 2015

Country fences in New Zealand

Our son has been living in the Waikato
provence of New Zealand
which is also known as the dairy farming bowl of our country.

I took these photos on two of our trips to see him
during December and January.
The skies were that wonderful Summer time blue
that makes one want these days last forever!

Blue Agapanthas grow on the side of many
country roads and they look so attractive,
however our Department of Conservation
think otherwise and have named them
an environmental weed.
They are also toxic to livestock... not a good attribute I agree.

I'm joining TexWisGirl of Run*A*Round Ranch
Good Fences

Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. just beautiful! i grew up in wisconsin - also a dairy cow area! reminds me of home! :)

  2. Hi Shane, wow it sure is beautiful there! I love the cows, the fence and the trees! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos. Have a nice Friday and weekend.
    Julie xo

  3. Oh how beautiful this looks Shane! And thank you for those warming and lovely scenes as we are digging out another 6+ inches of snow and record cold again tonight :(

  4. Lovely photo of rural N.Z.


  5. Enjoyed seeing your pics of green fields and flowers (even if they are weeds).:)
    We are frozen over here and looking forward to Spring.

  6. Love your photos, dear Shane.. They are beautiful and make me long for Summer.. We have so much snow but Spring is on it's way... Such a lovely country you live in. xo

  7. Beautiful landscape in beautiful weather! Just the way I like it :)
    The last one is just gorgeous!
    Have a beautiful day

    PS: I opened and closed your watch at least a 100 x - hope, I didn't wreck it ;)

  8. What gorgeous countryside! It reminds me of our rural areas here in the Maritimes and seeing all the green and sunshine makes me long for warmer weather even more. Thanks for sharing these photos. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Pam

  9. I like your blue skies Shane and would never think to hear that agapanthus could be considered a weed.

  10. Admire those 'weeds'. Nice fences.

  11. What beautiful photos, Shane, and the light and sky are indeed superb! Funny re the agapanthus, which are quite a feature in our garden. Take care xx

  12. Dear Shane,
    thank you for those lovely Fence-Pictures! Wonderful scenes! I love the fens with the floering Alliums in front ...
    Wishing you a wonderful and blessed weekend,dear friend,
    sending Love and hugs,
    Claudia xo

  13. Beautiful farming countryside, lovey blue skies and great fences.

  14. Hello Shane. such beautiful countryside. i wish those 'weeds' grew in my garden. I've tried in pots and then in the ground, and they never grow back again after they've died off. Maybe it's too cold in the winter here. Just to let you know our weather is getting better, we have some warmish sunshine coming our way over the weekend. The nights are still frosty so can't put any new plants out yet. After a year of no gardening, I can't wait to get my hands in the earth,. Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Hello Shane, such beautiful countryside pics, so NZ.

  16. Hello Shane, gorgeous fence scenes. The countryside is just beautiful. I love those weeds, very pretty. Lovely post and photos, enjoy your weekend!

  17. Beautiful scenery, love the flat ground with the mountains in the background. And it's hard not to appreciate the beauty of those flowers even if they are toxic.

  18. It is such a shame that agapanthus are so dangerous to livestock, because they are so beautiful aren't they. We have problems here with a plant called ragwort which is very dangerous, especially for horses. Lovely views though!! xx

  19. Beautiful country~
    My mother always loved Blue Agapanthas along the roads in California and I think of her when I see it.

  20. I love seeing photos of places that are in countries I've never visited. The land is beautiful and you captured it well by looking at the fences.

  21. I have always dreamed of visiting New Zealand. But I get terrible motion sickness and I have no idea how I would get there. But the pictures are all so lovely.

    Amy Jo

  22. I'm saddened to learn that the agapanthus as poisonous to livestock - they are so beautiful and I've always loved them!

    Beautiful countryside - I would love to see more of your beautify country close -up. . . . . some day hopefully Shane.

    Hugs - Mary

  23. Lovely photos, Shane... I'd never thought of doing a 'feature on fences' or is that a 'focus on fences' but a great post! Interesting to read about the toxicity of Aggies - we have them here but the stock have never shown any interest in grazing them - just as well by the sounds of it!

  24. Beautiful photos! You live in such a picturesque part of the world!



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