Saturday, 14 March 2015

Summer Waterfront Fences

This has been the best summer we've had in years
in New Zealand.
It's like those endless summers
I remember from my childhood.

Auckland is surrounded by water as it sits
on a narrow isthmus between two seas
the Pacific Ocean and 
the Tasman Sea...
hence our focus on boats and yachting

In downtown Auckland Viaduct Harbour is a pedestrian bridge
from the city side to the lively Wynyard Quarter
which is full of restaurants, bars and interesting boats.
Fishing boats come in here with their
daily catch to supply the Fish Market.

The Wynyard Viaduct bridge opens to let
boats come and go.
Overseas boats are moored in this safe haven
and one of our favourite walks in the weekends
is to see what new boats have arrived!

Auckland is currently hosting
the 2015 Volvo Yacht Race boats.
The Viaduct Harbour has been bustling with street entertainment,
making it a fun place to visit.

At 2pm on Monday the race boats leave us
for the next leg of their journey to Itajaí, Brazil.

Wishing all the crews a Bon Voyage and safe arrival in Brazil!

I'm joining Theresa for Good Fences
 Karen for Sunlit Sunday
Judith for Mosaic Monday

Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. Beautiful pics of the Harbor Shane. The boats are gorgeous. Oh I cannot wait for us to have our summer in a few months. Loved seeing those blue skies in your pictures. Have a great week end.

  2. just beautiful seaside scenes! i love the one of the bridge opening up! gorgeous! thanks for linking in, shane! :)

  3. It all looks idyllic - hope that your wonderful summer will decide to stay good when it arrives in the northern hemisphere.
    The colours on the Wynyard Viaduct photo are magical.

  4. There is just something deep inside me that longs for the ocean life. Beautiful photos Shane! Even with all of the development around, the sea is just gorgeous! Blessings, Cindy

  5. Great photos - thanks for sharing! Looks like a great place to just sit and watch the boats go by.
    Hope we have a nice Summer this year, as Winter has been so bad.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  6. So that's what summer looks like? It's been so long I've forgotten....

  7. Beautiful seaside photos, Shane. My husband likes wandering through marinas looking at boats, too. I like taking my camera along so I can take photos. That way we're both happy!

  8. It is beautiful. Your Country is a dream. ThePacific Ocean is my favorite body of water. Enjoy the races!

  9. Oh- Aren't you lucky to have had such a wonderful summer? We have had the coldest winter ever can't wait for a bit of your good weather.

    Those are all gorgeous pictures. xo Diana

  10. Great to see another contributor from Kiwiland. Love your photos of the harbour. I somehow think the start of the Volvo might be delayed. I look forward to more photos from Auckland.

  11. That looks like a nice place to check out, next time we are in town, Shane.
    Your weather really is picture perfect.
    Happy weekend! xx

  12. Dearest Shane,
    So happy with you for reading that it has been one of the best summers you've had in years! It only adds to happiness, the more because of fond childhood memories.
    Lovely waterside photos and especially that pedestrian bridge is beautiful as is the open bridge.
    Hugs for a lovely weekend!

  13. I was saying only yesterday that I would like to have a break in Auckland and do both the walk by the harbour and the coast to coast.

    Hasn't summer been idyllic. I just hope that Pam keeps her distance.

    What hotel is that it looks so peaceful?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Beautiful scenes of a fabulous city!

  16. Looking forward to warmer weather here; it's been a very cold winter. I'm sending your magazines today!

  17. Dear Shane,
    thank you for those wonderful summer pictures! What a beautiful place!
    Happy weekend to you,
    love and hugs
    Claudia xo

  18. Enjoyed this post. I will be so glad when summer gets here to our part of the world. Your photos are great. Have blessed day. Madeline

  19. Lovely pictures, Shane :-)
    I do hope we also have a good summer this year...

  20. oh what glorious scenery Shane! Glad you are enjoying such a fabulous summer-and thanks for warming up my damp, cool and rainy day!

  21. Beautiful pictures of Auckland harbour and seaside. So nice you had a glorious summer, I hope we get that too in the coming months.

  22. Dear Shane,

    Haven't we been having the most amazing summer and as you said how we remember from our childhood days.
    Your photos are wonderful and it is lovely down near the water.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  23. I would love to visit your Auckland. Such beauty and tranquility. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Dear Shane.

  24. You live in such a beautiful place - simply stunning! And how lucky to have such beautiful summers!
    I've finally made it here, phew...sorry it took me so long! lol. And guess what arrived on my door step? Yep, a WONDERFUL package, full of AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL things!!! Thank you so much lovely Shane and I will email you some piccies soon xx

  25. Thank you for sharing the beauty surrounding you. It would be fascinating to see all the different boats. Thanks for your visit and I am following you, too!

  26. It is beautiful there Shane! Wonderful photos of the harbour and boat docks. It would be fun to see those boats leave on Monday. Such a long journey they're on. Have a wonderful week! Pam

  27. Wow! Shane! This looks like a dreamland. Beautiful seaside photos. So pretty!

  28. I want to jump right into your photographs! Although, we can feel Spring is just around the corner here.

  29. thanks for sharing those lovely pictures of your hometown. it´s good you have a real summer, I really hope we in the northern side of the globe will have a great summer too. The spring is so far very sunny. take care Jaana

  30. When I see such pretty blue skies and water along with your comment of a great summer, it's nice to know someone is content with their weather.
    I look forward to appreciating what our coming summer has to offer.
    Thanks for linking to MM Shane.

  31. It sure looks every direction that you look. We may be headed for a long summer. It's gotten hot early here in Florida, but I'm not complaining. I love it! Sweet hugs, Diane

  32. Oh Shane, those views are so beautiful. I dream of someday visiting NZ and Australia... I do love cities on the water, waterfront areas are always so interesting, with lots to see and do...

  33. I enjoyed those gorgeous photos of Auckland. It must be lovely to live close to a vibrant and modern city. Thank you for the mini tour.

  34. Hope you are having an extended birthday celebration too dear ♥Shane♥
    Happy Happy Birthday to you...

  35. That is wonderful! I hope that your autumn is every bit as magical...Narnia magical.



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