Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunny Days with Snowball

I told you about little "Snowball" in a recent post
She is our son's cat and she has been our
VIP guest for a few weeks.

On Thursday she will fly to Melbourne and join him
and start her new life there.
Needless to say, I will miss her enormously. 

I have warned her about the snakes in Australia
I am worried in that regard, however she is a very intelligent
little girl and I'm sure she will work things out.

As you can see my garden has the first signs of Autumn tones
the gorgeous greeny/pink hydrangeas are turning darker
and becoming quite papery.
I've picked armfuls over summer and given bunches
to everyone who pop in.

My Pierre de Ronsard rose no longer has the beautiful
fat tight buds she had in early summer,
the flowers are softer and more blowsy
even so they are
and still take my breath away

what do you think?

Little rays of sunshine to be found in my garden, so
I'm joining
Karen for Sunlit Sunday
Judith for Mosaic Monday
Stephanie for Roses of Inspiration

Thank you for your comments
take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. A lovely post, dear Shane!
    Your hydrangeas and roses are indeed breathtakingly beautiful.
    Have a nice new week!

  2. Hello Shane I was delighted to see your Pierre de Ronsard still giving beautiful blooms. We have just bought one to go on the new arbour we have had to put up to replace our previous one that had rotted . I did think of you before I bought the new roses and searched your rose posts to make sure I chose well. I gave you a mention in that recent post, I could't wait for your comment so went ahead and fortunately made the right choice. Are my posts showing up in your list ? as I have someone else who has just had to rejoin to follow me . I don't know what's going wrong.

  3. Shane, beautiful roses and hydrangeas. Don't worry, Snowball will be okay in Melbourne. She just needs to avoid them in any month which has an R in them, ie September to April. My two furbabies are yet to see a snake here in Melbourne.

  4. Shane, your greeny/pink Hydrangeas look wonderful in autumn, so do your Pierre de Ronsard rose, which is a favorite of mine too. Love to see your wonderful flowers of this rose. I still have to prune mine which I have to do coming week, I always keep pruning this rose for last because I hate to use the stairs, the rose climbs around a pole with a dovecote on it.
    Cute black 'Snowball' you have, I wish her a good airflight to Melbourne.

  5. Oh, Shane- You will be shedding some tears when Snowball leaves, I know.

    Your roses are beautiful...hard to believe you are working your way into Fall and we are eagerly anticipating Spring here. xo Diana

  6. Hydrangeas are so beautiful when they start blushing in pinks!

  7. Oh I can imagine that you will miss that little four-footed 'grandchild' as they do manage to win your hearts don't they? It is spring here so my flowers are just beginning to bud!

  8. Snowball looks so at home and happy. Hopefully the long flight won't be too traumatic for her. Perhaps you will have to get a wee kittie of your own?

  9. Beautiful flowers. The cat is cute, and I can't get over the name, Snowball, for a black cat. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Snowball is so gorgeous; I hope she will be very happy in her new home but I know you will miss her.
    Your flowers are so lovely. Wishing you a delightful week.

  11. What is lovelier? Sweet Snowball or those glorious hydrangeas? I couldn't possibly decide! Lovely!

  12. what gorgeous blooms Shane! I have a hydrangea bush of the same colors. Hoping the winter didn't do it in-I have a few months to wait yet...wish I could come by and snap up a few of yours:) Perhaps you need to get a "Snowball" of your own?

  13. Dear Shane,
    Snwoball is such a Cutie :O) She looks like our cat ;O)
    She lies in the sun as often as she can ;O)
    the Rose is wonderful!
    Happy new week to you,
    Love and hugs
    Claudia xo

  14. It is so lovely to see all of your beautiful flowers!!! You must have an incredibly lovely garden. xx

  15. How nice to have this entertaining visitor. Lovely sunlit shots!

  16. So pretty, Shane. I can almost feel the late summer sun . . . and that's really something as spring is only just beginning around here.

  17. What a lovely and peaceful visit you have provided for us today. And lovely to meet the charming Snowball. Love the irony of that name.

  18. It's sad when they leave, I have 4 cats a talking hen and a pigeon but my daughters dog often stays when they are away and I always miss him when he goes home.

  19. Sorry my English, I'm from Brazil and have a dog who was bitten by a snake yesterday. She's fine, we medicate with a homeopathic remedy indicated by neighbors. I hope your little and so cute Snowball be smart about this. They say cats hypnotize snakes. Yours flowers are so beautiful!!! Love them! And love your blog to! Have a nice week!

  20. Both the roses and the hydrangeas are gorgeous, Shane. I'm longing for the day when ours bloom here. I know you will miss Snowball (and your son far away) and hope that you will be able to visit back and forth.
    Have a wonderful new week.


  21. Your garden must've full of fragrance. How lovely to be able to share your hydrangeas. Hoping the move to Melborbe goes well for you VIP guest and you are not too lonely without her

  22. So much beauty in the pink roses and hydrangeas, Shane. Exquisite.
    You will miss Snowball, and I hope she will live away from any patches of bush, then she probably won't encounter snakes. We used to have a cat which brought little snakes inside!

  23. Love the pictures of snowball- I hope she enjoys her new home and will be safe. Seeing pictures of the hydrangeas and roses are uplifting especially since we are a long way from enjoying that here. That rose is gorgeous!

  24. Snowball is loely kitten, hope that it will feel good in its new home.

    Spring cleaners Kensington

  25. Dearest Shane,
    Never easy for having a son move to the next country and also such a darling Snowball...
    Hugs to you!

  26. As much as I'm anxious for our spring, it's rather sad to see you heading into autumn already. However, the hydrangea and roses are gorgeous.
    I'm sure Snowball will miss you too and has probably been spoiled while staying with grandma.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Shane.

  27. Hello Shane, Snowball looks like a sweet kitty! I think you should go often to visit her and your son! Your hydrangeas look beautiful! Thanks so much for linking up, have a happy week!

  28. Hello Shane, Snowball looks like a sweet kitty! I think you should go often to visit her and your son! Your hydrangeas look beautiful! Thanks so much for linking up, have a happy week!

  29. A glorious garden. The roses are exquisite!

  30. What a lovely shiny coat Snowball has. I do hope she likes living in Oz.

    Wonderful blooms.

  31. What a lovely shiny coat Snowball has. I do hope she likes living in Oz.

    Wonderful blooms.

  32. May I pop by for some of the beautiful hydrangeas, Shane? They are a lovely colour.

    Snowball is gorgeous with such a shiny coat. I hope the flight goes well for the puss. Perhaps you need to foster a kitty. ;)


  33. Snowball is a lucky kitty to have spent such a wonderful holiday with you, among your still pretty hydrangeas and romantic setting. May she have a safe journey home.

    Wishing you a wonderful autumn, Shane, and a happy weekend!


  34. Hello again, Shane! Just to say I am so enjoying your beautiful blog! And the name is so sweet as well!
    What a gorgeous kitty Snowball is and my! See how her coat shines in the sunlight...I am sure you must miss her playfulness in your home...
    Oh! And hydrangeas are so beautiful - I have so many precious memories of these flowers from when I was just a wee little girl...seeing yours reminds me of those dear days! Thank you:)
    Hope your weekend is truly blessed and rich in the Lord!
    Hugs and love,



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