Saturday 21 March 2015

Five on Friday

My daughter emailed me some photos this week.
This is Megève a little ski resort village in the French alps
where they rented a chalet for a week.
She said it was very family orientated
and had everything they needed for the girls.

There was a sad note to the week for me when

my son flew to Australia to work for a couple of years....

I'm trying to see the positives...

it's not as far away as France

and the flight to Melbourne takes only 3 hours 46 minutes.

Whereas the actual flying time from Auckland to Paris

is 26 hours - add to that hours spent waiting

at an airport for the connecting flight!

On a brighter note I celebrated my birthday

on Thursday.

I was at work and we had a Tiramasu cake for

afternoon tea

I totally forgot to take a photo!

I have a small collection of bells

and this is one of my favourites...

from time to time I'll show you the others too!

Do you have a special collection?

Tell me what you collect.

I walked past this sweet little cottage recently

beautiful roses  adding character to the house.

I'm joining Amy for Five on Friday

Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. Such wonderful things! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am glad that you had a good time. Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you are having a great weekend! xx

  2. A belated Happy Birthday. Love that cottage with the roses.

    I have a grand-daughter in Melbourne - she answers emergency calls to the Police and loves the job.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Shane - do they come around quicker each year?
    Until you did this post I thought that you were in living in Australia not NZ!!
    It is difficult when our children live in other parts of the world, but on the plus side it offers us more travel and exploring opportunities.

  4. Happy belated birthday,Shane!

  5. Happy Birthday dear Shane, and Tiramasu is a great way to celebrate!
    That is sad about your son moving away, I know how that feels: one overseas, and one in another state.
    The bell is gorgeous; I had a small bell collection for a while but have given some away. In fact, have had many collections over the years, including mini pianos, thimbles, chickens, golliwogs, lots of things. I am definitely working on the downsizing these days. take care xxx

  6. HinShane
    I do hope your Birthday was special even though at work!
    Such a beautifully wrapped gift we see and another bell to your collection!
    Lovely photo from your daughter of that French village!

    Perhaps you could Skype your son!!??

  7. Happy Birthday Shane. I do hope you had a wonderful day and will have a blessed year.

  8. Hi Shane.. Happy Birthday!!! I loved your present.. Was that paper or fabric that it is wrapped in.. Beautiful.. I love violets.. I understand how you feel about your son.. Us mamas have a lot in our hearts sometimes.. So great that you are looking at it positively.. I know our daughter went to the U. S. for a year once and I was so glad when she came back home to Canada... Time passes quickly.. God bless.. xo

  9. Happy Birthday Shane. I know you miss your son but what a wonderful opportunity. Have a great week end.

  10. Hi Shane,
    I'm sorry your son has moved so far … but it does put it in perspective when you note the flying time compared to the travel time to France. What a cute cottage! And belated birthday greetings. Hope it was a happy time for you.

  11. Happy belated birthday Shane. Hope you had a wonderful one. I used to collect bells but no long do. I have kept the ones that are special to me. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Belated Happy birthday Shane!
    Those roses look so lovely. I look forward to ours blooming.

  13. I've never gotten to live close to my family as an adult (except now, my MIL), so I can feel your pain. Beautiful photos!

  14. Hi Shane, It is hard to have our kids so far away-even with short flights it is not the same as having them on your homeland. We have one making the move a couple of states away and I am dreading even that move.

    Pretty place your daughter is vacationing.

    Happy Birthday to you!!! I love your bell. I am trying to "un-collect" now-lol xo Diana

  15. Happy birthday, Shane! Wishing you happiness and many, many more. Very sad when our kids go so far away. I still have my youngest here another year and then he will fly off into the world. So strange this growing up and getting older part of life. :) I have a small collection of bells, too (and lots of other stuff). Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. Tammy

  16. I imagine your son will have a great adventure in Australia and stories to tell. I can imagine, though, how much you'll miss him.

    On a happier note, the cottage with all the climbing roses is charming!


  17. A happy, happy belated birthday to you dear Shane!!! It may be late but the wishes remain for a fabulous birthday year! I can't imagine have your children (although grown up) so far away. But then you get to se these beautiful countries when you visit. That cake looks divine-almost too pretty to eat:)Have a lovely weekend.

  18. Happy birthday, Shane!
    It is never easy and always little sad when our children fly away, but also so, so exciting :-) The world is very small these days :-)
    But who am I to judge that, my children live within 10 miles radius, LOL!

  19. I can feel the sadness when your children are so far away. We think it is a long way to where our two daughters live, but it is only two hours by car! I see it in a whole different perspective. Groetjes,

  20. The happiest of belated birthday wishes Shane! I really do feel your sadness over your son going so far away. Our youngest is over 5 hours by plane away and I think I miss him every day (even though he hasn't lived at home for over ten years!!).

  21. I am captivated by that beautifully wrapped gift. I imagine the contents must have been charming, too. I hope you enjoyed your born day. I try not to dwell on my younger son's absence, just look forward to seeing him in June and hope that one day he will come home.

  22. A very Happy Belated Birthday to you Shane! How wonderful that your son is that much closer, and within a manageable travelling distance (trying to think on the positive side for you). Take care xx

  23. Belated Happy Birthday to you, Shane. It's hard when children move away, but as you've pointed out, Melbourne is much closer than France. What a charming village scene your daughter sent you.
    I hope you have a wonderful week. (I'm catching up on a few posts after a busy weekend.)


  24. Shane dear, life got in the way and I missed your birthday on the day. Sending belated wishes now and many happy returns - hope it was a wonderful day.

    At least your son has gone to what I believe is a marvelous city - recently read about it in a notable travel magazine - in a great location and quite lively and modern. Will you visit him any time soon?

    With spring upon us here, and I guess autumn there, I'm wishing you happy cooler days while waiting for ours to warm a bit - such a long, chilly winter here.

    Hugs - Mary x



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