Thursday 22 May 2014


I love Vee's Note Card Party
and I usually have my post prepared in advance.

I've been working a lot lately therefore the
the usual standards are slipping somewhat!
My organisation has flown out the window
so please forgive me Vee for arriving late to 
your party!

The first two Note Cards are the type of cards I create
from time to time to send to my daughter
and darling granddaughters in France
so they can see what our home and garden
look like at various times of the seasons.

The third Note Card just happened!
I love taking photos of doors, gates and windows
these were from Summer in France 2013.
After I created this collage
the words just came to me!

 Please pop over to Vee's and look at
all the other charming Note Cards!

See you all again soon, in the meantime please
take care and be kind to each other 

Merci à bientôt




  1. What a nice way to connect with your family in France, Shane. Shows some of your life as well as your thoughtfulness. I like the doors and gates. I'd want to save any of these if I got a note on them!

  2. They are all pretty - you did good. Beautiful flowers.
    I made cards a few years ago, but stopped and just never got started again.

  3. Dear Shane, your blooms from the garden are so very pretty - I bet they love getting cards such as those to display in their lovely French home.

    Yes, agree that doors, gates, windows etc. make wonderful photos - I always want to know what's going on behind them - nosey me!!!!!!

    Hope this weeks good and that you're not working too hard dear friend.

    Love, Mary

  4. I love the collages cards. Good idea to use them when sending letters to France. I see you found a cute button. Did you find it at Mary's? =D

    Today IS the day so you are right on time.

  5. Oh, very nice! And I love the gate one especially. I guess I really like gates. When they're open, it seems like an invitation to enter.

  6. A lovely set of cards! I also love doors and gates...and fences too!

  7. You are right on time my friend and you've brought us some beautiful cards. I like that you used mosaics for each card and love the last one with the doors! How true! Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. These are so beautiful, I especially like the photos of the doors with the caption, thank you or sharing.

  9. These are beautiful Shane and I especially like the door one. xo Pam

  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I hope you print some of your wonderful notecards. They are always so lovely!

  11. Shane, your note cards are stunning - I especially love the one with the gates and doors. For some reason they are a fascination for me as well, and your quote is perfect... you should sell these!

  12. These are very special! I love doors. Well done! I too have been so busy with life but love thisy little party and those who participate. Such fun.

  13. Your note cards are charming, Shane. I love the glimpses of your garden, and gates are so photogenic. I missed the party this month - first time ever, but we just got home from our first boating trip. Hope your week is going well.

  14. Your note cards are charming, Shane. I love the glimpses of your garden, and gates are so photogenic. I missed the party this month - first time ever, but we just got home from our first boating trip. Hope your week is going well.

  15. Lovely floral cards and the gate is so beautiful on your photo.

  16. Dearest Shane,
    That's exactly what notecards are meant for; sending some of the sentiment that is filling our life at the time. Captured with great photos and added some thoughts, it is a sweet gift!

  17. Hi Shane,
    Your note cards are so pretty. I would love giving or receiving any of them. The caption on the doors note card is especially fitting. I'm sure your family in France adores receiving your pretty photos. Thanks for sharing. xo

  18. Shane, these are gorgeous. What a great way to stay in contact with relatives and keep them up to date with how things look! Smart girl. I like doors and windows, too. Have a lovely week and party on!

  19. Great note cards. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. ♥ Hello, my dear friend! Love your beautiful post! Hugs! xxx Riitta

  21. Picture note cards to the family in France is a nice way to share what is happening at your home.

  22. beautiful photo collage cards Shane! I thought your work was to ease up somewhat by now...

  23. I think they're beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Thank you so much for popping by my blog! These cards are amazing. I'm sure your family in France loved them :) you're very talented. I hope you have a great weekend!

  25. You create beautiful notecards ,dear Shane, I love they are collages ,and from your fantastic nature and surroundings !
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  26. Dear Shane,

    Love your beautiful notecards and your family in France must enjoy getting sweet cards like these.
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday - at least the wind has calmed down.

  27. Shane-- such a beautiful collage assortment- the flowers are gorgeous. You grouped them all together in such a lovely way-- love the "notecard" idea:)


  28. Your cards a wonderful. Love the gate and the thought. They are so photo worthy when traveling in France for sure.



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