Sunday 25 May 2014

Middle Earth Airline

Have I told you I love airports?
I especially enjoy visiting our international airport.
I like to sit in the observation room
and watch the arrival and departure of planes.

Earlier this month
I took these photos of an Air New Zealand
'Hobbit' Middle Earth aeroplane arriving!

I'll let you into a little secret
visiting the international airport
 is special for me
because it is the point where I start my long journey
when I'm on my way to visit my family in France!
For some weird reason
it makes me feel closer to them.....
just knowing that I can hop on a plane
and 25-30 hours later
I can be hugging my darling granddaughters.

So now the cat's now out of the bag!

I'm joining Mary for Mosaic Monday
I hope to see you there.

See you all again soon, in the meantime please

take care and be kind to each other 

Merci à bientôt



  1. Love all you share.............
    Love and hugs Jeanne

  2. I know exactly what you mean about about airports :-) When the children were small we used to go Heathrow to watch the planes. I also used to say goodbye to my mum there, in the days when travelling in Europe between East and West wasn't so easy, and I never knew when or if I will see her again :-(
    But of course, it is also start and end of so many holidays :-)

  3. Oh, the Hobbitt plane is sooooo cool, Shane. Are you on it?? Off to France - happy travels xxx

  4. I love airports too! Especially recently :)

    And how about that dragon on the airplane!? So awesome!

  5. Very, very cool plane! Will you be soaring off soon, Shane?

  6. The paintings on the planes are quite unusual. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Airports are wonderful places for observing people. I find them immensely interesting. Airports represent adventure to me - to move so quickly from one culture to another (even cities have different cultures) is amazing.
    I hope that you will soon be hugging those sweet granddaughters of yours.

  8. Wow, these planes are amazing. I had no idea Air New Zealand painted their planes in Middle Earth style. This is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing those! And I can totally understand how the airport makes you feel closer to your family. I know what you mean :)

  9. What special planes they have at air new zealand. Never seen them painted like that before. I see what you mean with feeling closer to you grandchildren at the airport. I love them because I know we are going into a new advebnture. Have a nice week Shane.

  10. What a cool looking design on the airplane. I hope you are or will be enjoying your grandchildren soon.. Have a happy week!

  11. I love it! We are big Hobbit fans so I think it's pretty neat to see this airliner all painted up. I hope you are getting to travel soon.

  12. Like the design on the plane
    Have a fantastic trip and visit with your family.

  13. Dear Shane, I wish you many more wonderful flights to see your dear family in France.

  14. I had no idea it takes you that long to get to France. Wow..I will never complain about our 8 hour flight again. But so worth it, right?

    That is one wild paint job on the plane. I need to show this to the man of the house.

    xo Rhonda

  15. Oh, my! What fun! Middle Earth! Who knew???!!!

  16. You are not alone in thinking this way. There is a little park along side our busy airport where you can watch the planes take off and land and it's always exciting o me to think of where they've come from, and how quickly, etc.

  17. I used to enjoy going to airports to watch the planes land and take off. Not an easy thing to do now unless you are a ticketed passenger. It's a shame.
    The Middle Earth airplane is definitely unique.

  18. That is amazing! They are works of art and it you fly on telling where you will land! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  19. Dearest Shane,
    Lovely post and what a great design for making a plane more interesting!
    Oh, we loved to go to the airport too but now you cannot go anywhere due to security and without a boarding pass you are not allowed inside. There are only limited restaurants with free access and certainly NO observation available...

  20. I know a couple of wee boys who would be thrilled to see those planes.
    Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren!

  21. How wonderful to be able to fly and see your family. Do enjoy your time with them.

  22. What a wonderful thing to do, love that plane, amazing graphics! Soon you will be hugging your little granddaughters! Xoxo

  23. Wow; GREAT pictures of the airplane♡♡♡ reminded me of several trip to foreign countries during my 30's and 40's p;) I sure understand the feeling you have. I DO hope you can hug your sweet granddaughters soon(^_^)v

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  24. Hi Shane, what a fun looking plane! Me too, I love airports. I think because when I was little, every time we went abroad, my sister and I got to buy a new outfit for our trip. I also love to travel so I see airports as my entries to new places.

  25. I find airports (and train stations) exciting places to be in so long as I have plenty of time to gather my thoughts before embarking on a flight or railway journey! Enjoy the moment when you fly off to see your family in France again.

  26. I used to feel that way about airports, but no more. They are a headache here and getting worse.

  27. Oh, wow, I didn't know that Hobbits had their own airplanes! Wonder if there's enough leg room for those cute hairy feet.... LOL!
    Have a wonderful time with your family!

  28. Hello Shane,

    Thanks for sharing today. I love airport and airplanes too. That final picture is a gorgeous BLUE sky!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  29. Hi! I love airplanes too. I like flying and soon will be taking a fun filled trip with the phamily. As a small child we spent many Sundys watching planes take off at our small hometown airport. Ah, such fun memories. Thank you for sharing and enjoy the week. I hope you see the family soon.

  30. That so exciting, seeing such airplains. Flying on the wings of dragons! Too cool.

  31. Have a wonderful time!! And thank you for posting the pictures of the beautiful plane - I, like you, would be at the airport a lot just to see them, but we don't live close enough.

  32. The airplane is wonderful. Oh how I love flying Air New Zealand once upon a time. It is so fun to dream while watching the planes come and go.

  33. Love the planes! Safe travels to France dear one!!

  34. The Middle Earth airplane is wonderful.

  35. Well now, that is a tidbit of interesting information about you. My husband loves to watch videos of airplanes taking off and landing with music to accompany. There's one about the Atlanta International Airport that he is amazed by as it is the busiest in the country or world. Not sure as airports are not my thing. :) My youngest and I will be heading to Colorado this summer for a month's stay to visit my college boy. A long trip for sure. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  36. I love those beautiful planes. Lord of the Rings was always one of my favorite book series. Wish I could hop a plane like that and travel back to France with you. Paris has my heart. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to keep up with your travels.

  37. I'm a huge LOTR and Hobbit fan (our home is named "Grey Havens"), so I was familiar with the specially painted planes. And I fondly remember the whimsical and fun commercial they had featuring Middle Earth!



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