Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Spreading some Sunshine

This post is for my family and blog friends
living in the Northern Hemisphere
who are experiencing such harsh
wintry conditions - the like of which
we are told by news reports
hasn't been experienced for decades.

If you need to travel on the roads
please keep safe and drive to the conditions.
I know how hazardous icy roads can be.

I'm reading on many blogs about the
cold and that more snow is expected
this week.
My friend Judith of Lavender Cottage
advised friends to keep their shovel ready.
I told Judith the only time I use a shovel
is to spread compost on my garden!

I will try and find a dandelion
and blow wishes for you
that Spring will come early
in your little neck of the woods!

Today I'm joining
Karen of My Little Home and Garden for
(sorry I'm late Karen)

Please pop over to meet Karen
and the other lovely participants
bringing some sunshine into their lives
amid the cold days of winter!

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!



  1. Happy New Year Shane, to you and your family.
    Love all the sunshine and warmth you have shared for our friends overseas who are having wintery weather.
    I have been out in the garden and must say it has been very hot here.
    Wish I could send some of our sunshine over there.
    Enjoy your week

  2. Shovels, blankets, charged cell phones, and kitty litter make great traveling companions these days.

  3. yes we are having some cold here but today it warmed up quite a bit. Tomorrow it will be cold again but that's OK I am used to it.

  4. You're not late at all, Shane, and I'm glad you'll be participating in Sunlit Sunday again this year.

    Thank you for bringing some beautiful New Zealand sunflowers to my northern home. They'll bloom here too, all in good time. Each season has its own beauty and I appreciate that you brought some of yours to share.


  5. No snow here but nine degree F tonight --- leaving the taps dripping tonight, etc. But thanks for the ray of sunshine!

  6. Sunflowers are one of the best flowers to bring cheer and sunshine to a dreary day.
    Thanks for the shout-out Shane, I'm pretty handy with a shovel in summer with my compost too! :-)

  7. Thank you for the beautiful sunny summer photos. I love sunflowers. It rained hard here tonight but it's cooling down fast. We'll be waking up to a frozen world again tomorrow but the thaw today was kind of nice. Have a great week! Pamela

  8. Beautiful flowers . . . beautiful sunlight . . . it is the same in my area during the day, but the nights are cold for us. It is nowhere near the freezing temps much of the US is experiencing.

  9. Hello, Shane.
    Thank you for sharing beautiful summer in your country!Japan is also located in the Northern Hemisphere. However, the weather is not so cold. It is hard to believe that we live on the same planet right now!
    Hope you have a good day!

  10. West of the Rockies, where we are, isn't so cold, either. But I cannot believe the wintry conditions on the other side. Crazy winter weather. Is your family in France experiencing severe weather, too?

  11. Dearest Shane,
    It is not often that we get for the South East of the U.S.A. the forecast of: Brisk and Bitterly Cold and it is already -14°C at 23:35 o'clock (Real Feal) so that mean wind will blow even colder during the night. In Toronto it is extremely cold and even more so in the Northern Provinces.
    May they all stay safe and with power I pray!
    Hugs to you and thanks for those sunflowers! I will post tomorrow also something from October; some blossoms that we miss so badly now.

  12. One thing is for sure, we could do with some Sun here at the moment, Rain , rain & more rain

  13. Aaah, those lovely photographs reminded me that there will be an end to the winter eventually, even it does seem very distant right now.

  14. These beautiful sunflowers I'm sure will bring some light cheer to the hearts of so many suffering such harsh Wintery conditions in the Northern Hemisphere!
    The weather certainly is following a different pattern these days!
    Happiness and health to you Shane for this New Year,
    Big hugs,

  15. Oh I love this, I could sure stand some sunshine...biter Cold here, high of 0' yesterday~

  16. Thank you for sharing your sun, very much appreciated. And I LOVE sunflowers! It's impossible to see them and not feel happy. ;)

  17. These are very refreshing images. The winter has been harsh this season.

  18. Oh thank you for the sunflowers-we finally got above ) f this morning-its been bitter cold here with lots of blowing snow

  19. No snow here but it is bitterly cold. Wish I were there with you where it is warm. The weather this year has been a little crazy. Global warming many of us here in the states are wondering about that. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Dear Shane,
    so much sun and lovely photoes, you share today,---
    Are those gees in your garden ?
    The sun flowers are stunning when filling a whole field.
    Lucky you to never showel snow ....
    Hope your week is great,

  21. It has been on the news here too about the terrible cold in the north of the USA. It must be terrible . I hope everybody has enough food and warmth during these cold days.

  22. We usually have full winter now, but this year it is like spring! We will get a late winter this year.

  23. Lovely week darlig...love Ria..x !

  24. Hi Shane, Thanks for sharing some warm sunshine from New Zealand! It has warmed up quite a bit today here in Minnesota and the sun is shining. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment. Have a good week.

  25. Beautiful pictures.. giving us all a ray of sunshine on these dark and snowy days... Thanks for sharing your sun with us.

  26. Keep the colours coming, Shane, it does help :-)
    No snow here, just rain and floods and wind; not sure which is worst.
    Take care,

  27. Beautiful pictures, especially as New York is trapped in the Polar Vortex. Thanks so much for visiting and please stop by often.

  28. Thank you, Shane. Michigan is experiencing its coldest, snowiest winter in decades. We haven't been above 0 (Farenheit) in days. In fact, they said yesterday, Antarctica was more than 30 degrees warmer than we were! So seeing these reminds me that there is warm somewhere. Thanks!

  29. Thank you for posting some sunshine! We've been mired in the vortex and will be very happy to see it move on (which it is doing, supposedly). Now the weather report is calling for rain tomorrow...yikes!

  30. Thank you for that blast of sunshine, Shane! It's much appreciated here in New England where it's been very, very cold. Take care!

  31. Oh, thank you for this post! How sweet! I'd love to see a BIG sunflower right now, LOL. DH brought our snow shovel up from the crawl space earlier this week, back when they were predicting snow. As a result, we didn't need it. Hahaha! We only got about an inch and it blew away in a hurry.

  32. Happy new year, Shane! Thank you for the cheery photos sent our way. The sunflowers are beautiful. Have a lovely weekend.

  33. I live where for the most part has been a rather mild winter and I am beginning to see the first signs of Spring. Can't wait!

  34. What a lovely post this is, tied together so nicely. Best wishes, Tammy



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