Tuesday 26 February 2013

I will miss you dear Barbara...

Barbara dyed lace using avocado skins.

Today has been a sad day for me
as I discovered that one of my dear
blogging friends died recently
after losing her courageous battle
with ovarian cancer.

Dear Barbara of Vintage Bunty
was an exceptionally talented
mixed media artist.
I'm sure many of you knew her too
and admired her beautiful work.
She participated in many
on-line workshops and classes.

Barbara and I first met while
doing Carole's on-line journal class.
She made such a pretty journal
full of lace, sweet images and her
very favourite buttons.

Harmony - so very talented.

We also both enjoyed
Mary Green's
Vintage Gluebook class.

 ...and then she was published in
Sew Somerset magazine
with this exquisite collage piece

I remember how thrilled she was -
a real achievement!

You made it Barbara!!!
To a collage artist it just 
doesn't get
any better than that
Well done!!!

I'm hoping that just maybe
you are looking down from above
and smiling as you read this!

I'm so lucky to have a very precious
reminder of Barbara - 
her charming Giveaway which I won.
My heart skipped beats when I
opened her beautiful parcel!
This was real treasure to me -
way way too good to use -
you understand....

But I've had a change of heart
and these pieces will now become part
of a collage I will make
in memory of
sweet Barbara.

I will miss you dear friend
God's speed until
we meet again
in collage heaven.



Barbara's garden.
All the images are from her blog

Barbara's husband Paul has written
a very moving and loving tribute to



  1. I am so sorry to read this post, she was a talented artist.

  2. A lovely tribute to your beautiful friend. How lovely that you have such a treasure of memories of which to remember her at this sad time.
    Sending you a hug across the miles,

  3. Hello Shane, I am so sorry to read that your dear friend lost her battle with cancer. From the photos in this posting she was truly a very artistic and talented lady. I am sure she will be missed by many. Hugs Judy

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you during your grieving period. She has gone home and you can keep her near with your treasured memories.

  5. A moving tribute to your late blogging friend Shane. I'm glad you have something she made to remember her by.

  6. ❤Dear Shane,
    It is just always a reminder to make sure your own life is well lived and loved..she sounds so courageous and talented..may she always be with you in spirit!

  7. I'd never 'met' this lovely, talented lady online, but wish so much I had after going to read back through her blog filled with beauty, artistry and gentle words. She did such amazing work and I can understand how you loved her, learned from all she shared, and will miss her. Her husband's words are beautiful - how much he will miss her of course.

    Life is quite brief really and those who are taken early are missed for so long. My late mother's neighbor across the way was my age and so loving and caring toward mum while I was far away. She also died of ovarian cancer (as did her mother) in her 40's and I think of her often for all she did to help my mother. She too was a talented decorator, artist, cook, oving wife and busy mum to 2 teen sons - they lost her much too early.

    Thinking of your Barbara - may she be in a better place now and free from pain.

    Thanks for stopping by dear - still raining here but yesterday I did see the sunbeams you sent from NZ......thank you, they were so cheery!

    Hugs - Mary

  8. Dear Shane,
    I read about Barbara`s death some weeks ago, and felt so sorry for her husbond ,family and friends.
    I have not "known" Barbara ,so can only say,it makes me sad for you,- she was a wonderful artist, I can see.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  9. There is always sorrow when someone we love passes on. Hugs.

  10. O Shane ...what a sad post......i give you a warm big hug...hope you will be ok darling.....so sad to lose such a good friend.....love love loove from me...xxx...

  11. Dear Shane,
    I'm also sorry to read this post - I remember her from the vintage Glue book class. She was so very talented.

  12. I saw Barbara's husband's post and was so sad the rest of the day. I could not wrap myself around it.

    How lucky for you to have known her so well. She was a beautiful soul and enjoyed collages so much.

    Your post is very moving, Shane.
    Best wishes, xo Rhonda

  13. How comforting to have those lovely souvenirs of your friend.

  14. such a beautiful and moving tribute Shane. I didn't know of Barbara until now. What truly gorgeous projects she created and how comforting for you to own a few special pieces in her memory. I just visited her blog and went thru prior posts. Sad- a huge talent and beautiful person gone too soon.

  15. Beautifully spoken...I am so sorry about your friend...it seems in the last few days I have read other posts about losing a few of our wonderful blogging friends....she had a gorgeous blog...and will surely be missed..

  16. Dear Shane,

    Such a lovely tribute to your dear friend Barbara, thank you for sharing.
    Such beautiful work, she created and will be sadly missed.
    I didn't know her, but did use a tutorial a while back, for dying lace with avocado and don't know if it may have been her.
    Glad that you have one of her treasures to cherish.
    Sending hugs

  17. Hello Shane - a beautiful post & a wonderful tribute to your friend. Even though I was so sorry to read of the loss of your friend I really enjoyed your tribute to her & the pictures of her amazing work.
    Her husband certainly wrote a very loving post about her passing.
    Thinking of you at this sad time - I hope your collage will bring back many happy memories of your friend Shane. Gentle Hugs, Julie

  18. Sorry to read your news, Shane :-(
    It is always difficult to loose a friend, but just think how much beauty she left behind...

  19. How very sad. Another loss to a horrible disease - but a gain for heaven. You've written a beautiful tribute.

  20. I'm so sorry to hear this and will be praying for her loved ones. What a wonderful tribute to her and how wonderful to have one of her creations to remember her by.

  21. My heart goes out to you on the loss of
    your lovely friend Barbara. It is so sad when such gentle ones go and I pray for you and all who knew her and her husband and family at this time.

  22. Mi dispiace per la tua cara amica!!!!
    sono sicura che dall'alto lei ti guarda e ti è vicina perchè tu l'hai amata!
    Grazie per la tua gradita visita!
    un caro abbraccio Claudia

  23. My sympathies on the loss of your lovely blogging friend. It is obvious from her work just how talented and creative a person she was. May she rest in peace now.

  24. I am sorry about your friend, so sad.
    A warm hug to you

  25. Such a sad day to be visiting, Shane. Your tribute to Barbara is beautiful. Your idea to incorporate her gift into a tribute piece is a truly lovely one.

  26. Oh Dear Shane ~
    I did not know Barbara on line but your lovely tribute really touches my heart so sweetly ... thank you for sharing your special friend and making our lives richer because of her

    BIG hugs to you dear one

  27. Dear Shane,
    Oh I am so sorry to hear this. I didn't know her, but I can see she was indeed an artist. I am so glad she was published too, what a life thrill for her. Thanks for sharing about this dear friend. Sending hugs,

  28. Es triste perder un amigo. En realidad es triste que cualquier persona se vaya. Somos todos tan valiosos para Dios y para los nuestros. Un abrazo fraterno para todas.
    Que descanse en paz.




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