Wednesday 20 February 2013

Summer Garden Visit

Late last year I did a post here
on my visit to the country
gardens of Coatesville.

Because most of you (my blogging pals)
live on the other side of the world
to where I am in New Zealand

and you are experiencing
the cold grey days of winter

I decided to share some more
photos from that happy 
Summer day out visiting
beautiful gardens.

This was a huge garden
and everywhere had the 
most wonderful vistas of
the lake.

As it was still early Summer
the pretty water lilies were just
beginning to bloom. I imagine in
another month they would have
been a sight to behold.

I think this is a swamp cypress,
please correct me if I'm wrong!
My friend Mariette is a mind of
information on flora and fauna.
Do pop in and meet her,
Mariette is one of
our blog world treasures!

I'm linking to Vee's
Note Card Party today 
pop over and meet everyone.
They're all so nice and friendly

Lovely to catch up with you all
until next time

À bientôt

be kind to one another




  1. There is nothing prettier than a swan floating on a lake! The gardens are gorgeous - New Zealand is a lush and lovely place. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Shane, I love botanical gardens and you have shared a lovely one with us. We can dream of spring! The swamp cypress is amazing.

  3. How beautiful, I believe we all could use a little garden right now. I have been locked up in my work office or my studio all winter.

    Gorgeous images, Shane. xo Rhonda

  4. Shane, your note cards are indeed a welcome sight as it is snowing again today, the swamp cypress is an interesting tree.

  5. Hi Shane, this is my first visit to your blog. It's very nice and you take some beautiful photos. I loved these ones of the gardens/park. What a gorgeous place to roam with everything so green. That water cypress is really different. Thanks for visiting me for Notecard Wednesday. Blessings, Pamela

  6. Thank you, Shane, for a taste of summer through your beautiful photos. There are some snowflakes flying here this morning.

  7. That swamp cypress is really something. Wouldn't want to run into it in the middle of the night.
    Lovely selection of summery photos for the note card party. We are all craving summer's warmth and colour.

  8. Stunning gardens! Thank you so much for these. They were like a breath of fresh air! All I see out my window is white, white, white.

  9. Lovely, lovely photos darling Shane! Happy weekend.

  10. It looks so warm and inviting! Wish I were there!!


  11. It's so nice to see blog friends' summer photos from down under. I fear it is bitter cold here and we are longing for spring!

    I've been awfully sick; must go backwards and see some of the posts I've missed. Maybe they'll warm me up!

  12. Thank you for lightening my white world up with this green beautiful photoes, from a spring ,that for now seems so very far away,here.
    This is like a green Paradise, dear Shane, it must have been wonderful visiting !
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  13. Smiles!!! all gorgeous pictures!!

  14. Thank you!

    Just what I needed to day on a windy, snowy, day in Pennsylvania!

    Looking forward to spring!

  15. Hello Shane, The garden is very lovely. The swan is very elegant as is the purple flower beds. A very unique garden indeed. Hugs Judy

  16. Your pics definitely brightened up an otherwise grey day here - thank you :-)

  17. Thanks for sharing, it's so nice to see some green:@)

  18. It is lovely to see some green and unfrozen water and the posies. ☺ Thanks for thinking of us!

  19. So nice to see some greenery. : )

  20. Just what I needed today, Shane! Gorgeous garden is snowing here in Canada and 21 degrees C.
    Uplifting! Many thanks.... N.xo

  21. Thank you for sharing this lovely garden, vistas and details that give so much pleasure to the viewer. Everything looks so green, pleasant and peaceful. x

  22. Liebe Shane,
    beim Anblick deiner Bilder wird mir ganz warm ums Herz und ich sehne den Frühling herbeit.
    Da fällt mir ein Gedicht Heinrich Heines ein:
    Frühling läßt sein blaues Band
    wieder flattern durch die Lüfte...
    Ach wenn er doch nur käme, der Frühling. Deine Bilder müssen einstweilen genügen und steigern die Vorfreude darauf.

    Winterliche Grüße von der Babsi

  23. Shane- your photos are lovely-- it really is so wonderful to see these beautiful flowers while we are still in our cold gray winter. I'm trying hard not to be jealous that you are having such a wonderful summer!

  24. Dearest Shane,
    Sorry for being late; a lot on my plate this week. Renovating the office, enlarging closet in guest bedroom (into office) and tomorrow at 5:30 AM I have to leave the house with Pieter for our 3 hour drive to the university hospital for a small procedure. Saturday I host a dinner for 8 here at the house. You can imagine that my time is limited for blogging. BUT, yes you are right with this swamp cypress, however it is the cascading one. Weeping Bald Cypress, Taxodium distichum ‘Cascade Falls’ and the regular Swamp Cypress or Bald Cypress (which we have here on our property as well) is also a Taxodium.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend dear friend and thanks for the shout out!
    Did you see my post from yesterday about TRUE Web Presence for Bloggers? Interesting...

  25. Thank you for sharing these pretty summertime scenes! We're getting weary of winter here in the USA.

  26. Hi Shane, just the thing to think warmer days are coming. We are sitting in about 18 inches of snow and ice! Thanks for the lovely and interesting photos, Oh by the have won my giveaway for being one of the 1st 100 followers of my blog. Please send me your address! xo Pam xo Pam

  27. Lovely photos, and The Clevdon Farmer's Market, I visited Clevedon so many times in the
    1950's ,2 very dear friends lived there, one at Ardmore, one on the road to Duder's Beach. we all went to Papakura High School together, one has died many years ago, way too young, the other, we keep in touch, still, after some 59 years!!! Cheers from Jean.

  28. Lovely photos. I feel warmer already! It's rather cold here in England today, so I'll definitely be wrapping up warm when I step out of the front door later!

  29. Beautiful... how I wish it was summer here.... Or spring, that would be fine too! Hugs, Wendy

  30. How lovely and special to get to visit this gorgeous garden with you dear Shane ... swans and waterlilies and more Oh My be still my heart!

  31. So beautiful to see, as I live in Michigan, and it is snowing heavily right thank you for sharing something so pleasant!! Also thank you for the nice comment on my asked about the rose I made, it was made with a die and a lighweight paper...easy...have a nice day!!!



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