Thursday 6 December 2012

Coatesville Gardens visit

Recently I had a lovely day out with
friends visiting the 
country gardens of

We managed to see six or seven gardens
and the best by far was
a garden of national significance.

It has been lovingly created over 21 years
with an artist's eye for colour and design.

A charming garden shed...

I love the title bestowed upon the
creator of this garden!

Some corrugated iron chooks
to keep Christine company!

...and some real ones too!

The woodland garden was so peaceful
and calming.
I felt the stress of city life disappear
 as I wandered along the pathways
enjoying the inspiring vistas.

Some pretty Alstromerias - I have to
have some of these in my new garden...

A favourite cranesbill of mine,
blue in the garden
has such a calming effect!

I'm pretty sure it's botanical name is
Geranium Pratense - Meadow Cranesbill.
Can someone enlighten me please?

Thank you dear friends for visiting
my blog and leaving a comment.
Most of you are American or Canadian
I thought you might appreciate a
little reminder of gardens in
Summer to carry you through
the depths of Winter!

I would love you to visit
Sandy at
she has created this special blog
to inspire us to make Christmas 2012
full of beauty!
Thank you dear Sandy.

to my new followers,
I'm so happy to meet you - thank you!

Take care dear friends and
be kind to one another!
Joyeux Noël



  1. Beautiful gardens, I am fond of the Alstromerias and the corrugated iron chooks, I wondered if you were in Australia when I saw those.

  2. Oh Shane that garden tour must have been spectacular judging from the one you have posted here. That first image looks like a picture book!
    I have some of those Alstromerias here but you used to be able to buy the long stemmed variety which is no longer available now sadly!
    Not familiar with Meadow Cranesbill.

    Just love Sandy's wonderful Christmas blog. Thanks for sharing this!

    Hugs and ♥Suzy

  3. Thank you dear Shane for that wonderful tour around the beautiful garden. Gorgeous photos! I felt as thoughI was there with you. Now I can no longer walk and make trips like that, it's always a pleasure to read about someone else's trip. Big Hugs
    June xx

  4. Shane dear - I hope you and your loved ones are OK, safe and unscathed! I just read the news of the tornado which has hit Auckland (I subscribe to the Sydney Morning Herald online) and watched videos of the damage. So sorry - my thoughts are with you and all the people there.

    Meanwhile, loving your pics from this beautiful garden - hopefully not damaged.

    Thinking of you and sending hugs.

  5. Thanks for sharing a bit of warmth!

    The Alstromeria's are really easy to grow in Southern California, so I imagine ditto where you are except you may have to protect them from snow...

  6. Loved seeing all that green and pretty flowers and that garden shed is wonderful.

  7. Dear Shane, thankyou for this beautiful tour in this very lovely garden. It looks rather big,-and very very gorgeous. The geranium, is called : Storkenæb-in Danish..but the latin one I don`t know :-)
    Hope your day is happy, and not as cold as mine - lol.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  8. I couldn't agree with you more about Miss Sandy's Quill Cottage! What a remarkable resource she has assembled for her readers.

    Oh this was a lovely little break in late autumn for me. I love seeing all the color and the beautifully designed and charming garden. Very, very pleasant.

  9. Dearest Shane,
    Smart idea for showing us such a lovely summer garden! We cannot complain here in the Southeast as on Sunday it will be still 25°C so that is not quite winter.
    Hugs to you,

  10. Thank you for bringing some Summer colour into my vision this morning! I love the photo of the ladies in their red hats too - catches my imagination! Who are they - this red-hatted group? It makes me smile.

  11. That it, Shane, I'm coming to visit.
    How gorgeous! I live in the southwest and we have had 80 degrees for weeks. It's been an unusually warm winter so far. your post.

    xo Rhonda

  12. I love those corrugated chickens. The garden is beautiful! The greens are so green! We certainly don't get that same vibrancy here. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  13. oooo Shane...your garden photos could be in a magazine...
    absolutely breathtaking and oh SO beautiful...
    what a great day it must have been

    and I see red hat ladies...
    we have those here in the states as well, in fact for my long birthday weekend we took lots of photos of them celebrating at a grand was a sea of red (some purple) and loads of bling...there seemed to be a contest on who had the largest hat LOL

    I must go back and delight in your garden photos one more time...I should be in bed as it's almost 2:30 am here ... no more chocolate late at night for me especially not with bits of coffee bean in it (I'm a cheap date *ggg*)

  14. Such a lovely garden! Thank you for the pictures that made me forget about the dull and dreary (rain) outside. Might be getting freezing rain tomorrow, so you pictures are a welcome sight!!

  15. Hi Shane,

    Must have been wonderful going on the Coatsville garden tour.
    Beautiful gardens and thanks for showing us. You can get some great ideas, looking at others gardens.
    Hope you are enjoying the perfect weather, aren't we lucky after the stormy week


  16. Oh Shane, after a particularly hectic day it was so nice to sit and look through your pictures of beautiful gardens. Thank you for posting such loveliness. xx

  17. Absolutely picture perfect... how lucky you are to visit such a lovely place :-)
    big hugs,

  18. With the temperature -5C tonight, I would love to be there with you :-))

  19. Dear gardengirl Shane,
    thankyou for joining my blog and a very warm welcome.
    Here we have snow and ice outside, the last rosebuds are frosted, looks very beautiful. In your part of the world they are full in bloom. Enjoy your New Zealand summer and send a little bit of your summer feeling over the ocean to me.

    Let the sun shine in your heart!
    Warmly Babsi

  20. What a beautiful blog Shane ~ I'm following now and am sure I'll enjoy every post. I was delighted to see the coatesville gardeners name plaque, as my maiden name was Peek. Not very common here in America. Congratulations on your win ~ such lovely things!

  21. The gardens are so beautiful and a wonderful place to visit. It really does relieve stress even looking at the photos! Happy holidays! I'll check the blog you mentioned, too!



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