Monday 17 December 2012


I photographed this
Christmas Tree
a couple of years ago

A very innovative design
made out of
tongue and groove
timber boards 

with beautiful baubles

and Christmas words

Christmas slippers
(mental note to me to make my granddaughters
a pair each for next Christmas!
Would any of you have a pattern or maybe
you can recommend where I may find one???)

Wishing you all a
stress free time
in the lead up to
the most wonderful
feast day
in the Church calendar.

Thinking of those poor families
affected by the school shootings
in Newtown, Connecticut.

Sending our love and prayers

on behalf of

New Zealand families.

Today I'm linking to
Mary of Mosaic Monday
Becky for Blissful Whites Wednesdays

Be kind to one another
Joyeux Noël


  1. Dearest Shane,

    Lovely and very symbolic Christmas tree!
    Enjoy your 3rd Advent week.

  2. What a beautiful tree, there are some clever people who come up with these ideas. Lovely!

  3. That is a very fun tree, Shane. I hope you are having a wonderful time in the run up to Christmas.

  4. Oh Dear Shane
    I can't even begin to imagine the horrific grief suffered by so many especially those dear little angel souls in Newtown, Connecticut. I can hardly get my head around it! So incredibly sad!

    On a another less somber note I have to say I love that Christmas tree and love how inventive people can be with a tree.
    Our Christmas tree two years ago I created from a stack of different wooden boxes - new and vintage!

    Hoping to write in a day or two.

    Sending many hugs to you,

    Suzy ♥

  5. It's very different Shane ... Maybe not as easy to decorate but it would last forever and could be handed down from family to family.

  6. What a cute idea for a Christmas tree. I love it! Merry Christmas and have a happy week ahead.

  7. I think that we all feel a little differently about Christmas this's certainly more of an effort to feel jolly.
    Jane x

  8. Love that tree.....and your thoughts .....lovely days to go...

  9. What a unique idea for a tree. Some cute things on it and definitely not overdone.

  10. What a clever and creative Christmas tree!! How nice it is!!

  11. That 'tree' is delightful! What an imagination!

    Peace and love to you and yours this holiday season. I am hoping that 2013 brings everyone the same.


  12. What a beautiful Christmas tree. I love it and its decorations.
    Merry Chrismas

  13. Dear Shane, what a very lovely idea with your wooden tree, decorated with happy words , hearts and the tiny shoes,- so sweet.It is wonderful, my friend.
    My heart is also broken for the families,- now never going to be the same persons again-love and prayers from me,too.
    Hugs to you dear Shane-Dorthe

  14. your nice things and photos! xxx riitta ♥

  15. what a unique idea for a tree-my hubby would love this one :):)Those slippers are darling-I hope you find a pattern. Un Joyeux Noel a toi aussie.

  16. Cute idea and also love the slippers. They would be too hard to make a pattern for. Trace a small shoe shape or foot shape for the bottom, then make a curve half moon for the front and a straight piece for the back. You may need to play around with the curve of the moon a bit. Play with paper until you get the shape you want, then cut out of felt or fabric and sew. Now if I were nearby, I would love playing here. Love NZ

  17. Thank you for this lovely and inspiring post and for your heartfelt wishes to the families suffering terrible loss and grief!

    May you and yours have a really Happy Christmas dear Shane along with the Brightest of Blessings in 2013


  18. AND
    what a wonderful and very original 'tree' to share with us

    thank you as always dear Shane!!!

  19. sending you any happy joyous wishes



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