Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Bay was Calling...

Early Saturday morning
we packed up the car for a journey north.
It felt so good to leave the city behind.
In fact I think I'm almost ready for a
change in lifestyle...
I've decided I no longer want to sit in
long queues on the motorways
just to get from A to B.

The views of the green countryside
were relaxing
(I still had a niggling voice in my head telling me
"you should be baking the Christmas cake"
and another asking me 
"what about the Christmas shopping").
I ignored them both!!!

 In just over 3 hours we arrived in
the little seaside village of Russell in the
Bay of Islands.

After settling into the house
I decided to take a stroll along the waterfront.
At Pompallier House
I found the French Society
were hosting their 
Fête de Noël!

There was a wonderful atmosphere
including men in berets
and french conversation in the air
"parlez-vous français?"

It was a sparkling summers day.
I'm sending sunbeams to all
my dear friends in colder climes,
hope you catch them!!

We're home again now and
it's back to reality...
now where's my Christmas "to do" list?!

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!





  1. Russell is gorgeous and it looks like you visited at just the right time!! Sounds and looks like a lovely weekend!!

  2. Lovely post, I can see you were in your element :-)
    Thank you for the sunbeam, badly needed!

  3. Lovely post, Shane, I can see that you were in your element :-)
    Thank you for the sunbeam, it is badly needed!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, dear Shane.TFS.
    Hope you found your Christmas list:)
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas.
    Hugs and love,

  5. The green grass of your travels make me long for summer and a step out of the Michigan deep freeze! It looks like a wonderful time!

  6. Beautiful photos. So nice you were able to get away for a while to the country. Do not work to hard getting your Christmas shopping and baking done. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Dearest Shane,
    That was a perfect little escape and it even did bring you in a sense a bit closer to 'France'... I bet that lifted up your spirits too.
    Stay well during this special season and I do hope your parcel arrived timely in France...

  8. Amazing isn't it how a day in the country can refresh us? It looks so nice there! Enjoy your Christmas preparations!

  9. Thank you dear, for the sunbeams , they were actually here today Shane , but the weather is real cold and a strong wind has been blowing all day!
    Your tour to the green fields looks so beautiful, and how lovely with the french market ....did you find any christmas gifts there :-)
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  10. What a lovely day out! Fresh air and wide open spaces, you can't beat it...

  11. I tried to leave a comment this morning but my iPad shut down so I'm back home now and want to say the trip to the country looked like a breath of fresh air.
    Have fun with your Christmas preparations.

  12. Dear Shane, what a lovely place to visit - I've heard friends from OZ who go to the Bay of Islands - one couple even has a vacation home there - speak passionately about how lovely it is. You were lucky to find a little French Fete de Noel there - know that brought back fond memories for you dear. Just think, some year soon the little girls will be able to celebrate with you at Christmas!!

    Sadly we can't do the hoped for NZ cruise next year. Don't give up on us yet though, there's always 2015 and it won't be long coming as the years are speeding by very quickly!

    Love and hugs - thanks for always stopping by and making my day special.
    Mary X

  13. I would love to catch one of your sunbeams! We are having blizzard after blizzard and it's cold and dark - lovely to look at your pretty, sunny days!

  14. What a lovely weekend you mustve had Shane :-) Sometimes we all need to just drive away to recharge our batteries a little. Thanks for sharing all the pics of the countryside up that way & also the french market. I can just about feel the atmosphere right there with you x0x0x

  15. The countryside looks beautiful dear shane :) Glad you enjoyed getting away from the hustle bustle into the quiet and calm countryside.

  16. What a lovely, lovely place you live in. All that sunshine and green looks so inviting, especially now as we approach the darkest days of the year.
    And a Fete de Noel (excuse the lack of markings) to top it off. Quelle chance!

  17. Lovely to have a get away to the north. Were you near Warkworth? I have friends that live there. I also have friends visiting your North Island right now from my home here. Hope you are enjoying summer.



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