Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tea parties and family days in France

Jessie loves collecting raspberries

I just thought I would show you that there was more
to my France trip
than visiting medieval villages!

Most of the time was spent at home
just doing normal day to day things
like picking bowls of raspberries
from the bushes in the garden.

As you can see in the top photo
Jessie was a great help too!

My daughter loves baking - a talent she inherited from her

 This yummy cake is called 'Charlotte aux Framboise'
and was simple to make.
(if you would like the recipe let me know)!

I had lots of little tea parties with the three girls
and baby Jessie thought they were very special!

This Staffordshire bone china miniature tea set
belonged to my mother and it will be handed down to
one of my granddaughters.

Dear Roxy is the fourth girl in the family - she is now 13 years.
She was originally a parisian girl
and my daughter carried her about Paris
in a large handbag with her nose poking out the top...
...as you do in Paris!

These languid summer days are now
but a distant memory
but a very precious one for me.

Thank you everyone for visiting me
and taking the time to leave me a comment.
That's what makes blogging worthwhile.
I read a post recently where a blogger
said she had over 300 hits on her post
yet only 18 comments -
she wanted to know what they thought...
I often wonder too -
though I'm not driven by stats at all,
for me my blog is a record of the
enjoyable things in my life.

What about you - I would love your feedback!

Today I'm joining these tea parties

Sandy for Tea Time Tuesday
Terri for Tea Cup Tuesday 
Martha's Tea-Cup-Tuesday
Bernideen's Tea in the Garden
Kathy A Return to Loveliness

Thank you so much ladies for hosting 
these gracious parties! 

À bientôt 
be kind to one another



  1. Oh happy memorable days with the family in France - what could be more enjoyable than picking berries in your own backyard and baking beautiful cakes with them and watching the grand children as they grow before your very eyes!
    I can't believe how Jessie has grown!
    She looks a sweetheart!
    What a delightful Staffordshire miniature tea set and what a joy to hand it down to one of the grandchildren.

    Thank you Shane for enjoying my Spring garden so much!

    Sending much love to you from over here!
    Suzy ♥

  2. Hi Shane
    I'm glad you had a good visit with your family and enjoyed the sunny days. The raspberry dessert looks yummy, and that is an exquisite miniature tea set.
    I think I read that same post about comments, although a few bloggers have raised the same question. Sometimes I don't leave a comment either, it's usually on blogs I only visit occasionally and have nothing to contribute in the way of a comment.
    When you can look and see the numbers actually viewing, this is encouraging and I suppose we shouldn't feel everyone is obligated to leave a comment.
    My thoughts anyway, it will be interesting to see what others share.

  3. What lovely memories - and the darling tea set. That will be so special to your grandaughters.

    I'd enjoy a recipe of that lovely dessert - it looks likes like a great dessert for summer.

  4. It is so good to be with little ones!! Roxy is my daughter's name.
    Smiles, Dottie

  5. What a lovely lovely post. Your raspberries look absolutely mouth wateringly delish.

    How wonderful you and your granddaughters take tea together - setting up such precious memories together.

    The demitasse tea set of your mother's is stunning.

    Yes, it may even have been me making that comment - I get really huge hits sometimes and it is so surprising the hit-to-comment ratio....perhaps it could be spyware bots checking out content, who knows.

    But if we write for our own satisfaction it's all good, and I know you feel the same.



  6. Hello Shane,
    What a lovely post. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to France and I can just picture your daughter carrying that puppy in her handbag with her little nose sticking out; so adorable!
    The raspberry dessert looks delicious and how cute is that tea set!

    My thoughts on the blogging thing are~ When I first began this wonderful hobby, I was so excited to get even one comment. But a bigger deal to me was when I first began my tea party, {I was the only one other than one other lady on the east coast, who I didn't even know about at first,} I was so honoured when the ladies started to join me! Now, three years later, I am thrilled with the way it has expanded and I have made so many lovely friends all over the world. It is remarkable to me and I'm so glad I did it!

    Thank you for sharing with us at Tea Time and enjoy the rest of your week.


  7. First of all:
    What a beautiful tea set to pass on in your family! Also, I love recipes and often print them out so I would always love to see the recipe for such a delicious dessert. I think you can go to your blog stats and see that many people probably come to your blog but not leave comments. Your blog is lovely!

  8. My girls are picking mulberries today and we are debating what to use them for - cake or crumble! I have been so busy with my new little business that I have little time for blogs these days, I have neglected my own I'm afraid and have to be much more selective in the blogs I choose to read and comment on simply because of the time factor. I have given my internet time mainly to upkeeping my facebook page and last few months have been a whirl of bridal expos, markets and delivering china for tea parties! I have a wedding and christening booked for next month. But I continue to follow your adventures Shane because it is a link to home (children are excited as grandad is coming over from NZ next week!)and I love reading of your holidays with family in France and seeing all the lovely things you create and share! Okay, mulberry picking has been interrupted by a snake sighting, a venomous one at that - seen so many this spring I'm almost ready to move back to NZ!

  9. How beautiful, Shane. Your trips to France seem so relaxing and full of memories that carry you home to dream of another trip to plan.

    Those pastries are amazing! Yes, I would love the recipe! I will email you. Merci.

    My thoughts on the hits vs comments are that some just like to look I guess. The same thing happens to me all the time.

    Sending hugs, Rhonda

  10. What a wonderful time you had in France. Your family tea set is glorious! What a dear heirloom to pass down through generations.

    I often wonder about the same things you do. I love blogging and I really love all of you here in bloglandia. I have truly felt joy in connecting here. So it is important. I am just trying to find a balance for time on and time off the computer.


  11. I adore France. I went for the first time last summer and have been trying to find my way back eversince! France captured my heart, that's for sure! I hope to go back next year for our 10th wedding anniversary! The raspberry cake looks delicious!

  12. I would love the recipe, please and thank you! Yummmm!
    The teaset is gorgeous.
    How fun to pick berries with the little ones.

  13. After working hard all day in a hot kitchen canning produce, how I would love a piece of that lovely raspberry cake while I put my feet up!

  14. What a visually beautiful post and a record of idyllic days. The cake and the tarts look delicious.

  15. Hello dear Shane, what delightful pictures of loveliness.
    I adore raspberries. I have just been tidying mine up..pruning a little more, removing the dead wood & giving them a bag full of sheep manure. I always feel so smug come early November & I begin to harvest handfuls a day...they are never cheap anywhere...ever! Yet every berry is so delicious!
    I feel certain that picking raspberries & playing tea parties with pretty china will shape a girl's soul forever, lay down memories that will never leave her & bond her to her heritage like little else.
    How wonderful!
    It is certainly a gift that we give to one another when we take the time to comment & chat with our blogging community/friends.
    It does take time & dedication but it changes lives...for good. i suffer so many dark & difficult times but when some kind friend/reader takes the time to connect it helps so unbelievably much & I am always so grateful.
    Much love to you.. Catherine x0x0x0

  16. What beautiful photos Shane, and the raspberry desserts look mouth-watering. So lovely to spend time having tea with your grand-children, and the little tea set is beyond gorgeous. It will be loved by another generation.

  17. French patisserie is delicious and I can just taste those home grown raspberries.
    The little tea set is very special and something beautiful to pass down the family.
    Connecting with people around the world is very enjoyable and I appreciate comments but also philosophical about the number. As in the real world it's the depth of friendship with regular exchanges that's special.

  18. My very favorite soft fruit, the beautiful raspberry. We grew them in the garden when I was a child - here though they don't do well with the weather so I buy a punnet from the store each week and toss them on my morning cereal or yogurt, sometimes in scones or a cake, always delicious though they often have come from far away!

    Lovely pics of the children and life in France this Summer during your visit Shane. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Commenting takes a lot of time - if we each had nothing more to do each day (and hands didn't hurt!) we could comment away non-stop for hours at a time. Would friends like us more, perhaps, would we feel less guilty, definitely!! But real life is not all about blogging, it must be just an interest which still allows us to do much more with our time, otherwise it would become an addiction! I like it to be my creative outlet and a way to meet fabulous friends around the world.

    That said, I must make time to get to the post office, sorry dear this week just had so much more going on than I could handle - promise to do that before Friday!!

    Hugs - enjoy the moment.
    Mary X

  19. Es ist mir eine große Freude wieder auf deinem Blog zu lesen und auch zu antworten.
    Wunderschöne Geschichten erzählst du und zeigst die herrlichen Bilder.
    Ich bin immer ganz verzaubert davon.

    Alles Liebe und einen schönen Tag.
    Sophie xx

  20. Oh, Shane! Jessie is the most adorable little one! I can see you loved every minute with her -- and with good reason. She just makes me smile.

    I love seeing your life in France. The tarts look fabulous and yes, I would love the recipe. It's raspberry season here. In fact, the other day I bought more than I could possibly know what to do with because they were so lovely! You have my contact info, I think -- let me know!

  21. A post filled with pure sweetness all around! How I love those gorgeous desserts in France and sometimes I'll bake a little something special for my Mom to bring back fond memories. Your granddaughter is adorable and I'm sure will one day cherish your lovely tea set. Sweet shot of Roxie-I can just picture the nose peeking from the bag :)
    I'm with you on not being concerned with stats of blogging but so appreciate the comments and I love visiting and commenting too. Sometimes just an extra minute and a kind word of encouragement is all it takes to make someone's day.

  22. Hi Shane,

    its so nice to find your comment on my blog. That is the good thing on comments. You see who has been there and gave you a friendly word. On the other side, a lot of persons without blog visit the blogs and they often don't know how to comment. And many blogs don't allow a comment without blogger-profile. So for me the comments are very important but the statistic is also interesting.

    Your blogpost is so lovely. Must have been a wonderful time in the garden of your family in France. Your little daughter is a sweety. And the Raspberry Charlotte looks so tempting. Thank you for sharing this all and for the visit on my blog. I will try to subscribe for your postings to make sure, I will not forget to come back.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  23. Those ordinary days filled with love and the sweetness of grandchildren are the best ones. We have raspberries growing here and our little grand girlies love picking them. They seem to know just which ones are ripe.
    I'd love the recipe for the Charlotte aux framboises. Your photo looks delicious.
    Commenting takes time, but I try to comment as much as possible. Some days, though, my mood doesn't fit, or I don't know what to say, or I don't have time. There are lots of reasons.
    My blog stats tell me that many more people look at my posts than comment, too.

  24. What beautiful photos, Shane. And how lovely that you had those raspberries right at your doorstep! That tart looks so delicious.

  25. Hello Shane ... a beautiful & yet thought provoking post. I love the flower & raspberry pictures & also your little grandaughter - just beautiful. Gosh your daughter is an amazing cook :-)
    And as for little Roxy, yes you can see the age there - just wonderful though - reminds me so much of my old dog, they become such great friends especially in their old age.
    And yes I feel the same about my blog stats sometimes ... the comments really do make your day & make you realise you are not just talking to yourself!! Hugs, Julie x0x

  26. Hello Shane, those raspberry tarts look really delish and mouthwatering. Such lovely bright colouring to view on such a cold wet day today.Roxy looks delightful, the thought of her nose sticking out the top of a bag while out for "walkies" really made me giggle. I do love reading about your travels.Are you tag making or journal making. I belong to a ATC swap and have to make 10 Christmas ATC'S. Looking forward to it. hugs Shirley

  27. Happy days to be with your Family in France Shane. Where do you live? Only I ask that because I live 1/2 the year in Canada, (where my children live), and half of the year in England. It's much easier to pop into France form England...lol. Have a lovely rest of the week. :)

  28. What a darling little berry picker in the family! She knows what is good. Yes, I would love to know the recipe for your daughter's cake. It looks so delicious.

    Stats with the hits and comments can give a gal a headache. I try not to pay too much attention, which has not been difficult since my Site Meter has been broken for months. I used to do a percentage and was thrilled with around 10%. That's about what your friend has.

  29. Oh you got my sweet teeth ache for a bite! Beautiful memory you had with your family!

  30. No, I don't want that recipe because I know full well I'd be making it a lot (and eating it!!). I would love a bite tho'.

  31. Oh, I just love this - to visit Paris and France, but also to live the beautiful life for a time - we have a Roxy, she's about the same age and my daughter made a bag to carry her in - she'll LOVE this post! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,



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