Thursday, 22 August 2013

Note Card Party Time...

Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkable mountains.

Hello dear friends
well here I am doing my first
blog post on my new laptop!

All these photos are from a post
way back in 2010.

Lake Tekapo and the Southern Alps

Today I'm joining
for her August

An old farm track in the high country of New Zealand

Vee left me a comment on
my last post.
She said I could use that post
for this months NC party!

That was so kind of you Vee
but I wanted to have a play
with my new toy!

An original log cabin in Arrowtown

I've now got Windows 8
which I've got to learn.

I tried to do my usual Pixlr
borders on the photos
but for some reason it saved
the photos in a strange format
that I couldn't use...

Please pop over to Vee's
and see a lovely selection
of note cards.

Thank you all for keeping in touch
now I can enjoy visiting your blogs again!
A big welcome to my new followers

À bientôt
be kind to one another



  1. So glad you are back! ❤ Great photos, always a new learning curve! Keeps us young at heart.

  2. Gorgeous photos Shane!
    I'm so glad you purchased a laptop over a tablet.
    The laptop has so many many more possibilities and features (having both myself) but you know I tend to be really happy using my desktop in my studio with the lovely large screen that neither of the other two have.
    I'm so happy that you at least have it set up and now you can "play" more and more!
    Enjoy the rest of your week and I know what you'll be doing!!! (hehehe!)
    Love and hugs,

  3. Lovely photos, especially that stunner of Queenstown.
    I remember that cottage in Arrowtown - what a fascinating place that is!

  4. Learning all those new things is going to provide lots of mental gymnastics, which is good for us, right? Beautiful photos of a beautiful country. I tried to fake my husband out by showing these photos to him and succeeded...he was especially perplexed by the cabin. Thanks for joining in! It makes me grin to think that your new computer was christened with a Note Card Party!

  5. From what I've seen of Windows 8, it is amazing and before long you'll be comfortable with it.
    I like all of your note cards but the last one is my favourite. Something about old buildings gets your mind to thinking about the previous occupants.

  6. Oh I know your frustration with computers. I deal with them at work and then every now and then at home. Happy you're back! Xoxo Rhonda

  7. I hate getting used to new computers, but I'm sure once you do, you'll love it!

    I really do enjoy your notecard challenge -- maybe when I retire next month, I'll start to play along. These are all beautiful!

  8. ♥ Hello,my dear friend! I so happy you are back!♥ Beautiful photos! ♥ xxx Riitta

  9. These are lovely, lovely shots, Shane. The Remarkable Mountains are well-named. Just stunning. All very note-card worthy.

  10. Dearest Shane,
    Congrats of being able to post from your new laptop. Oh, anything new takes some learning time! But once we manage, we're pleased with it.
    What a lovely note cards and I love the high country in New Zealand; at least at that season with the golden colors!

  11. Those are such beautiful scenes! I especially like the fall colors that "pop" in the bottom two photos!

  12. Glad to hear you have your new toy and are having fun learning to use it. I am pondering the wisdom of getting a laptop when my desktop gives up....which I hope isnt' for a VERY long time!!

  13. Hi Shane! These are wonderful photos. Looks like you ARE having fun with your new toy! =)

  14. Those are some pretty incredible landscapes, Shane! Have fun with your new laptop.


  15. Congratulations my dear Shane.... I`m so happy for you ,you can now start learning this new wonderful friend to know,- and all the tecniques and wonders :-))
    Your photoes looks great, and you surely already found some wonderful ideas to play with!!!
    Warm hugs and happy weekend to you, friend!!
    Love, Dorthe

  16. Ich freue mich so sehr, wie schön, das du wieder hier bist.
    Und herzlichen Glückwunsch zum neuen PC.
    Man ist nur ein halber Mensch ohne diese herrliche Technik :-)

    Umarmung von Sophie xx

  17. Wonderful photos. They reminded me of a visit to Queenstown many years ago and a boat ride across the lake to a sheep farm. What wonderful memories.

  18. Dear Shane,

    So glad you are back and running with your new computer. I love the gorgeous notecards of Queenstown and Isn't it so beautiful down there.
    Also loved the sweet lambs in Cornwall park in your previous post. Hope you are enjoying spring and the weekend. We have just started watching the game and suppose you might be to.
    Thanks for your visit and kind note you left.




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