Monday 27 February 2017

Mosaic Monday - Ahoy There!


It's time for me to do some computer housekeeping!
I have far too many photos on my computer
and I'm having difficulty finding the ones I want to add to my posts!

So I'm systematically going through them,
moving the 'keepers' to my external hard drive
and deleting the ones I no longer require.

While doing a stint of sorting I found these photos
so I thought I would share them with you.
Life on the water in summer of 2017.

I have another reason for far too many photos.
My iPhone 7 Plus often takes photos in bursts
and I end up with 10 or more of the exact same shot.

If any of you have the same phone
and can tell me what I'm doing wrong
please tell me!!!

My husband perving looking at boats - a favourite obsession pastime of his!!
In summer we're on the water
and in winter we seem to spend a lot of time walking around mariners!

On a trip ashore we took photos of these beautiful donkeys
on Ponui Island.
My husband said donkeys have been on the island
for as long as he can remember!
that's 70 plus years!

I'm joining Maggie for Mosaic Monday
maybe you would like to join us
if so follow the link and you will find a great group of bloggers
sharing their photos.
Maggie will answer any questions you might have
or I'm happy too as well!

Thank you Maggie for hosting!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you all for popping in to say hello - I love reading your comments.
With my work committments I visit as time allows - usually at weekends!


  1. Wonderful mosaics, dearest Shane! All the photos have a lovely, soothing atmosphere and form a beautiful series.
    You are so much ahead of use there down under; we are only looking forward to the summer 2017. :)
    It was lovely to hear from you, Shane. See you soon, I hope! xx

  2. Oh you are a good girl, going through the photos that way. I know I should do the same, the computer will break down under the weight of them one day. What sweet pictures of the donkeys - who doesn't love them? and as always the water views are wonderful dear Shane. xo

  3. Lovely mosaics, the pastel shades of the boat photographs reeled me straight into the scene. I'm still working my way through my phot archives and uncovering some forgotten delights also which will soon start appearing in blog posts no doubt.
    I got a new iPhone for Christmas and had/sometimes still have a problem with "bursts". I think it's because being used to taking photos with a camera for so many years I have been holding the "button" down longer than necessary. The Senior Partner tells me I just have to lightly touch it to take the photo.
    Hope that helps.
    Happy MM.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Shane, of your wonderful summer on the water. It must feel so freeing to be able to live like that - open sea and skies!

    Does your phone have a camera feature titled 'Best Shot' or something similar sounding? This means that it will take multiple photos for your liking. Have a look at your menu; change the setting to 'Single Shot' or another feature, and you should be fine.

    Happy Mosaic Monday!
    Poppy :)

  5. I have to do some computer cleaning also
    Happy Mosaic Monday

    much love...

  6. Very lovely photos. Enjoyed this post. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  7. Oh I live with a boat-obsessed guy too...I feel your pain ;))). Actually "we"succumbed and bought one a few years ago .. and yet he still looks. I do love the water and your pictures are beautiful ....

  8. How lovely to see your on-the-water photos. Yes, I think our husbands would have a lot in common. We spend a lot of time wandering marinas, too. I take my camera along and while he looks at boats, I look at the scenery. That way we're both happy. Your boating season is probably nearing its end and ours is set to begin. That pale pink sky in your photos is ever so pretty.
    Have a great week, Shane.

  9. oh what gorgeous photos and scenery Shane! Love your hubby's "enthusiasm" for the boats:):) Don't have a proper cell phone so can't help you but I hope you can get your issues solved.
    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog too:)

  10. If I had to choose -- oh, that sailboat! Wow!

    I have to do the same with the computer every now and then. Get rid of all the sillies I took just for blog, all the duplicates... then move over to an external drive. Not easy!

  11. You'll have all of us wishing to be on the water. I could sense the sun and smell the salt! Husbands and boats/cars/machines.....we just have to hope for great scenery wherever their obsessions take us!

  12. Beautiful, Shane. You take some great photos to make into interesting mosaics of a blessed lifestyle. Love the boats, the colour of the sea and sky. I too must transfer some old files of photos onto my external hard drive and need a few hours to do that! (I've had connection problems and now I'm glad to be back on the internet). It's fun looking at old photos and remembering happy times. Wishing you a good new month.

  13. Wonderful series of images. I agree with you it is not easy to manage the photos.

  14. I so enjoyed looking at your summery photos. The horses are pretty as for the your husband on the boat too! It's so refreshing to think that it's summertime by you! We have crazy weather here in our part of the US. One day it's warm and then the next day it feels like winter weather. Have a wonderful end of the week.
    Hugs, Julie

  15. I love the amazing colours that show in your photos - and seeing those beautiful donkeys makes me want to come and pet them.

  16. What lovely scenes and I am so pleased that you are going through the madness of saved images. I must do the same thing. I make the mosaics and end up keeping all of them as well as the originals and they can double, triple up the clutter way too quickly. Have a great weekend~

  17. Beautiful photos, Shane.
    O, dear. I can relate to all those photos. I am in denial!



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