Monday 20 February 2017

My Summer Garden - Mosaic Monday

Welcome to my summer garden
with a little glimpse of what's been flowering
over the last few months.
I wish I could transport the fragrance that wafts in the air
as I water the garden in the early evening 
it's my favourite time of day
when I feel all is well in my little world!

I'm always planning my next garden!
When we downsize in the not too distant future
I plan to design my garden with fragrance and texture in mind.
My dear mother lost her sight in her latter years
but she still appreciated the beauty of a garden
by touch and smell.

'It is a golden maxim to cultivate the garden for the nose,
and the eyes will take care of themselves'.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~

I'm joining Maggie for Mosaic Monday
do follow the link and visit some of the other bloggers.
Thank you Maggie for hosting!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you all for popping in to say hello - I love reading your comments.
With my work committments I visit as time allows - usually at weekends!


  1. Love the pansies, beautiful garden🌹

  2. Such wonderful blooms Shane! I can't wait for spring to arrive here. Have a great week.

  3. Dear Shane, your summer garden has made me all wistful, dreaming of warmer days to come and the sweet scent of roses. I hope to plant some new ones this year but will have to enrich the soil and clear out old stock before I can do that.
    Lovely to have your company again this week for MM.

  4. the lavenders and roses remind me of my summer garden in Western Australia, so I am trying to decide what part of the southern hemisphere you might live! Enjoy your garden, and have a fabulous week. I'm visiting from mosaic Monday.

  5. Shane, your garden is gorgeous. So nice to be reminded that flowers are blooming somewhere!!!! Happy Monday!

  6. What gorgeous flowers. I saw purple petunias at the store this week and can't wait to buy some for a big pot in my courtyard! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  7. I love your pale pink collage. You are so right - the fragrance is essential in a garden. Just think of a warm summer's day with herb aromas, scent of roses and sweet peas - not the real heaven could be better! Happy week.

  8. We are a long way from roses, Shane, but I can close my eyes and imagine the scent! Last year I bought the first two roses for this garden, and I hope to add more this year. I saw such beautiful gardens in NZ - in Picton and around The Bay of Islands. Lots of inspiration!

  9. Fabulous, Shane! So pretty. It will be a bit before I see any flowers in a garden so these will very beautifully do! Happy week!

  10. Shane your flower garden is just beautiful.
    Great photos of some very pretty flowers. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  11. WoW can't wait til summer Ria x ❤️

  12. My sweet friend, what a joy and delight to see your beautiful garden! Oh, the blossoms are simply lovely and they must smell divine.

    Wishing you a joyous week. Love and hugs!

  13. Beautiful garden of flowers.

  14. Your attitude towards to future is full of hope and positive thinking; a worthy inspiration to us all!

  15. a perfect quote for this lovely "tribute" to your mother. Gorgeous blooms!

  16. Your flowers are beautiful and your words are too. I love how you describe your mother in her garden in her later years. And your favorite time of the day, Wonderful!

  17. Your summer flowers fill me with hope and anticipation as we end winter and spring creeps in the door, to be followed by summer. Gorgeous colours and textures, Shane. So glad to see your recent postings. Take care, Lorrie.

  18. Lovely mosaics Shane. I admire your gardening skills.

  19. Dear Shane,

    Your summer garden is beautiful and especially love your roses and lavender. Anything that has a sweet fragrance is amazing.
    Lovely to read about your dear Mother in her later years. My Mother loved her garden also and had the most beautiful garden and spent most of her time out there.
    Hope you are having a great week


  20. Oh Shane, Your garden touches my heart today. I am so ready for some color in the garden and yours is just lovely. How special to think of fragrance and touch for your next garden. I think even if I only had a small patio, I would have gardens in flower pots. We must be surrounded by the beauty of flowers.

  21. So many beautiful flowers.. i yet to start gardening as it is raining heavily..

    Please visit:

  22. Your flowers are so beautiful and colourful Shane. A feast for the eyes. I like your idea of planting a garden that reaches the senses of smell and touch. Have a lovely week. xx Pam

  23. How beautiful, Shane. You must spend every spare moment outside in the garden.

  24. Oh, your Pink roses are so pretty, Shane. Love that soft Pink color. I don't have my garden any more cause I moved, but I hope to someday have another one. Enjoy yours, my friend.


  25. Oh my . . .
    Thank you for the colorful treats . . .

  26. We don't miss our house but we do miss the garden, especially when I see such pretty flowers in yours.



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