Saturday 25 February 2017

Five on Friday - NZ House & Garden

I subscribe to New Zealand House & Garden Magazine
so I thought I would give you a sneak preview of what's
inside this month's issue.

This country home appealed to me for it's
casual living style.
The family kitchen is filled with treasures
collected by the owners over a lifetime.

One of several bedrooms with french doors
opening on to the verandah to catch the breeze
on balmy summer evenings.

What really caught my eye was the Summer House
a wing off the side of the main house
with a delightful entertaining area
looking out on the paddocks and livestock beyond.

Do you subscribe to a magazine or just buy one occasionally?
 I keep several folders of clippings torn out of old magazines
 for future houses/renovations, paint colours and finishes,
and kitchens/bathrooms.

Wishful thinking if the truths known
but I'm always hopeful  - who knows we could win Lotto tonight
the big prize is $7million!

If I won, I would still want a comfortable understated home
with wooden joinery, french doors, shutters
an open fireplace and a window seat in the living room!
I like light and airy spaces.
A modern country kitchen and bathrooms would be on the list too!
Glitz and glamour are not for me!
I might show you some of the clippings from
my 'Kitchen Ideas' folder next week?

I'm joining Amy for Five on Friday
thank you Amy for hosting!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you all for popping in to say hello - I love reading your comments.
With my work committments I visit as time allows - usually at weekends!


  1. I love that easy-breezy look. I miss Pondside and its verandas and French doors, especially in the summer time. We are working on this little New-old cottage though, and little by little will turn it into home.
    I don't subscribe to any magazine, but buy several every month. The book Shop in the village reserves the British Country Living magazine for me. I also buy Better Homes and Gardens as well as the Canadian Style at Home. When were in NZ I bought every magazine I could find. That is the sort of souvenir I love. It is so much fun to bring home fresh ideas!

  2. Oh yes, I love it all - the kitchen and Summer House area are lovely Shane! Hope you win the Lottery - I never buy tickets so guess I won't win. Like you though, I do clip magazines (my favorite is UK Country Living and I have a subscription - and I subscribe to a couple more but nowhere near as many as I used to!). I'm for casual, eclectic decor too - you've seen much of mine so know where I'm coming from. Some people may think it's weird collecting some of the things I have over the years, but they are what I love to have around me to make my house a home. Do share your clippings - I'm planning some refreshing projects around the cottage this spring so perhaps your ideas will help!

    Love and hugs - hope life is good dear.
    Mary x

  3. I used to have idea folders, too. Don't know where they went; after we built our house 15 years ago I don't expect to need them again.

  4. How lovely, it must be wonderful to have such a light and airy house.

  5. Fun to see inside your magazine. Your wishes sound a lot like mine. I too have a folder! I get a couple of magazine subscriptions gifted to me….and I enjoy passing them on to different people each time when I finish with them.

  6. Wow. I love that house! Especially the views from the garden doors and that gorgeous summer house. I guess one drawback on having those doors open is the smell and flies from the livestock. Haha. Living in the country we deal with flies a lot but I'm grateful we no longer have cattle grazing in the back field as when we first bought our house. I like a casual and relaxed farmhouse style but living in a 40+ year old raised bungalow makes it a bit difficult. Today's farmhouse decor works in any style home though, thankfully. I used to subscribe to home decorating magazines but now I look at blogs and Pinterest etc on line for inspiration. I hope you share your kitchen ideas with us. Have a wonderful weekend Shane. xx Pam

  7. Lovely, airy house. If I won the lottery or if I could just convince my husband, we'd sell the huge place were in and buy a one-story house near water.

  8. Hi Shane,

    A girl can never have too many magazines -- especially home and garden magazines. Fun post. Good luck with the lottery!

  9. I do no subscribe to any magazines now but I did at one time and I to cut out photos of what I liked my house to be. Your photos are great this was a wonderful post. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend Madeline

  10. What a lovely house, so light and airy! I occasionally buy a magazine as a treat:)

  11. Shane, what a delightful magazine. I don't often buy the magazines, they're so expensive, but every now and then I'll buy a cottage magazine for my home. I was cleaning out my profile page and accidentally un-followed you, so here I am again following you. Did you stop blogging for awhile? Haven't seen you for some time.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. We subscribe to Permaculture magazine, Kitchen Garden, Om Yoga and Green Parent :)

  13. Oh yes, a very attractive house indeed. I like both the French Provincial and the light and airy look. While downsizing to a unit might be a sensible thing, I know I really don't want to do that, because with common walls there is never the light and breeze I would like in small units. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen ideas.

  14. I'm pretty fond of my house but do like house books you can get new ideas from them, If I won lotto I would buy another house in their mountains to spend the hot part of summer in and give the kids some money to pay off their homes.

  15. I must get around to renewing my subscription. A great magazine.

  16. Beautiful looking magazine. My house is more a cosy rather than showcase lol. I have to admit to being a little addicted to magazines - guilty pleasures as I prefer the English ones (remind me of home) but they cost a lot of money over here. My favourites are the N-Photo magazine (for Nikon camera owners/users) and any cross stitch magazine.

    Happy Five on Friday

  17. What beautiful pages from the magazine you've shown. I like all the rooms, but the summer house with the fireplace and the covered dining area is simply gorgeous. Easy decor, no glitz and glam here, either.

    I subscribe (it's a gift from my husband) to the British Country Living magazine and I will pick up a couple of the other UK home interior magazines when I see them. I also enjoy the French home decor magazines and once in awhile they appear in our bookstores.

    Enjoy reading your magazine.

  18. The house looks lovely and great the way the indoors and outdoors are linked in such an easy fashion. Home magazines are great for collecting ideas and seein how other people use the space in their homes.

  19. A lovely post -- especially smitten with the Summer House with its covered dining area ... it's gorgeous. What a beautiful magazine.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  20. I am sorry to be late visiting, but I wanted to wait until the link had closed and I could write to everyone who had taken part. Thank you so much for your support of Five On Friday this week and in the weeks gone by. I do so appreciate it and have really enjoyed reading your posts. I hope that you will enjoy going to the new link up just as much and will continue to take part. I hope that I will still see you at my blog sometimes, I will of course still be visiting you sometimes too! Best wishes and many thanks.

  21. I love looking through decorating magazines and drooling over some of the beautiful homes. I only subscribe to one (HGTV Magazine) at the moment but I often pick up others at the local library. Thank you for the peek into yours.



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