Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gathering the Moments - July

Most of my moments during July were filled with
long days at work, however I got out and about
most weekends.

The best part about July was when
friends of mine visited my family in France!

It was wonderful to get some first hand news
on their return and see new photos...
oh how those three girls have grown.
In the centre of the above mosaic you can see
 my youngest grandie 
and on the right the butterfly wings I sent her.

...and I also popped into my fave patchwork shop and bought
a couple of fat quarters.
I'm a fabricholic - is there such a word?!

We went up north one weekend for a lovely wedding.
My husband is still beavering away restoring the boat.
There was some baking and of course a few walks.

I sometimes buy veges at a market garden nearby.
Hardly a month goes by when I don't visit
the garden centre - I'm addicted to them
and they're always good for a photo!
Lobelia and sweet Heartsease in my garden pots.

I'm joining Cheryl for her monthly meme
why don't you join us and show us what you've
done in July!

Take care and
be kind to one another 

  Merci à bientôt

Shane x


  1. Indeed fabricaholic is a word, and I am one too, Shane. Little grandie is a cutie pie, isn't she. You will be looking forward to much to your next visit. The two closest shops to us are actually two excellent garden centres, and I love to visit regularly just like you. And take pictures :) xxx

  2. All those pumpkins in that picture make me look forward to autumn :)

  3. Such beautiful photos. Sorry about your heavy work schedule, but I am happy that you have enjoyed the weekends. Your little granddaughter is so cute! Wishing you a lovely day.

  4. What lovely collages showing your sweet summer!

  5. What great photos. Enjoyed this post vey much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. I love how the highlight of your month is your grandchildren even though you personally didn't see them, you sent an envoy. Sweet photos.

  7. It looks like you had a perfectly lovely month!

  8. I love this post, beautiful photo's especially your grandie and those butterfly wings are gorgeous! Don't work too hard! Enjoy the weekend,

  9. Lovely to see some of your month in photos dear Shane ♥
    where has July gone!

    Don't work too hard dearest...
    sending all good wishes your way

  10. fabulous photo collage. You have a good eye for photo shots. Picking out your favourite things. and so lovely your friend made a visit to your family in France & brought back her memories to share with you. Enjoy the coming weekend, hope you can get some time to relax.

  11. That picture of your cup of tea looks so inviting. I may have to go make one myself now. :)

  12. Flower shops and garden centers are the best place to visit in winter. Oh butterfly wings are the best gift ever! Yes, that is the word for those that hoard fabric. I use to be one when I sewed. I think I am healed, but still have some I can't part with.

  13. Precious collages of all that you love best. How wonderful that friends visited your family in France since you could not...yet! Thank you for all the lovely things you share!

  14. Such lovely always!! I love these little glimpses of your life. I also love (agreeing with Dotsie's observation!) that the grandchildren play such an important part. In response to your comment on my blog...I am so very grateful to have five of my grandchildren nearby. It offers us the opportunity to be an integral part of their lives. We "know" them in a way that we cannot know our other three (soon to be four) grandchildren who live so far away. We just have to trust that the Lord is over all of these circumstances and then do our best to make connections with them in other ways. It is so hard though, isn't it?

    Thank you, Shane, for "gathering" and for linking up again this month! Hugs...

  15. So good to hear from you friend!!!! How have you been!! By the looks of it I would say your days are filled with amazing goodness!!! What beautiful photos friend! Wishing you the same for august! Nicole xo

  16. What a great moments you had in July
    and how lovely you have family in France. Do you visit them sometimes and do you speak French as well
    The photos are gorgeous We soon will start visiting the garden centre as well but it is my husband who works wonders in the garden not me I just enjoy

  17. My eye was immediately drawn to the macaroons. I've never had one but they look so tasty and light that I imagine I'd like them very much! Your pictures are so lovely.

  18. Hi !!Precious collages of all that you love best.

  19. Beautiful images, Shane - you have captured the essence of July! Lovely little grandchild and sweet butterfly wings. This is the time of weddings, isn't it? I am a fabricholic, too and need to do some sorting before long. I love a trip to the farmer's market - one of the best parts of summer is the fresh fruit and veggies. Glad you are finding some time to enjoy this season despite all your hard work. Hugs xo Karen



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