Saturday 5 July 2014

Flowers on Friday

Today I'm looking back to Spring 2013,
with photos I took of my hydrangeas
for this floral post.

This month Trishie gave us a theme of 
"flower in focus"

As I'm working full time at the mo
I haven't had a spare minute to get out
and photograph winter flowers in the garden....
so it was back to the archives!

This is my fave white hydrangea
"Bridal Bouquet".
It is exquisite in bud
and I'm told it is used in wedding bouquets
hence the name.
However, after the initial 'first flush'
the heads become huge and quite ordinary!

I've decided she is worth keeping
at this stage - but we'll see!
As my townhouse garden is small
I really do need to be much more selective in my plant choices.
I am now quite brave at culling
plants and shrubs that don't make the cut for me,
however, I admit it's difficult.

Another hydrangea I love
but sadly I've lost the original tag
so I can't tell you the name.
It's very pretty and a good picker too!

I'm joining
Sharon for July Garden Party 
Trishie for Floral Friday
Mary for Mosaic Monday

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Only another two weeks of this crazy
full time work.... 
then things will return to normality
and I will be visiting you all again!

Take care and
be kind to one another.

Merci à bientôt

Shane x


  1. I had hydrangeas in my wedding bouquet and they actually look very similar to these ones! Glad you've decided to keep them, I think they're gorgeous. Hope you're having a great weekend and thank you for joining Floral Friday this month x

  2. Hi Shane,

    You sound busy busy busy! Your beautiful close ups today of your spring garden emanate freshness and renewal! How adorable are all those tiny buds just waiting to burst and colour your pretty garden!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Full time is too much isn't it I work 4 days a week and that keeps you busy enough. Gorgeous flowers
    The last picture is stunning

  4. Oh, aren't the hydrangeas elegant (especially, for us in the rainy season)♡♡♡ I DO hope you don't have to push yourself for your busy schedule.

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  5. Just beautiful photos Shane - I think I may have that creamy coloured hydrangea in my garden too. I can imagine you are hanging out til your fulltime work stint finishes. Hang in there my friend x0x0x

  6. I love the delicate shades of these two hydrangeas and would love to have a creamy white one in my garden although you need space to show them off well. There's only one in our garden which is pink and needs treating because originally it was blue. I enjoy seeing lavender blue, pink and white in our garden. Hope you have a restful weekend after a busy working week.

  7. Dearest Shane,
    If you are limitied for space in your garden, it becomes rather tricky indeed. We are not limited in space but more in soil and also the competition of the huge trees that take all the food for themselves and grow their roots everywhere. Guess gardening never is easy...
    We do enjoy our potplants on the new patio, maybe that will restrain certain plants a lot more in size!
    Hugs and happy weekend.

  8. Hydrangeas are stunning. I dont have much luck with them unfortunately. Tried twice already in two different spots but they just wouldn't bloom. Yours are just gorgeous. Thank you so much for your kind comment :)

  9. Oh it would be a challenge to cull out the plants not working. From time to time, I might chuck the entire garden! Both hydrangeas are very pretty and have great color and shape of blossom.

  10. Oh My! Hydrangea are my favorite! They are so rare here in Arizona. But I love them. Your pictures are so pretty.Thanks for sharing with Fresh-Cut Friday!

  11. What lovely hydrangeas. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Lovely, lovely hydrangeas.
    I think I have about 5 plants around my yard and just love them so much. There is something about that first flush. I have a blue one that when it has it's first flush has a soft yellow center. Oh so pretty.

  13. Hi Shane loved seeing your beautiful white hydrangea. I've tried so hard here in France to keep hydrangeas to their original colour, in the ground and in pots but they all turn pinky/lilac. I treasured a white one in a pot for 2yrs with special compost but even that went down the same road, ended up pink. So now I've given up I guess they just don't like being in my garden. I pass a derelict house on the way to the supermarket which has the most beautiful blue ones, I think I'll snip a few cuttings and try again. Enjoy your w/e with some well earned precious time to relax.

  14. Dear Shane,

    Your hydrangeas are all so very beautiful and don't they make a lovely show.
    Also dry so well also and can be used again.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend

  15. Hi Shane, Thanks for sharing these sweet blossoms. I can just see a lovely bridal bouquet.

  16. Dear Shane,

    You asked for the names of my white camellias.I have two and they are Nuccio's Gem and Swan Lake.
    They do really well on the shady side of the house. Will send you an email soon.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  17. Je trouve ces fleurs vraiment belles, merci
    Bonne Semaine.

  18. Very nice photos of your hydrangeas Shane, I've got a little collection of them going at our place. The second one appears to be Limelight, because of the chartreuse flowers showing that turn to pink later on.

  19. You sound so busy again, Shane. It's good to know there's an end in sight. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. They are one of my favorite flowers but I have no idea what any of them are called.

  20. Those hydrangea blooms are quite stunning!

  21. Oh so wonderful! All of them are like proud kings and queens! I love hydrageas! Dear Shane, thank you so much for your visit! It's so very wonderful to have you around!
    All my best

  22. I have been away so not ready blogs but it sounds like you are busy with full time work for a time again. Well your hydrangeas are beautiful, I love the white ones as you show.

  23. Wonderful Hydrangea photos, I love Hydrangeas because they are so easy in the garden with their longlasting flowers. Thank you for following me I will be your new follower too.

  24. Beautiful blooms! I love hydrangea. Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you too!

  25. Hello Shane - Thank you for popping by my blog - and for your lovely comments. It's great to 'meet' you!
    I too love white Hydrangea. Often starting with them in the house instead of cut flowers, before planting them out in the garden.
    Am looking froward to catching up with past posts and keeping in touch via our blogs.
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  26. Your hydrangea's are so beautiful, Shane! I do love the white - so elegant. Gorgeous photos xoxo hugs, Karen

  27. Hello Shane, your hydrangeas are beautiful. I love all the pretty colors.. Lovely post and photos.. Enjoy your week!

  28. Wonderful post Shane, sorry to hear you have been so crazy busy..such is life isn't it. Hope you will soon be less busy working at work..
    Have a wonderful weekend..I am off to see my Claire in Vancouver tomorrow for the weekend!

  29. Oh, they're all beautiful!!



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