Friday 3 May 2013

Spring Inspiration

Over the last couple of weeks
I've been inspired by your posts
welcoming the arrival of Spring
in your neck of woods!

Of all the seasons
Spring is the one we long for the most.

"O wind, if Winter comes can Spring be far behind?"
                                                               Percy Bysshe Shelley

In the Northern Hemisphere
you've come through a very harsh Winter.

I've sensed your longing for
the first signs of Spring ...
and now all of a sudden there's a great flurry 
with talk of trips to the garden centre.
I've seen photos of your trolleys
laden with pots, plants and packets of seeds,
fertiliser, mulch, and even a new garden fork!

So the cycle begins again
of planning, preparing and planting
your gardens
for the long awaited Summer display!

The regular readers of my blog
will already know that I live in
New Zealand, where 
Autumn has arrived in all her golden glory...

so I have dug deep into my archives to
bring you these photo memories of my
glorious Spring from a couple of years back!

I'm joining Mary's "Thursday's Inspiration"
the prompt this week is "Spring"
Bernideen's "Open House"
Kathy's "Home and Garden Thursday"

I hope you will pop in for a look!

Kathy is also having a a beautiful
inspired Giveaway here

À bientôt

and be kind to one another




  1. Hi Shane
    I like the basket you assembled and how you showed it off in the collage.
    Hard to imagine you're heading into fall when we're now finally having things emerge and unfurl.

  2. Beautiful flowers! Looking out my window at the snow, you'd never guess it's spring out there.

  3. blinked and I missed spring here.

  4. Beautiful flowers , the mosaic is lovely. And the basket look pretty with the yellow and purple colors together. Lovely spring post.

  5. Such lovely colours, Shane. I particularly like the basket of blooms. Enjoy a wonderful autumn!

  6. Pretty spring blooms. I love Autumn, too. My favorites, I guess - Spring and Autumn.

  7. Beautiful beautiful Spring collage Shane! Do you have one for our Autumn?

  8. Your flower photos are beautiful Shane. Autumn here is quite nice until usually, mid October or our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. But, I am looking so forward to our spring that has just arrived and all it's beauty. Have a great weekend. Pamela

  9. I love the sign - beautiful post and blooms!

  10. Shane, I think you are amazing matching your step to what's going on in the northern hemisphere. I hope that we will get to see your beautiful autumn, too, because autumn is my favorite season. Thanks for your beautiful images of spring!

  11. love your flower photos-how sweet of you to share with us
    enjoy your autumn-I always loved autumn too Kathy

  12. A lovely arrangement in the basket. I appreciate the delicate shades of your Springtime violas and primroses, Shane. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us.

  13. Our hedgerows are now blooming with Bluebells, celandines and wild garlic...definitely Spring.

  14. Good Morning Shane, The display of spring flowers in your basket is lovely. At the moment I have primroses, daffodils, grape hyacinths and violas in my spring garden. The weather has warmed and we seem to have gone from nothing showing in the ground, to all sorts of plants poking their heads through the soil. I am looking forward to everything flowering.
    Best Wishes

  15. Very beautiful flowers!!!

  16. What beautiful flowers, Shane; like you I am watching all the northern Spring blogs, and there is nothing to compare with the floral wonders of Spring blooms. (I'll be 'over there' enjoying it veeerrry soon). xx

  17. Shane, it is Autumn here in Australia too of course and although I love the spring I think Autumn is so gentle and giving.

    I will check out those other sites too.

    Is it very cold where you live? It is cooling down here.

  18. Such a beautiful basket of flowers!
    Here on Vancouver Island spring is in full swing - the Island was made for spring. I must get out and photograph our magnolias before the wind comes up one night and strips them - this is the most delightful time of year.

  19. You know us too well, Shane :-))

  20. Shane,
    Love the violets and the primrose in your Garden basket of blossoms for spring!
    Gorgeous photos, dear one!

  21. The past couple of days have finally gotten warm here and I'm looking forward to pretty flowers. Of course my allergies are objecting to the leaves doing their 'thing' and I'm sneezing up a storm!

  22. I had my first mad rush to the garden centre today, the weather is summer like. Of course it is too early and I will have to move the tender annuals in and out of the garage for weeks. But the thrill of flower shopping was worth it:)

  23. Hello Shane,
    Your post is so beautiful! Your garden is stunning! That was kind of you to treat us to such lovely images while we wait for the spring flowers to arrive. Soon, I may have lilacs! yay!

  24. ❤sending your some spring love beautiful BC..we are just having the loveliest stretch of sunny warm weather, such a delight! loved your blog post..sweet as can be.

  25. And on this side of the globe we have spring now. The birds are singing and all the spring flowers is blooming. Your post to spring is lovely.

  26. Thankyou dear Shane, for bringing us those beautiful memories from your lovely summer.
    In my garden in Denmark, only the spring hyacinths and such are in bloom,- no green leaves on the trees yet! So it is wonderful to see your flowers from summer gone by!
    Wish you a happy weekend!

  27. These are lovely! I bet your autumn is quite beautiful, too. Wishes for a great day!

  28. Lovely pics of your past apring :)

  29. It certainly is uplifting to see the beginning of Spring and I expect your climate is similar to here in England.

  30. Hi dear Shane,
    love your basket of Spring:)
    Hard to believe you are into Autumn.Have a lovely Sunday.

  31. Spring is finally coming. I love your spting post, it makes me smile. Have a nice week.

  32. Hi Shane,

    How lovely your pretty flowers are on this wet and windy day here.
    Today is the first day I have had to put on a sweater and we had the heater on last night.
    Hope you have a lovely week

  33. How sweet of you to accommodate your post to the northern hemisphere. Yes, it's spring here and autumn there. Autumn is beautiful, too. Today felt almost like summer on the west coast. The warm weather won't last, but we'll enjoy it while it's here.

  34. It is lovely and special to visit you in every season dear Shane...
    Thank you for sharing such lovely photos and thoughts with us...
    Everything IS blooming most outrageously here in Virginia ...
    Happy Autumn to you dear one

  35. How sweet of you to share my giveaway! So delighted to share with you- we have been going through an interesting spring season - I am actually loving the cooler, wetter temps. Fascinated to see the difference in seasons with you! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,



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