Sunday, 29 March 2015

Hyacinths on my window sill

I walked into my kitchen this morning
and found the sunshine spilling on to my window sill!
I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of quick photos
as the weather has been dull and rainy the last few days.

My dear friend Jennie popped in for a cup of tea on Friday
and she had her lovely spoodle Annie with her.

We heard a noise and Annie had been sick on the carpet...
Jennie was very upset - I wasn't worried as our carpet has
seen better days and we will be replacing it later this year.
( Two days later the stain is still on the carpet, I remember hearing somewhere to put 
a couple of drops of glycerine on a stain and then polish it off
using a cloth with a little white vinegar on it)
If anyone has a good remedy I would be grateful 
it's a fairly large brown mark with an orange tinge - from her food presumably)

Jen rang me on Saturday to say she was popping in!
When she arrived she gave me this heavenly pink Hyacinth...

She said Annie had asked her to pop into the garden centre
and buy it for me, to make up for her oopsie on Friday!!!

Snowball Update

Dear Snowball has arrived safely in Australia.
As you know I was very anxious about her travelling
so far on her own.
My friends told me about an iPhone app called Flight Radar.
I typed in her flight number and miraculously
her aeroplane appeared on the screen,
she was flying across Bass Strait at the bottom of Australia.
Now I felt she was no longer on her own!

At the same time my son was driving to Melbourne
from the country area where he lives.
I was able to keep him informed as to her progress!

He arrived at the airport moments after Snowball's
plane touched down. Customs took a couple of hours
to process everything and once she was released
she was on the back seat of the car
purring her little heart out!

He has sent me photos via Whatsapp
but I'm having difficulty transferring them to my PC.
All's well that ends well!


I'm joining Karen for Sunlit Sunday
Thank you Karen - I've enjoyed taking part over the
last three months and I'm sorry this is the last for a while!

I'm also joining Judith for Mosaic Monday

Stephanie for Roses of Inspiration

Eileen for Saturday Critters

Thank you ladies for hosting your interesting parties.

Thank you for your sweet comments on my Snowball posts!

Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. You could try this. Wet the area and spread baking soda on . Leave for half an hour then spray 50/50 vinegar and water on.
    Or use a good proprietary Carpet cleaner maybe.

  2. The warm sunlight on your windowsill is lovely. That is a cute pic of Annie. I agree with Elizabeth's suggestion above for cleaning the carpet. So happy that Snowball has reached her destination. I bet she purred like crazy after being picked up.

  3. It's amazing how natural light can make photographs Look so perfect :) love the flowers dear Shane. Hope u are having a great Sunday !

  4. So glad she arrived safely.. Technology is simply amazing today, eh...
    Elizabeth above uses the same method as I...
    God bless, my friend. xo

  5. With 4 dogs living here...we have our share of oopsies! Try using Tide Ultra, peroxide and baking soda diluted with water. A good scrubbing and a wet vac to remove the moisture and all should be fine. No wet vac...try Resolve foam carpet cleaner it removes older stains as well.

  6. What a gorgeous hyacinth Shane; I have never seen that delicate pink shade before. The hyacinths sold around here are always vibrant shades. I'll be looking out of this one. So glad Snowball made it safely across the ditch, and settles down in Oz. xx

  7. Good afternoon from Greece!

    Shane, such romance under the rays of the early morning sun! I can imagine the sweet and refreshing scent of your pretty hyacinths.

    Sorry to hear about adorable Annie's little accident; I do know you're supposed to blot and never rub, but as far as an effective cleaning agent goes, I'm afraid I can't help you there, since I've always relied on those I've purchased, which also don't seem to work every time.

    So glad Snowball arrived home safe and sound. I'm sure she had a blast, socializing with all the other kitties on her flight!

    Happy Sunlit Sunday!


  8. Oh oh, Annie had a little accident, hope you can remove the stain from your carpet, I have no idea, despite my cats have been sick on our carpets several times in the past.
    Your hyacinths look lovely and glad Snowball has suffered no disadvantages of the airflight.

  9. What a beautiful window sill display, and that pink hyacinth is just gorgeous.
    Glad to hear that Snowball has arrived safely, what a journey!

  10. Glad snowball arrived safely. Had not heard about glycerine on the carpet before. We use bicarbonate of soda.

  11. Thank you for those sunny photos, here in Stockholm it´s raining and raining. Good that Snowball is happily in Australia. take care and have a blessed Easter Jaana

  12. Glad Snowball made the flight okay. Your flowers are very pretty. Hope you get the spot removed. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. Oh I'm so glad she has made the trip safely and is with your son now. I'm sure you miss her but at least you know she's being loved. Your pictures of the window full of flowers is wonderful! I have a product produced by a carpet manufacture in a spray bottle that I use for cleaning carpet spots that has worked for me. Perhaps something with "Oxyclean" in it would help. Oxyclean works very well on organic matter. It's safe and won't bleach or alter the color. I've always heard vinegar works but those stains for the food dyes are tough.

  14. Hello Shane, beautiful images of your flowers and the sunshine..Sorry about Annie's accident, I hope the stain can be removed.. And I am so happy that Snowball arrived safely home. Lovely images, have a happy day and week ahead!

  15. I would tend to use a proprietary cleaner such as Vanish - there is one especially for pet stains. I would be wary of using glycerin as I understand it is oily.

  16. Your hyacinths look lovely on the window ledge. last year mine bent over and never looked nice I had forgotten but I must have shoved them in the ground near the terrace and they're flowering beautiful this year, straight up just like soldiers on parade. the carpet issue is easy if you had scraped it up 'toute suite' then used water to dilute it, and soaked that up with kitchen paper. Then mix baking soda with a mix of equal amounts white vinegar & water leave to absorb and dry then normally it's ' voila, disparue' I hope this works. Liked the app you used to follow Snowball. :)

  17. WOW! Your photos are stunning! Just lovely to the eye.
    Snowball... how precious. That is something how you could track the plane.

    Have a blessed day.
    Joy! Debbie

  18. I have a new Pink Hyacinth...don't they smell good.

  19. I'm afraid that I end up getting the carpet cleaners with all their nasty chemicals, but anything to get the stain up. I am so glad Snowball has been brave and is now safely on terra firma! Take care x

  20. The orange carpet mark is probably permanent by now. Orange food dye is just that - dye. You may have to put a mat over it as it never comes out.
    I have a cat who is sick frequently because of a medical condition. I have learned to clean up immediately and I use good old dishwashing detergent and a wet cloth. Later I vacuum and steam clean until I am satisfied otherwise there could be mould when the weather is humid. Learned from experience!! I have also bought a carpet cleaning product from a supermarket for use in home carpet shampooing machines. That is very good too.
    On the positive side - at least it was not diarrhea. That would have been worse to clean.

  21. The process I use for pet stains is found here (simple, inexpensive, and EFFECTIVE!):

  22. Beautiful hyacinths there Shane - I must find my potfull outside in the garden under a shrub somewhere, & bring it inside now. So glad to hear Snowball arrived safely, was thinking of her the other day off on her big journey. Thanks for updating us :-)
    (oh p.s I just find the Cavalier Bremworth carpet spray so good on old or new stains - I swear by it)

  23. I'm so glad your kitty was safe after its long journey. Sorry about your carpet but I would say your hyacinth more than makes up for it! ;)

  24. Your flowers flowers are amazingly lovely. How lovely they look in the sunlight. I'm so happy your little kitty made it safely to her destination.

  25. I'm glad that Snowball arrived safely and soundly. She will be very happy to be at her home again. The teacups from your previous post are very pretty too!! xx

  26. I love all the sunshine streaming on your photos! And I enjoyed seeing photos of the teacup exchange--what a fun idea.

  27. Your world and home is full of great energy and lovely histories.

  28. Nothing makes my heart sing like sunlight through a window -- especially when it happens here in the Pacific Northwest!

  29. I'm thinking you will miss Snowball a lot -- I hope she readjusts to life on the ground quickly.

    And your flowers -- oh, they're so lovely I can practically smell them across the land and seas! And the dear Spoodle adorable!

    Happy Day!

  30. The flowers in the sunlight are so beautiful! Poor pup! Hope you get the stain lifted. Have a great week. Tammy

  31. Beautiful Spring flowers. Happy Spring to you.

    That is such a long trip for Snowball. Sounds like she handled it well.

  32. They are beautiful and definetly something to cheer you after a spot on the carpet. I have no tricks for getting stains out. Our carpet is covered in them from our animals. I dearly wish they would return to putting wood flooring in all homes or laminate wood but not carpet. We have been here almost nine years and still cannot afford to replace the old carpet with laminate wood. So amazing about that flight app! wow.

  33. Fabulous flowers on the windowsill and you captured the light the pink hyacinth.

  34. So glad Snowball arrived safely and with the help of Grandma following on an app. :-)
    I'm thinking a Spoodle is a spaniel/poodle cross Shane? What we call a cock-a-poo here perhaps.
    Too bad about the carpet stain, I've always used a product from the grocery store specific for pet accidents - could be from Resolve. Hope you get it removed to your satisfaction.
    The light pink hyacinth was a nice treat to receive and must smell heavenly.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  35. Love the hyacinths.
    So glad Snowball made her way to Australia safely. Oops! no idea how to clean the carpet.

  36. Purple hyacinths blooming on my dining room table. I know your hyacinths smell heavenly! Enjoy!

  37. I'm glad to hear that Snowball arrived safely in Australia. She's a well-traveled cat!
    What beautiful light in your window. Such pretty flowers lift the spirits.
    Have a happy week, Shane.

  38. Dearest Shane,
    Thanks for mentioning that special Flight Radar App for iPhone!
    Poor Annie, she looks so sweet and yes, our pets can be sick at times and it is hard to get stains out. Depending on the carpet's material of course but you got some great tips that might work their magic.
    Love your hyacinths; can almost smell them. So happy Snowball made it safe to Australia; happily united with your son.

  39. The sun shining on your windowsill full of hyacinths is uplifting. Glad to hear that Snowball arrived in Australia and hope has settled well.
    Have a good week!

  40. Your hyacinths are lovely! Thank you for sharing the beauty of home on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!
    We are happy to have you! Glad to hear Snowball arrived safe and sound too :)

  41. Lovely spring flowers Shane! Wishing you and your family a happy Easter!

    Madelief x

  42. Your Hyacinth is delightful, I adore all of Springs floral beauty.
    Pet stain I have the cure ... Seriously swear by it with my two cats. It is Nature's miracle for pets - there is a cat and a dog formula. Is is a safe Enzyme formula that truly works and can be purchased at Petsmart.
    Believe it or not I spilled an entire glass of French red on my grey dining room area rug. John freaked I didn't ... Because I knew Nature's Miracle would work on wine besides animals carpet boo boo's and throw up too. Completely lifted the stain, truly is a miracle!!!

    Glad sweet Snowball arrived and was purring on the drive home. I so appreciate your share of the app. Flight Radar.
    I also appreciate your very sweet comment you left Shane on your visit to my post.
    Wishing you and your family a joyous Easter.

  43. Hello Shane, I love cute Annie. Stopping back to say thank you for linking up!

    Happy Easter and have a great weekend!

  44. Hello Shane,
    After reading about the carpet stain, I was trying to remember what I had used when a little girl who had been decorating gingerbread cookies with "smarties" had the same kind of accident on my carpet. Her. Mom quickly mixed up a concoction of vinegar, baking soda and water and saturated the area with that before blotting it dry with a facecloth. Hope you have some luck! I enjoyed reading back through your blog. sorry to hear that your son has moved away. My friend's daughter, 3 grandchildren live about the same flying distance as your daughter's location, from Canad's west coast to Melbourne so they are there now. It makes visiting very difficult. Luckily our daughter is just 2 hours driving distance away and our son lives in town. Have a Happy Easter!

  45. Hello sweet friend! Oh, how I love visiting you and looking at your pretty photos :) I am always glad to have you share you loveliness with Roses of Inspiration.

    May you have a blessed Easter, dear Shane! Love and hugs!

  46. I will happily admire your hyacinths from afar - they're beautiful and smell divine, but they don't agree with me. So glad that Snowball made the trip safely.

  47. Dear Shane,

    I love your pretty hyacinths and they make a beautiful show on your windowsill.
    So glad that Snowball arrived safely over to your son - they must have been excited to be reunited.
    Do hope that you are able to get the mark out of the carpet.
    Sending hugs and hope you are enjoying the Easter weekend

  48. Love your beautiful flowers and pets. HAPPY EASTER.

  49. Hello Shane
    I'm very glad that Snowball made it to Australia, safe and sound. All of your flowers are looking lovely. That would be a pretty display to look at as you start your day. I hope you're able to deal with the stain. At least it's a older carpet!



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