Monday, 19 May 2014

Autumn Fruit

Autumn's bounty is generous
and each year I look forward to
savouring the delicious fruit of the Persimmon tree.

Tamarillo's are another fruit
that ripen at this time of year
also known as Tree Tomatoes.
I usually make chutney
which is delicious served with cold meats.

I'm joining Mary for Mosaic Monday


There's a very special giveaway I want to share with you
Vicki of the inspiring blog

makes exquisite birds nests and
this Spring nest is part of her amazing giveaway.
The link is on my side bar
be assured you won't want to miss this one!

Take care and be kind to each other 

Merci à bientôt




  1. Lovely posting as always.
    I enjoy everything you share.
    Love Jeanne

  2. Dearest Shane,
    We do miss our Persimmons as they are such a lovely fruit!
    But ours got all stolen by the raccoons and there was nothing left for us...
    Enjoy yours in season.
    Happy week and hugs,

  3. These are fruits I have never seen here (I have heard of persimmons, though). The colors are fabulous. Isn't it wonderful how each season brings its own treats and delights?

  4. That is a gorgeous nest!

    Persimmons I have eaten, tamarillos I have never even heard of. They look interesting. If I ever find one in the market, I shall have to try one.

  5. Persimmons always remind me of my childhood...a neighbor had a large tree and she would let my cousin and I climb up in there and eat the delicious, ripe fruit...when they WEREN'T ripe, she wouldn't let us climb the tree...the persimmons are soooooooooo bitter when green. :)
    Over from Mosaic Monday

  6. Oh I love the Sharon fruits ,as we call them here, from The Persimmon tree, but they don`t ripe in Denmark, only we gets them from warmer countries far away ! The Tamarillo`s I have never tasted dear Shane, and am not sure if they are to buy here.
    Yes dear Vicki, is having the most generous giveaway , she is a wonderful lady !!
    Hope you are fine Shane !!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  7. The persimmons look delicious. I need to check the stores here to see if they have any. Learned something new I had never heard of the tomato tree. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. oh I love persimmons and tamarillos. In fact I bought some Persimmons the other day. They are very expensive here, but I usually treat myself to a few.
    Last year I tasted tamarillos for the first time - and fell in love with them too!
    Have a wonderful week. I am joining you at Mosaic Monday.

  9. Pretty still life mosaics!! Have not eaten a persimmon in many years - used to eat them often when a child. Don't think I have seen a Tamarillo before. Do they taste like a regular tomatoe?

  10. Hi Shane, I love the fall and you photos are so pretty! My husbands uncle has a persimmon tree on his farm. I don't think I've tried one though. I bet they taste good. Have a wonderful day and week.


  11. These are beautiful photos and mosaics. I've never tried either of these foods. Have a lovely week.

  12. I love the look of your fruit, the colours, all very exotic to me :-)

  13. What lovely bounty of the season. Persimmons are a treat, but I don't think I know the other. Now I will be checking out this give away.

  14. Dear Shane,

    I too am enjoying all the Autumn fruit that is about - tamarillos and passionfruit are my favourite.

    Sweet little birds nest.
    Hope you have a happy week

  15. Your Autumnal collage is so beautiful Shane with those amazing Tamarillos.
    I have actually dyed wool using these giving a sweet blue shade!
    Hope you are having some beautiful sunny days over there as we are here!

    Vicki's Giveaway nest is so very special!


  16. Autumn is a wonderful harvest time and your fruits sound delicious. Come late August, I'll enjoy picking some tomatoes, provided I plant some this week.

    Enjoy your fall, Shane!


  17. I've never tried either of these fruits but your gorgeous photos of them have me wanting to taste :)

  18. It does seem strange to see persimmons ripe at this time of the year. Here in France, my tree is laden in the winter and at Christmas, it looks wonderful - orange balls hanging like glass ornaments!

  19. Ciao. Qui siamo a fine primavera, quasi estate. Maturano le prime fragole e ciliege.
    Un abbvraccio.

  20. Persimmons were my Mother's favorite!
    It's hard to think of you going into Fall while we are going into Spring...crazy!Hahaa

  21. I've never tasted persimmons or tamarillos - can't say I've seen them in any of our stores either. Maybe they're available in the big cities, but not locally. They do look good!

  22. Wait - where do you live? Are you harvesting already or just dreaming and tempting us with those luscious persimmons? We are so fortunate to have friends with a persimmon tree, and they graciously share with us every year. =)

  23. Fruit looks very beautiful and it is tempting to eat it. You have got a wonderful give away!

  24. Beautiful photos with a decidedly French flair! The lighting really showcased those fruits. Ah, I really love those wild & lovely nests. I saw this too late to sign up, however. Gosh, I am running so far behind on visiting folks. It's just downright pitiful.



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