Monday 6 March 2017

Mosaic Monday from Paris

Yes more photos from Paris - from my vast collection on the
numerous trips when I've enjoyed time in this beautiful city!
Today my theme is words - either signs or names on buildings.

This group of photos was taken on the Champs Élysées.
I'm sure it is one of the most recognisable boulevards in the world
with the magnificent Arc de Triomphe at one end

Have you promenaded or strolled along the boulevards?
The french call such a person - Le flaneur
which  means the ‘stroller’, ‘‘saunterer’, ‘loafer’.
It is one of my favourite things to do in Paris
whatever the season - strolling and people watching is always fascinating!

I'm linking to
Mosaic Monday
Thank you Maggie for hosting!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you all for popping in to say hello

I know time is precious in the busy nature of our lives today!


  1. So many times have I strolled that wonderful Avenue! Thanks for memories, Shane.

  2. Yes, I have strolled along there, a short distance, and it is quite heavenly. Thank you for the beautiful memories Shane.

  3. How lovely it was to stroll down the boulevards of Paris with you today, dear Shane and what a great idea for a mosaic. It's been way too long since I did that in real life!
    I might borrow that prompt and do a "Words" mosaic myself soon, it could be fun to do a "Numbers" mosaic too.
    Love the inspiration I get from my Mosaic Monday crowd!

  4. Oh I could never tire of seeing Paris! And yes, when there I sure am a flaneur :)

  5. Dear Shane, sweet friend, thank you for wonderful pictures from Paris!
    HAve a lovely week,
    sending Love and hugs to oyu,
    Claudia xo

  6. Thank you for transporting me from chilly NYC to the splendid boulevards of Paris. Wondering if you ever look at Carol's blog called Paris Breakfasts...she's a brilliant watercolorist who several years ago actually moved to Paris. xo

  7. Wonderful photos...I can't wait to get back to France.

  8. Thanks for sharing this post about Paris with us. Beautiful photos. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  9. Strolling seems like such a wonderfully civilized occupation.... I usually walk fast with a lot of stops to take pictures. I'm glad you took pictures on your stroll because they are great ... would love to see this beautiful City in person, but since I may never be so fortunate, I really appreciate your share.

  10. I'm trying to imagine strolling in Paris. I think I could do even feels good to dream about it! Love your photos my friend. Hugs, Diane

  11. So lovely. I like the images you captured. I'm ready for a nice stroll in some good weather.

  12. I can never see too many photos of Paris -- each and every one a gem.

  13. These is something special about Paris. A city that invites you to walk and walk.

  14. I love it so much, strolling in Paris is so special. I have had tea at that Laduree too.

  15. I would love to be a stroller in Paris -- thank you for letting me do that virtually. I'm sorry you had trouble leaving a comment on my blog -- I use Typepad for my platform and it seems to get persnickety with comments sometimes... I have tried to figure out why but don't get good answers. Some comments go into the Typepad Spam box (not my system-wide spam) and so it must seem as if they comment doesn't appear, but I can retrieve it and put it back in. I have no idea why some comments go into that box as they are all legitimate. Other than that I don't know why your earlier comments didn't go through and I thank you for persisting ("she persisted" is one of my favorite quotes these days) and just for reading my blog at all. I really enjoy yours.

  16. Shane, I can never see too many pictures from Paris. I've never been there, but I hope to visit someday. I can see why strolling is one of your favorite things to do there. These are lovely pictures.




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