Monday 27 March 2017

Singing the Blues in Interiors

Have you guessed I'm enamoured with blue - all blues
from the soft blue with a hint of aqua to the deep inky navy and slate blues!

No points for guessing the program.

YES - the marvellous Downton Abbey!!!
I actually photographed our television screen
during an episode filmed in Isobel Crawley's house
because I needed to record the transluscent Duck Egg blue on the walls.
My husband thought I had completely lost my marbles!!!

One has to be careful using blue on walls in small spaces
 as blue is part of the cool colour spectrum
and it can feel cold during the winter months.

However, warmth can be added with furnishing fabrics
rugs, art works, books, table lamps, candles and other decorative pieces.

I love this kitchen/family room.
The kitchen area is white and modern.
The tones of the wooden table, french style chairs and flooring
tie in with the elegant living area in the other part of the room.

Yellow daffodils bring warmth and life to any room.
I think this room is so inviting - what do you think?

The pretty chest of drawers above is painted in
Annie Sloane chalk paint.
2 parts Aubusson Blue and 1 part Duck Egg Blue.

I'm joining Maggie for Mosaic Monday
Thank you again for hosting M!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you for visiting.


  1. Duck egg blue is the most exquisite shade, and how clever to take the photo from your TV. The chest of drawers is stunning, and one I would gladly have in my house. Likewise that pink sofa - mmmmm.... Lovely post Shane.

  2. We have a lot of blue in our house. It is one of my favourite colours. I recently had a beautiful Laura Ashley aqua paper put in the sitting room, just one wall and it is stunning!

  3. It's true that blue can be cold but we have a blue and white bedroom and I love it. The kitchen/family room image is gorgeous I'd love a space like that.
    Happy Mosaic Monday, dear Shane!

  4. I have something quite similar in our master bath and love it. It's amazing how complex a color is--so many shades and tones, etc. I hope you find your color. Bookcases and flowers do so much for a room! Have a good week!

  5. We've noticed how many times the costumes they are wearing match the rooms they are in...gorgeous! And I love blue, my favorite is a slate blue with a bit of gray to the tone. Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  6. LOVE!!! Downton Abbey! I was so sad to see it end but I have the DVDs to watch it anytime I wish:) What a gorgeous blue the walls are. I can see why you photographed it. We just painted our main bathroom and the color is very similar. Beautiful post!

  7. Great photos. Enjoyed this post very much. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  8. I enjoy blue, too. We have one bedroom painted in an egg blue. You've shown us lots of pretties to enjoy. Hope you have a lovely week.

  9. Blue has always been a favorite color of mine and I used to decorate with it a lot, but now I have a mix of everything and anything. Love that room with the comfy chair, cheery daffodils and cozy fire.

  10. Hello Shane, just popping over for a lovely visit. I was a "late comer" to liking the colour blue .... green was always my favourite. Though my friend would try to get me to like blue, I always resisted. But in the past couple of years I have come to adore the colour. I love to mix it with red in some rooms & then soft pinks in others. Have a lovely week dear Shane xxx (so happy to see you blogging again) xxx

  11. Just about every room in my house is blue or a blue-grey. I love it. It can be cool, but as you've said, warmth is added through soft furnishings and wood tones. The examples you've shown are all lovely. Here's to BLUE!

  12. Dearest Shane,
    Funny as I've never ever had any affinity with blue.
    My favorites are antique whites or a bit with a warm tint of oker.
    Love all of your photos though as it goes well with certain pieces.
    Sending you hugs,

  13. If you were to visit you'd find blue in every room. I remember being told that blue was 'cold' but I have never found it to be so. I feel so very comfortable in a blue room! I love the room you've shown with the blue armchair, the fire and the daffodils.

  14. After years of browns, it was nice to see the resurgence of blues in decors. With a troubled world, it is good to to walk into a room that has color that can bring calm into our lives.

  15. I love duck egg blue and the soft shades of aqua. Have you seen the colour Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams? Is that paint brand available in NZ? It is a lovely warm sea green that is perfect for winter seasons as well, I think. I'm thinking of coercing my hubby to have our bedroom painted in that colour. It is taupe now and too dark so it needs a refreshing change. Have a lovely week Shane. xx Pam

  16. That shade of blue is quite lovely. I especially loved the room with the pop of yellow daffodils.

  17. I love the light, spacious kitchen/family room and that gorgeous blue chest of drawers -i want it!

  18. Hi Shane,

    Beautiful pics of blue hues! I happen to have that exact duck egg blue in my bedroom, and I chose it especially because it is cool, since our summers are hot (but dry, thank goodness) and usually begin mid May to mid October.

    As you noted, warmth can be added with the right accessories. Honey toned wooden floors and furniture, gold knobs on white closet doors, white shutters and window frames and soft upholstery really create a cozy mood in mine. I also find this colour to be very peaceful and soothing, which makes for a dreamy slumber.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend,


  19. Blue is my favourite colour too! I would love to paint our bedroom in a lovely soft blue but then I think better of it when I remember how much work it would be AND how much furniture I'd have to move!!

  20. it is looking very nice with this blue colure

  21. That blue is quite lovely. very good



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