Sunday 24 January 2016

Sunshine through my window

I found beautiful sunshine on my window sill 
when I came downstairs this morning!
This is the cup I use for my first coffee of the day
it's  Terre e Provence which I bought here at
La Cigale - you can see a previous post on
La Cigale Market here

I bought this pretty tile from Monsieur Bricolage 
(the hardware shop in France)
I'm collecting tiles to create a splashback wall area
behind the stove top in the kitchen.
Another project on my "to do" list 
to complete and tick off this year!

Also on the bench is a pot of basil and an aubergine
sitting in front of my recipe book holder.
I've been cleaning out my cookbook cupboard and
I found a recipe to use from this old cook book.

Annabel Laingbein is a New Zealander
she is a cook, food writer and has made 
a series of foodie videos and recipes called
The Free Range Cook
Through the Seasons
which have been shown internationally.

What I like is that she uses fresh seasonal produce
you can grow at home or find at
your local stores.

Have you seen her series on TV where you are?

The photo on the right is what I'm making for supper this evening
"Grilled Aubergine and Zucchini"
which I will eat it with a salad.
It's delissimo!
My husband doesn't like either of these vegetable
so he will have steak and whatever I can throw together!
Let me know if you would like the recipe
and I will email or post it to you.
I realise these vegetables are out of season
in Europe and North America just now
but you might like to try it in Spring/Summer.

I'm looking forward to catching up with 
Karen for Sunlit Sunday
Cindy for for Amaze me Monday
Judith for Mosaic Monday
and Stephanie for Roses of Inspiration

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt



  1. That aubergine and zucchini looks delicious - I would love the recipe. Will send you my email address. Thanks. Sue

  2. Mmm . . . that dish looks delicious! The sunshine on your coffee cup is a cheerful sight, with the fresh herbs. Lovely to have a backsplash made with pretty tiles you have collected. Will look forward to seeing the completed project!
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog Shane. Blessings, Deborah

  3. Hello, dearest Shane! It's always a highlight in my day to stop in for a visit :) Your first photo of your cup with the sunshine is simply lovely! I can almost feel the sun's sweet warmth....

    Have a wonderful week, my friend. Love and hugs!

  4. Your morning sunshine is lovely Shane - meanwhile we've had over 24 hours of falling ice with just a few snowflakes at the end of the storm - lost our power, roads impassable, schools and businesses closed, airports shut down, no mail delivery for two days which is unheard of, ice can really shut everything down and we've been asked to stay home and keep traffic off the roads. Tomorrow it will warm a bit with sun later so some thawing should occur. In Washington and New York City the snow is piling up and getting close to 30 inches in some locations - beating all-time records and bring everything to a complete standstill and very dangerous. Those poor people are buried!

    We can get aubergines and zucchini year round now - which makes one wonder how that happens! I often grill them too - delicious - but would have to skate over to the outdoor grill this weekend!

    Hugs - Mary

  5. Oh my...dear Shane...your dinner sounds delicious indeed! I love grilling vegetables...I will have to look for some of Annabel's recipes and shows online! I love cooking, and inspiration and tips are of course always welcome!
    It has been simply too long since I last stopped by, so how lovely to ''catch up'' a little with you today, dear Shane!
    Sending you love and hugs...

  6. You make beautiful everyday 'stilleben' in your kitchen and home! Have a beautiful Sunday.

  7. I love the sunshine streaming in through the window. And I love the fact that you have a specific up for your morning coffee. What a lovely ritual. Would love the recipe please dear Shane. I can be found at eclectichomeandlife(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. Ah, the lovely La Cigale of happy memory Shane. Your green cup/saucer are beautiful. I love vegetables, and rarely eat meat, and I would very much like to have your recipe, thank you. It sounds goooood! Happy Sunday xox

  9. Out of season or not, we can always buy courgettes and aubergines in the supermarket. I feel ashamed I never use these products in my meals. I think I am in the camp of your husband! Groetjes Hetty

  10. Hello Shane. loved seeing the sunshine through your window. shining on the nice tile from ' Bricolage' your grilled veggie recipe sounds tasty. I'd love to have the recipe if you have time to send it, winter here this year is very wet, and last week we were caught by a mini tornado which did so much damage just around our property, and everywhere else had nothing. So many people all over the world are suffering from adverse weather conditions. So your sunshine has brightened my day today.which I needed as I'm feeling under the weather ( so to speak ) as I have an aching body type of cold. Oh my the sun has now come out and it's shining through my window, so my day will feel much brighter. Thank you Shane for sharing your sunshine. Enjoy your Sunday.

  11. I adore your idea of different tiles as a backsplash, I have seen some examples in photos and always thought they looked lovely. Not a good look for our home, but one that I admire nonetheless. I hope that yours is wonderful and that you enjoy it! Enjoy the sunshine in your life this week! xx

  12. Lovely post dear Shane, looks like summer sunshine is well on the way....hope you enjoyed a lovely dinner.

  13. Love your sunny pictures Shane ...have a Nice Ria x

  14. Shane, you captured a lovely morning shot with your coffee cup. I love aubergine. Beautiful tile and what fun to collect them and make a backsplash. I pulled out one of my oldest cookbooks to make split pea soup. I didn't really need the cookbook ... I know the recipe by heart, but it is one of those books that is just fun to read. Happy Sun Lit Sunday!

  15. What fun to see all that sunshine lighting up your pretty kitchen. Every one of your still life photographs is a beauty. You've got a lovely morning coffee cup there!

    Since we had a great snow blizzard here in NYC yesterday, it was very pleasant to see some summer veg in this post!

    Best wishes.

  16. You sun is divine and what a splendid basil plant! Your dinner sounds fabulous -- perhaps he'll love it more than he thinks!

  17. That is such a pretty shade of green on your morning coffee cup. Looks like you are going to have a delicious meal today. Searching out special tiles for a backsplash is going to make such a unique display, great idea! Happy Sunny Sunday to you!

  18. The sunshine coming through your window is lovely. Love all the photos. Have a blessed day. Madelline

  19. Yes, I would LOVE that recipe for next summer! Will have to make sure and plant the aubergine (we call it eggplant; I like your name better); I ALWAYS plant zucchini.

  20. Dearest Shane,
    You created some nice photos with the main ingredient of sunshine!
    We all need the right light and some other things that come up in our mind.
    Your cafétière is a good start for any day and the choice of recipe looks great too.
    No, I don't know this writer...
    Hugs and happy new week.

  21. The menu you have planned says 'summer'. I look forward to all the fresh produce that comes with the season.
    Your pools of morning sunshine are beautiful. The idea of creating a back splash from tiles that you collect one by one is intriguing!

  22. Aubergine is so much better a name than eggplant. Perhaps I would like it if I started calling it "Aubergine." No, I have never seen or even heard of the cook you mention. I shall look her up. Did you really release some of your cookbooks? I need to release a few myself.

  23. Glad to visit you again, Shane
    Your morning sunshine on your cup is beautiful. I imagine your kitchen must be very warm. The pretty handle of the cup reminded me of Japanese old pottery” Kasama ” I like. Here, it's been overcast for the past few days. I need the morning sunlight! I recall you saying me that you have a nephew married to a Japanese lady. She must be happy to have a good new family like you. The name of Yoshida is very familiar in Japan. She knows the name of my place, an ancient city Nara. Please say hello to her.

  24. I love seeing the sun stream in through the window. We need to leave all of our curtains open today to let it warm up. Hugs!

  25. What gorgeous image shares and I love anything Italian. The tiles will be a great addition as a back-splash. The sun coming in from the window creates such warm scenes, beautifully done. Happy Week~

  26. Hello, your tile is pretty, I am sure it will look lovely as part of your new backsplash! The basil in the sunlight is pretty. I would like the grilled eggplant and zucchini, yum!

    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  27. Aubergine and zucchini are two of my favorite vegs, Shane, I would love the recipe. I enjoyed your sunny post as here it is gloomy and cold and very grey.

  28. I love both dear Shane, and with the basil, so yummy, your recipe looks real great. And wow, the tile, it is so French and wonderful, and your green cup, giving hope for the day to come !!
    A beautiful post !!
    Hugs and kiss to you from Dorthe

  29. Lovely sunny images Shane. I hope you enjoyed your meal, which sounds delicious. Have a beautiful week ahead.

  30. Such a beautiful first photo! And that's a great idea to collect tiles for a backslash. So pretty!

  31. I've not heard of Annabel Laingbein but her cookbooks sound like ones I would enjoy. Vegetables are so tasty. The aubergine and courgette salad sounds wonderful! I'd love the recipe to tuck away for when summer comes.
    The tiles for the backsplash will add a touch of France to your NZ home! Lovely sunny moments to cherish.

  32. Your green dish and coffee cup are prettier in the sunshine as is any winter day. Keep smiling! Sunshine always!

  33. I love your sunny photos, Shane. There is something so appealing about a pot of basil,a fresh eggplant and a pretty tile! I'm not familiar with the cookbook author, but I opened up her website and will be taking a look at it!


  34. Spectacular morning sunlit views!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  35. What a blessing when the rays of the sun come into a room through a window during a cold Winter morning, I'm so fascinated by it !
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs in another beautiful post of yours, darling Shane, have a most beautiful day, my dearest one
    sending dear love to you

  36. I didn't think my husband would like eggplant parmesan but he surprised me and now I make it often. This is the only way I use this vegetable but your plans for it sound delicious Shane.

  37. The tile and cup are just lovely. I am just learning to like aubergine. We grew some small Asian variety last summer and it was quite good. Still learning to like veggies! Ha!

  38. Dear Shane,

    the first sun in the morning, a good cup of fresh coffee and the daily newspaper. Sometimes this can be nearly heaven!
    I love this grilled vegetables too and and it would be very kind, if you could e-mail me the recipe too.
    It looks very delicious not only in summer. Today we got filled cucumbers, zucchini, paprika and champignons.I fill it with mediteranean spiced mince meat.Great!

    Have a nice day in New Zealand, here in Germany it´s bedtime.
    Barbara xxx

  39. A great way to start the a sun stream. The tile is so nice. Looking foward to seeing the finished backsplash.
    I'd love the recipe. Thanks Shane!

  40. Oooo, what a pretty cup, Shane. Love the color. I can see why you use it for your first cup of coffee. I like that you have a pot of basil in your kitchen. That must come in handy while cooking. And your Italian cookbook sounds delightful. You know, Italian food is my all-time favorite.


  41. That looks like a perfect spot for dreaming Shane. Love, Mimi xxx

  42. I love your blog but I may be biassed. I miss you.RJP. X

  43. Ahh - sunshine. There's such a lack of it here at the moment (Although the past couple of days have been unseasonably warm). Each day that passes is one day closer to spring.



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