Friday, 29 January 2016

Five on Friday

This is one of my new roses this season called
Munstead Wood, a David Austin bred rose.
It has the features of the wonderful old fashioned roses
full blown cabbage like petals
highly fragrant and
it has been flowering since November.
One can't ask more than that!

Little and Friday is a cafe/bakery here
they sell delicious cakes, slices, meringues and biscuits
as well as jams and pickles and chutney.

It's summer and the living is easy.
Kohimarama is a great white sandy beach 
on the Eastern Bays close to the city.
We have so many beaches in Auckland
that they are never crowded 
like they are in the South of France.
We're not used to wall to wall people at the seaside!

A couple of weeks ago we did a little road trip 
to the Bay of Plenty to see some of my cousins.
We had dinner here at Molly O'Connors restaurant.
Good food and good Irish music - just what I love!
It brought back wonderful memories
of our trip to Ireland last year!

If you read one of my recent posts you may remember
I'm on the hunt for tiles for the kitchen splash back
so I photograph them if I can't buy them!

I hope all my friends in the Northern Hemisphere
are keeping warm and safe inside.
We saw reports on TV about the storms - WOW!
Enjoy your weekend.

I'm joining Amy for Five on Friday
Mimi for Five Star Frou-Frou
Cath for Fun Friday Favourites

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt



  1. How beautiful is your Munstead Shane....gorgeous xxxxx

  2. Wonderful to see your Summer roses while living with our wet Winter!

  3. Dear Shane,

    I just can smell the fragrance of this lovely rose. It´s a little bit lighter than Falstaff in the colour. In my garden live more than 160 roses. Beauties like Louise Odier, Belle de Crecy, Emperor du Maroc or Cardinal Richelieu. I love them. Have you ever visited the rose gardens of famous rose grower André Eve in France?

    The tile is beautiful, art nouveau or we call it in Germany "Jugendstil". I love it!The colour is so intensive, looks a littel bit like emaille. I should write a post about tiles!

    Wish you a sunny weekend, here it´s windy and cold outside. The right weather for a good cup of tea behind the fireside.

    Luv Barbara

  4. Beautiful photos...oh to have lush roses right now (covered in snow:)

  5. It's lovely to see some sunshine when it's so cold here. I love Davis Austin roses and have about five different varieties William Shakespeare is my favourite. Have a great weekend. :)

  6. Sounds wonderful - It's summer and living is easy!!! A lovely rose with huge amount of petals! Enjoy your summer weekend Shane!

  7. You post was very aromatic. I could just smell all those wonderful scents.

  8. Just the slightest bit envious of the thought of a day at a beach AND Irish music -- two of my favorite things! Sounds pretty terrific to me!

    Happy weekend!

  9. I'm so jealous of your roses! I can almost smell them through the computer screen! More snowflakes in the air here in PA, USA... I hope you can stop by:


  10. Hello dear Shane...a blessed weekend to you! Your rose is just gorgeous...ah, I do love the scent of roses and dream of having a beautiful rose garden in my own home someday!
    What a sweet little job...right up my alley - I would enjoy a visit to such a place!
    Always delightful visiting with you...much love!

  11. The rose looks stunning and being an Austen I am sure it will do well. How I long for the summer and empty beaches, enjoy and think of us here in the windy UK. Looks like you have had a good week Shane x

  12. Lovely roses. We are finally able to leave the house after 6 days of being snowbound. Poor me, I was forced to stay in my basement to sew and create instead of going to work, LOL!!

  13. Shane, thanks for your fabulous five. I am pleased to report that last weekend's blizzard remnants have just about all disappeared.

    Happy weekend to you. I'll be back at work....


  14. I so enjoyed seeing the lovely photos from your beautiful country. The one little shop looks like it would be so much fun to visit! Your tiles are lovely; they remind me of Catalina tiles, a bit art deco. Enjoy your weekend my friend, Pat :)

  15. What a lovely post, dear Shane, full of summer happiness!
    The cafe/bakery looks gorgeous. :)
    Thank you for these glimpses of the ocean and sunshine and have a great weekend! xx

  16. I love your Munstead Wood, my darling Shane !!!!
    I'm so fond with roses, especially ancient and English ones, and I have more than 60 different kinds of David Austin', but this is the only one which is not in so good health, probably I haven't chosen the right position, because all his roses are so very sturdy and floriferous ...

    May the end of your week be blessed with gladness and serenity,
    thank you again for the precious gift you present me every time you come to ∼ My little old world ∽,
    sending so, so much sincere love to you,
    with thankfulness

  17. A beautiful rose. Enjoyed this post. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  18. That is a very beautiful rose isn't it! The bakery looks like a great place to visit and try some things doesn't it. A wonderful tile for your collection! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  19. Wonderful summery pictures. It's not too bad here in Georgia, little winter, then a little spring. Love David Austin roses.

  20. Dear Shane ~ such a treat to visit with you as always.
    Before you said "highly fragrant" I could almost smell your gorgeous roses!
    We are still enjoying a thick blanket of white in the garden.
    I had some fun playing with tulips out in the snow and more ;-)
    Happy Summer weekend to you.
    You've made me long for Ireland just reading about your dinner and entertainment.

  21. I enjoyed seeing your Five on Friday photos. I would love Molly's and visiting your tea and jam shop. Sunshine always...Sheila

  22. That white beach is so pretty! I'd love to walk along such a beach. Your roses are also beautiful. I really like a fragrant rose. Though I have three rose bushes, none are fragrant.

  23. That roses is glorious! Love it! Love your summer fun shots, too, as we face winter here in the U.S. The Irish pub sounds like fun. LOVE that tile!

  24. Dearest Shane,
    It is lovely to see roses in bloom and knowing that they are highly fragrant as well.
    Also your summer beaches are like a dream in winter time. Not that we live in such cold areas but having had a bad flu, bronchitis and now severe back pain makes one long for sunshine!
    Lovely photos!
    Hugs and happy weekend.

  25. Your beach does indeed look very inviting as it's all grey and drizzly outside here. Beautiful rose too. :-)

  26. Beautiful Summery photos, Shane. That rose is gorgeous. You have some wonderful beaches to enjoy. The goodies look tempting in that shop. Love the tiles and hope you find some for your splash back that you like. Have a wonderful week.

  27. The rose is just gorgeous. I felt like I could almost smell it. The tile is wonderful. Oh to be at the beach, delightful!!! In my part of the world we are doing quite fine. Early spring is beginning to show and the earth is coming alive. Crocus are beginning to bloom and the daffodils soon will be showing their beautiful faces.

  28. Hello, Dear Shane,
    Oh, that rose is exquisite - I can practically smell the fragrance from here! So lovely to have secluded beaches there. Our coastline here in Washington State is too rugged for swimming, so the beaches are relatively secluded, too. I do love beach combing! An Irish pub is my favorite kind of restaurant and those tiles are wonderful! I hope you find what you are looking for....Hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend.
    Hugs xo

  29. Dear Shane ,
    Your comment came to me while I was watching a movie about the construction of the Gardens of Versailles. It is mid-winter here and I look out my window and see the skeletons of trees and a blanket of snow melting into the ground. It was so lovely to go on to your post and seeing that beautiful rose which reminds me that gardens are growing some other place in the world and we all have to wait our turn.

    Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog.

  30. That's a lovely rose. Most of my roses have been chosen for their names but truly, it is hard to go wrong with a rose, they all have some lovely feature.

  31. That tile is just beautiful, and fab idea to photograph them. Have a fab weekend, thankfully here in London it's just been a bit windy, but nothing more

  32. How I wish computer technology had smell-o-vision - I'd love to be able to smell those roses!

  33. Be still my beating heart. That rose is stunning Shane! And I thought the bakery was your pantry for a minute. I was turning all shades of green! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. Love, Mimi xxx



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