Friday 29 January 2016

French fences ooh la la!

Whenever I'm out and about with my camera
I'm always looking for fences, walls, gates and doors
to photograph.

I took most of these photos in Provins
a couple of years ago.
It is an ancient market town which sits
on the original trade routes.

This old fence has been softened with a creeper
found on many walls and fences in France.

I think these old style gates 
are both practical and beautiful.

When my daughter was replacing their gates
this was the style they chose.
Times have changed and there are few blacksmiths left
in the countryside these days,
young people want to work in the large cities
rather than take up one of the 'old school' trades.
Sadly the quote they were given was prohibitive
so they have settled for a much simpler version
to come within their budget!

 I'm joining Theresa 
of The Runaround Ranch Report

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt



  1. You found very good fences in this post, Shane! And oh, the lovely summery shots make me smile!

  2. Gorgeous photos, thank you, Shane, brightened my day considerably.

  3. Beautiful photos Shane, I love the old timeworn rusted patina they take on as they age. Just gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend dear Shane x x

  4. I enjoy any photos of France. The fences were great.

  5. So lovely. I really enjoyed your fence shots. They had a romantic feel to them.

  6. Ahhhhh....Shane....sighworthy as always. I adore France too, and your photos are always a reminder of the very special scenery there. Stunning. Mimi xxx

  7. Such romantic images - nothing beats a stone wall with something trailing over it...except an ornate rustic gate, perhaps! Beautiful xxx

  8. Hello Shane! What beautiful images of fences and gateways in France! So much history connected with them! I enjoyed the peek through the gate into the restaurant, it's so charming!
    Have a lovely day!

  9. Hello,Shane,
    What beautiful fences in France! I feel like I am walking there! Very romantic and historical.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  10. This cozy nice place looks like full of ghost at the night...

  11. love the rock walls and plantings around/over them. and a beautiful wrought iron and metal gate, too.

  12. Hi Shane, I love all your photo's of the fences. I love French design, I love French Country and use the style in my own home. I would love a stone wall around our place.

  13. I could just look and look at these beautiful photos. The first one especially! Beauty!

  14. Like you I love looking for and photographing old fences, along with churches, cemeteries and houses-especially in Europe. And oh how I love fences and walls covered with greenery too! Gorgeous photos Shane.

  15. My darling Shane, these amazing photographs made my afternoon, really, I love Provence !!

    May your weekend be blessed with joy,
    sending love to you, with thankfulness

  16. Ooh La Laaaa is right.
    You are a girl after my own heart.
    and those Hollyhocks!
    Be still my he♥rt.

  17. Ooh la la is an understatement. These are beautiful. Oh, how I love France. Net tot he library to get a memoir of a woman who grew up in India and came home with a wonderful one on Monet and Giverny. We must me on the same wave length.

  18. These photos are fantastic and just my style as well! Thank you for allowing me some time to dream in France :) Very refreshing!

  19. Ooh la la is right! Wonderful shots of the beautiful fences you found!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  20. These old cities and towns carry a history with them that seeps into the architecture and everything around it. Beautiful photos and beautiful scenery!

  21. There are so many incredible designs in iron gates - definitely well worth carrying a camera with you. Where I live there aren't many though - I guess this area isn't 'old' enough.



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