Sunday 31 January 2016

Lawdy Miss Clawdy - it's hot over here.....

I'm staying inside today trying to keep cool
in this very hot humid weather.

Much as I need to have a tidy up in the garden,
because of the high temps in Summer
it's now become an early morning job!

The roses and perennials need dead-heading
in fact the whole garden needs a good weeding throughout
so I intend getting up with the birds tomorrow
to get a few hours work done.

I've photographed flowers from my garden
both dried and fresh.

For my friends in the Northern Hemisphere
I know you are looking forward to the arrival of

take heart because it's only a matter of time before
our seasons will be reversed and in the words of
Percy Bysshe Shelley

"O wind, if Winter comes
can Spring be far behind".

I'm joining Karen for Sunlit Sunday
Judith for Mosaic Monday
Bernideen for Tea Time, Cottage and Garden
Stephanie for Roses of Inspiration

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt



  1. What a lovely delicate tea cup. We have nice weather here in Florida. It was in the 70s today and we got out for a hike. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  2. I did some pruning first thing this morning when it was still cool and hope to do some weeding tomorrow morning.

    If only this humidity would go. Have just walked up Mt. Parihaka -must say it must be a little cooler than last week as it didn't seems as hard.

  3. Just beautiful dear Shane. I love your dried rose heads in your potpourri. It sure is hot here too my friend ... I have been helping my son paint his picket fence today & have come to the conclusion that I must be quite, quite insane!!!! Looking forward to autumn coming. x x x

  4. I must admit I would forego spring to avoid summer, and live in fall and winter continually!

  5. I have my spring catalog in hand and am making notes. Next month, I can start to order. There are predictions of a warm spell for next week, but they are also saying that will be followed by more snow. I choose to ignore them because it is better for my very delicate mind.

  6. You always share such beauty, my friend, and I find your photos are always a feast for my eyes :)

    Your tea cup is exquisite - so dainty and sweet.

    I hope it cools down a little for you. It has warmed up quite a bit here in the mountains and it feels like a Spring thaw in the middle of winter. Today we were supposed to get snow, but got rain instead because of the warmth. Strange...

    Have a lovely Sunday, dear one. Love and hugs!

  7. Oh the beauty of summer. I can relate with you with the weather. Here in OZ we've been getting lots of storms but the humidity hasn't changed. What a lovely teacup you've shared today. Wishing you beautiful balmy days ahead.


  8. Wonderful photos and mosaics, dear Shane!
    I remember the warm, humid summers in Italy, when the only possible time for working in the garden was very early in the morning. There was a special atmosphere in the garden in those early moments. I wonder if the fragrances in your garden would be similar to those in our garden...
    Have a lovely week ahead! xx

  9. Beautiful photos!
    Send you a cooling wind, have a nice sunday at home

  10. Mother Nature is rubbing her eyes over here and defintely waking up, but a little bit of your heat would be welcome - please send me some over.
    Your mosaics sparkle with sunshine and warmth.

  11. It's so odd isn't it that we have opposite seasons. Here I am in the UK desperate for vitamin D from the sun and you have to garden in the early morning. Sending you cool calming gentle wind your way Shane

  12. Let spring Ria ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Keep cool Shane, it does get hot and humid during the day, but the mornings are such a lovely peaceful time.
    Lovely cut flowers from your garden.

  14. HI Shane! Your photos are beautiful. I will always be a summer girl, even though sometimes they are as hot as yours seem to be. Have fun in your garden. I've already started to buy some stuff for ours! Hugs, Sue

  15. Lovely teacup and photos of your blooms. It seems no matter where we live we are always looking forward to the next season. I'm visiting from Sunlit Sunday.

  16. Hi Shane,
    Lovely post. Beautiful teacup and I adore roses -- in any shape or color! Happy SunLit Sunday!

  17. I find dried petals mesmerizing. They speak such a language of love and how we change with time. These are lovely photos.

  18. Take care and stay cool. Your photos of your flowers are very nice. I am looking forward to spring time here in my little part of the world. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. Beautiful peaceful photos. Hope you have a lovely week keeping cool. I'm visiting from Sunlit Sunday!

  20. Shane, your roses are lovely, even the dried roses. They make my heart sing, and since the winter weather has arrived, my roses in my garden are not blooming any more. Such a pretty tea cup.....such a pretty blog. :)

    Have a peaceful Sunday, Shane.


  21. Indeed, spring is welcome early this year. There will be days in the summer when we'll feel like you do right now Shane and I've always been an early morning gardener to get the work done. That way I can sit in a shady spot in the afternoon and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Love your dried flower petals...

  22. Oh what lovely images you've shown. The teacup is gorgeous. I wish I could feel a bit of the heat - it's been chilly here and utterly grey today.
    I hope you enjoy working in the early hours when it's a little cooler. Take care, Shane.
    Hugs, Lorrie

  23. Dearest Shane,
    Wish we could divide our climate between winter/summer!
    Longing for warm sunny days to wear shorts again.
    Loved your photos from fresh and dried flowers with porcelain.

  24. What a pretty, sweet tea cup Shane. Very hot and humid over here also, and I find myself longing for Autumn - my favourite season, sadly too brief. Keep cool! xx

  25. Oh, it MUST be hot over/down THERE, friend, for it's 53 on the Day Before Groundhog Day way over here in In-di-an-annna! So strange to have the doors open all day yesterday, for we still have just the screens from Autumn in the top halves of the doors. January was iron-cold and snowy right up til the end.

    Unseasonal, indeed---we're taking advantage and heading out to lunch and errands.

    Hope you have a cool breeze soon!


  26. No need to worry about me. I like the winter! It's an odd one this year, above freezing for much of the time and there is no snow at the moment. Your flowers, fresh and dried, have a romantic look about them, Shane. Stay cool!


  27. What a gorgeous post, my darling Shane, I'm still feeling in awe after having watched your wonderful teacup, your tasteful composition of flowers, your pot-pourri, made with your dry flowers, your romanticism ... bless you !

    Thank you sweetie for another captivating, wonderful post,
    may your week be filled with joy and wonder,
    sending love to you with all my heart

  28. What a lovely little flower bouquet you have there...And thank you for comforting words to us in the middle of the winter... I have also the habit of working very early in the mornings in the garden, allthough our summers are not as hot as yours. But when the day's work is done - what a great feeling and relax!

  29. That is a beautiful tea cup, dear Shane. Is it a cherry or an apple blossom?
    That really reminds me of spring and I remember this wonderful poem by German poet Eduard Mörike (1804-1875)

    Frühling läßt sein blaues Band
    wieder flattern durch die Lüfte
    süße, wohlbekannte Düfte
    streifen ahnungsvoll das Land
    I don´t know if there exist an english version.
    Here it´s rainy, 13 degree centigrade, too warm for winter. It is how it is!

    Hope you get cooler temperatures soon.
    Have a nice day, Barbara xx

  30. Beautiful. I love drying flowers from fall for winter.

    and LivingFromHappiness

  31. I still can remember saying how hot it was last August. Beautiful flowers. Right now I am buying them at the market. I will say the crocus and hellebore have begun blooming in my garden with daffodils popping out of the ground.

  32. What a lovely teacup! I've been enjoying the longer days as we slowly transition into warmer weather. Bring on spring!

  33. Dear Shane:
    First I just wanted to let you know you can post about anything on my blog link party - cooking, pets, tea, crafts, hobbies, decorating, DIY, photography. Just not "Give Aways Only".
    I love your photos and feel like I can smell the flowers! So glad you shared!

  34. Gosh, I wish I could come and walk through your garden! All those beautiful roses must make it smell so lovely - to say nothing about how pretty they are.

  35. Lovely, Lovely...this reminds me of a restaurant in my historic village and the Victorian tea room there~



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