Friday, 26 October 2012

Collage Swap with Suzy

Ever since I started my blogging journey
I've been a huge admirer of 
Suzy of

As you can imagine I was
"over the moon"
when Suzy suggested we have a swap of
two collage pages.
These are the beautiful pages that
Suzy sent me.

my heart was skipping beats
as I carefully opened her parcel....

I think she knows how much I love PARIS!!

The beautiful detail of an artist at work, 
like this delicate stamp on the cream silk

Mon Cher Ami

Layering of fabrics, laces, ribbons - 
everything I love

and pretty trims.....

and more....

flowers, a message and a diamond too!!

and just look at what Suzy sent me,
some precious pieces of fabric
from her wonderful stash -
I can't wait to have a play!

and such a sweet hand made card

Thank you Suzy
I feel very spoilt to have two
beautiful collages made by you.

I really enjoyed making
my two pages for you too!

Please visit Suzy's blog to see
her exquisite collages and books.

Thank you dear friends
for visiting my blog,
especially those of you who
leave such lovely comments!

to my new followers
thank you for joining my blog
make it all worthwhile!

Take care and
be kind to one another
hugs and love

Shane ♥

my pressed Violas 


  1. Hello dear Shane,
    I have just come from Suzy's blog where I saw the pages she sent you (So Gorgeous!) and the two you sent her.Equally gorgeous!
    I wish I could do work like that but alas, no talent.
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend! xx

  2. Hello Shane:
    How perfectly wonderful to be so in tune with a fellow blogger that you both know exactly the taste of the other. The collages are indeed enchanting and have clearly been made with careful thought and a huge amount of talent. It is lovely that you two have 'found' each other in the labyrinth that is the Blogosphere and can give each other such pleasure with these beautiful gifts.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures from Suzy! I swoon over all those layers upon layers of laces and trims. Especially since I keep gravitating to them in malls and antique shops! My stash is huge but yet I keep them tucked away. Maybe if I do a little piece that will break the spell of "saving them"! Oh, the things we learn at our mother's knees... lol! I have become your latest follower and would love to have you drop on by my blog for a look-see. i always love making new friends, don't you? I would be tickled pink if you follow, too!!

  4. beautiful Shane !!...lovely

  5. Dearest Shane,

    THAT is you: roses, lace and brocante with a French touch.
    Enjoy your swap.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Oh my, these are utterly breathtaking Shane!!! Are you going to post the ones you made?

  7. ooo how very special and beautiful...lucky you!

    off to see your pages now

    oh and I adore your pressed violas...something about them really makes me smile

    happy weekend dear one

  8. What a beautiful present, Shane, so delicate :-)

  9. Very very lovely! Lucky you to be able to drool in person over Suzy's work.

  10. I seen your card swap at Suzy's and had to pop over and let you know they are lovely. Both of you girls are creating divine "french" treasures. Love them all! xo Pam

  11. Hello Dear Shane
    Thank you for sharing my French themed pages here on your blog.
    It really was such a pleasure to create these for you to add to your book of creations from blogging friends.

    Sending you love and big hugs and so many heartfelt thanks for the exchange of the most gorgeous French style pages with the sweetest images also from your very creative hands!

    Suzy xox

  12. Such beautiful treasures from Suzy, you are such a lucky girl to have those exquisite collages, I'm sure you will treasure them.
    Can,t wait to see your creations with those lovely fabrics.
    happy weekend,

  13. Dear Shane,
    Suzy made two most fabolous pages for your swap. They are full of French magic, and they are beautiful,above all.
    I love suzy`s art work and her style, and those sepia/lilla two beauties are just gorgeous.-
    Love your pressed violas ,also dear.
    Hugs and a happy weekend.

  14. Lucky you!!! the pages are so beautiful, a divine combination of colours and textures, big sigh... mx

  15. How beautiful, Shane. No wonder your heart was skipping a beat.

    Hope you are enjoying this time of year. xo Rhonda

  16. How lovely that you and Suzy did a swap. She is a sweetie and oh so talented. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy



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