Wednesday 17 October 2012

Grace's Marmalade - Note Card Party

Early Spring is Marmalade time.
(that is if you live in the
Southern Hemisphere as I do)!!
Everyone, it seems has a
grapefruit tree in their garden.
We only have a lemon tree,
but there is never a shortage
of fruit - usually passed over the
fence by kind neighbours.

Marmalade making
is a two day process.
Day one I wash and prepare the fruit.
In years gone by I have always
painstakingly thinly sliced
each piece of fruit like this.....

not any more - no way!
Now I remove all the pips
then roughly chop
and put through my Whizz
using the slicing gadget!

The fruit is piled into
the preserving pan
and covered with water
 to soak overnight.

On day two the mixture
is simmered for 40 minutes.
Then the sugar is added -
for each cup of fruit mixture
I add 1 cup of sugar.
Simmer for another 40 minutes
after which time it 
should be set,
then pour into sterilised
glass jars. 

I save all my jars and lids.
The best lids are the ones that
have the press bit in the middle -
when you push it and
hear a click you know
it's sealed - easy peasy .
If you would like the
written recipe I'm happy to
email it to you.
It was my darling mother's
hence it's known in our family as
Grace's Marmalade.

Incidentally this batch made
24 different sized jars
I think I doubled the recipe!
The little jars make a perfect hostess gift
when invited for dinner -
for gifts I just add a label
and a calico hat tied with string!

Incidentally Marmalade making
goes back 14 centuries or maybe
even earlier in Persia,
an interesting article here.

The mention of marmalade
makes me think of my
lovely blog friend Jeanie of
who had a beautiful
marmalade cat called Gypsy.
Sadly, Gypsy left us this year
for cat heaven and I really
miss seeing his little face
and reading about his
Please visit Jeanies 
blog here she has many
wonderful travel adventures - 
currently she is in the Netherlands!

Today for the first time I'm linking to 
Vee's Note Card Party
please click on the link above to
visit other interesting blogs
and see their beautiful
Note Cards!
Merci, Vee for so kindly hosting
this friendly party!

Thank you dear friends
for visiting.
Take care of one another
hugs and love
Shane ♥

Image from here


  1. Hi Shane, Your recipe for marmalade sounds very easy and delicious! Perfect with a slice of homemade bread right out of the oven! xo's Pam

  2. Oh, Shane, thanks so much for your mention of Gypsy and the blog on your post! I had NO idea how much went into marmalade -- it sounds just wonderful, so delicious! I have to say the two pictures of the citrus -- the first and then the one with it all together just really made me smile. I'm a citrus girl from way back and I'm not too picky -- lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange! That's a huge recipe! But yes, I think your hostesses will be thrilled -- in fact, if any of your nearby friends see this post, the dinner invitations are going to multiply!

  3. I love marmalade but have never attempted making it, although I make all kinds of other jams and preserves. Your photos are so pretty, with the sun glowing through the fruit.
    Welcome to the note card party. It's so much fun!

  4. Great pics and I love marmalade! You made it sound much easier than than the version I've made before:@)

  5. i've so hungry now. such great views. perfect for fall. do you sell your marmalade? i would love, love, love the recipe please.

    enjoy your fall. (:

  6. Hello Shane
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Yes, I can see that we do have much in common and I shall enjoy coming here often. (I'm a new follower)
    Your pink post for breast cancer was spectacular, nice to know the events for the cause are world wide.
    And your marmalade looks yummy and one of my favourite spreads for toast and scones.

  7. Hi Shane, so nice to meet you! I loved this post and reading about making marmalade. I'm getting ready to have breakfast and it would sure taste good on my toast! Happy Spring to you! Happy Fall to me!

  8. What an interesting process! My mother loved saving the jam jars and pickle jars that she used from one year to the next, especially the ones with that sort of lid.

    I'm so glad that you joined us! I think that the first four would make vibrant note cards. Which four would you choose?

  9. I wish I had the energy to make this!
    And the time! Meanwhile, I'll purchase already made, I'm bad.

  10. Adoro la marmellata, ma di pompelmi non l'ho ancora mai fatta: è da provare.
    Qui siamo in autunno e si fa marmellata di mele cotogne e tra un pò di arance. Kisses.

  11. I would love your gran's recipe for marmalade! I attempted my first ever jam making exercise this past weekend and am hooked! Even if the second batch did not turn out (but it is a yummy sauce). It's autumn here but we had a big crop of passionfruit and Something Had To Be Done.

    Anywho, I had the post about this written and scheduled for this evening but it's up now so you don't have to wait in reading about my adventures.

    It sure is a lot of work!

  12. I have long wanted to make my own marmalade. This looks delicious. Don't know why I haven't taken the plunge and tried to make some.

  13. How lucky are you with all that wonderful fruit available. My hubby would think he was in heaven if I made that much for him as he loves marmalade! x

  14. Hi,
    Yes, we do have many things in common. Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner. I love your beautiful blog. I'm your newest follower and I have added your blog to my sidebar for easy access. France is my new favorite place. I would love to visit France someday. See you soon.
    À bientôt

  15. What a wonderful gift the marmalade would be to get. : ) I guess you could do the same with oranges?

  16. this looks so yummy Shane and I love all your little jars! I'm afraid to make things like this because I'm always concerned I won't do it right(the sterilizing) and will make someone sick.I have made cranberry liquor for Thanksgiving tho and it was a hit.
    Lovely photos- I could just taste that marmalade now....

  17. Back in my Martha Stewart days I used to always make orange marmalade for Christmas gifts and everyone loved getting something homemade. I never had homegrown fruit though. Yours is beautiful.

  18. Beautiful jars of homemade marmalade using home grown fruit. What could be better?

  19. Dearest Shane,

    That is a lovely task for making such yummy orange marmalade.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs to you,

  20. How beautiful! Your photos make my mouth water! This are all of my favorite flavors and your photos are perfect for notecards!

  21. Yum! I haven't had Marmalade since I was a little girl...oh the memories...of home..

  22. Beautiful note cards and a how to on top of that...I will have to try this...great job!

  23. A woman after my own heart Shane! I love being in the kitchen bottling, preserving, freezing, making jam and am so thankful for the wonderful produce the garden gives.
    They make special gifts to give to friends.
    Your marmalade looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Love and hugs,

  24. Hi Shane! What a beautiful scroll of posts you have shared with me today - meeting you from Vee's Haven and the Note Card Party! Thanks for stopping by at The Writer's Reverie!

    Your marmalade looks way yum - and makes me think it's time for some mid-morning tea! Looking forward to seeing next's months sharings!

    Love all your French pictures - the estate homes and palaces are grand - yes, I could get lost in wonder over all the art.

    Bless you as you enter Spring - we're stateside and into fall.

  25. I love your sharing of Grace's marmalade dear Shane! I used to make loads of jams, chutneys and marmalades years ago. Marmalade making time for me was January, when the shops had Seville oranges.
    I remember particualrly year I made 40 pounds and my son got rid of it all by Easter on his morning toast before work!
    Big Hugs xx

  26. How wonderful to make your own marmelade. It looks terific.

  27. Oh Shane ~ what a perfectly lovely post...I bet your house smells wonderful still!
    Citrus trees do not grow here in Northern Virginia.
    Very sweet of you to share your mother's recipe (I learned so much in the process)
    AND extra sweet of you to mention Jeanie's special angel kitty too

    Happy Weekend to you ... I see another post I've missed

  28. Dear Shane,

    Your marmalade looks delicious and a great way to reuse the empty jars that you get so many of.
    Home made marmalade on a slice of toast for breakfast is the nicest thing.
    Do hope that you have a lovely long weekend, the sun is shinning brightly here and hope it is for you too. Thanks for visiting me.


  29. Dear Shane!
    Your Marmalade making is a two day process.
    Just wonderful in the jams and preserves lovely home made Marmalade is a vest for with us.
    Jeamie of the Marmalade Gypsy she is in the Nether lands. My son's dog name is Gypsy Dark colour of boys.
    Lovely to visiting me.

  30. I've never made anything that requires sterilized jars. Always afraid of the process. But I'm thinking one of these days I'm just gonna have to give it a go. I need a purpose for all these jars I keep saving. :) Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  31. Dear Shane-
    such a very beautiful, looking and surely also tasting marmelade.
    You are so lucky to live in a place where it is possibly to harvest such fruits- here I will have to buy them in shops...
    My little family left for home this morning, and I know -you know- exatly how emphty I feel!
    Thnakyou for your wonderful recipy dear friend.
    Warm hugs,Dorthe

  32. Shane,
    First, thanks so much for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.
    Second, I looooove marmalade and even named my business Marmalady's.
    Your marmalade sounds just delicious.
    Third, I also love Jeanie and her marmalade Gypsy. I have a marmalade cat named, Joey.
    Fourth, Where in NZ are you? I have friends there and once upon a time came to NZ for the National Woolcraft Festival and a tour around the country.
    Happy week to you.

  33. Hello,
    I am delighted to meet you and visit your beautiful blog. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

    Marmalade just happens to be my very favorite jam. Thank you for sharing the recipe - your photos are lovely. I will be following your blog and look forward to your next post.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Blessings, Erin

  34. Thanks for sharing your venture. You are so ambitious!! That looks really good. Just think how you'll enjoy it thru the cold weather.




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