Thursday 20 September 2012


An enticing selection of books on Rosie's table

My friend Thelma and I
had a little road trip
to Hamilton 113km (70 miles).
I love a change of scenery
every now and then,
it's always good to mix things up!

The reason for the trip was

our fortnightly embroidery
tête à tête -
this time with Rosie in Hamilton.

Rosie made us the most scrumptious
little carrot cupcakes
with cream cheese frosting
...and they tasted absolutely
D I V I N E!!!
she easily passed the cake test ha ha!

Rose has completed so many
pieces of exquisite embroidery.

This is a gorgeous
Christmas hanging
she has made for
one of her family.

Our Thelma
is the Queen of
Christmas stockings!
She has made so many of them,
for family, 
for friends children
and for friends grandchildren.
This is the latest one
for a very special little person!

Rose is working on the last piece
of the lovely bag below.
I think there are 6 pieces
plus another on the base.

I've just started on
Christmas stocking.
It has to be in the post
at the end of October to be 
in France by Christmas -
oops I had better get a  wriggle on!

Now, in Rose's house

there were little surprises
everywhere I looked.....

Her very talented daughter
makes these beautiful
embroidered and appliqued

I want, I need and I must have one!!

We had a really fun day -

I was totally
and feel so lucky
to spend time with these
very talented girls!

I'm joining with Mary at
Little Red House Mosaic Monday

Thank you my dear friends

for your comments
I love catching up with you all
to my new followers.
I'm always excited when I discover
that someone new has found my blog.


Click on the button on
the right side of my blog!

Wishing you all a very happy week
doing whatever you love doing,
take care
look after one another

love and hugs



  1. My favourite shop in Hamilton is Poppy's book store. It is in a laneway near the bus terminus.

  2. Hi Shane
    I can see why you feel so inspired spending these fornightly embroidery days together!
    They really are creating some beautiful pieces - that drawstring bag is so very gorgeous!
    Those cupcakes Rosie made look so scrumptious!
    That stack of books looks so inviting also!
    Hope you are enjoying your journal making!
    Love and hugs,
    Suzy xx

  3. Nice to read books about France....i love it...thank you darling...♥.♥.♥.

  4. That sounds like the perfect day to me. If I only had more time to embroider. Lovely images, so lovely.

  5. yum ... cupcakes books and stitching ... does it get better than that?

  6. Beautiful projects, all of them. I love the idea of you getting together regularly to stitch with your friends. What good times you must have together.

  7. I've been a little overwhelmed lately and so haven't been a very good visitor. I see much to love as I look down these posts, but I especially love the little mousie pic at the end of this one!

  8. That lovely white embroidery is going to end up being a 'workbag'? Oh the horror - I would put it on the wall in a beautiful frame. I wouldn't want to USE it for a workbag because for sure I'd get it filthy. But then, come to think of it, if it DID get filthy then I could have the fun of making another one, right?

  9. A long way to drive, but I can see why :-)
    I love the cushion!

  10. lovely hearing about your special stitching friends and your time...

    very talented and prolific bunch you are

    I am also taken by the pretty blue paper wrappers around those luscious looking cupcakes :)


  11. What a pretty post. Have a lovely weekend

  12. Dearest Shane,

    You certainly had a super time together and with what FINE embroidery!!! That pulled thread embroidery is stunning. You for sure make wonderful gift items too. So sad that the mail delivery is going that slow nowadays. Snail mail indeed. But you will manage to finish it in time.
    Hugs to you,

  13. So many beautiful things! I love France..Paris..Have a happy day,Shane! xxxx riitta

  14. so inspired spending these fornightly embroidery days I can see you had a wonderful time

  15. Wonderful to have friends that share your interests!

  16. You read the books for wonderful time.

  17. Your friend Rose is very talented with embroidery, such beautiful things. Fun with a trip to Hamilton.
    Happy week to you

  18. How lovely to share a journey to meet up regularly with other creative friends!

  19. What a great trip you had, stitching and cupcakes, a fab combination in my world!!Mx

  20. beautiful cushion !
    Have a nice weekend :)

    Gr amy

  21. That sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I love to meet with friends to chat and stitch.

  22. This is such a very Beautiful Blog. Thanks you so much for your comments on mine. Big HUGS, Robin

  23. Wow! Ich kann mich garnicht satt sehen, an den leckeren Törtchen.
    Und die wunderschönen Handarbeiten, die sind einzigartig.
    Lochstickerei ist was ganz Besonderes.
    Dankeschön fürs zeigen.

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  24. What a fun get together. I don't have many friends around me who like to make things. And my creative juices just aren't able to flow freely during busy school weeks. I bet those carrot cake muffins were absolutely divine! Yummo! Have a beautiful week. Tammy

  25. Hello. It is so funny I saw the name of your blog this afternoon when blog hopping and I wondered about the English words and then Brocante. I din\t get to visit you
    bur now I am glad you were here and I visit back. Your daughter and grandchildren do live in France. It must be wonderful to be able to visit them now and then,
    I am going to follow your blog because I like it here.
    Riet, rom Holland.

  26. Thank you so much for your comment over at my place. You live is a beautiful part of the world. Isn't it amazing that this ether web allows us to make our parts of the the globe closer?

    Your needlework is so beautiful!

    I know that I will be visiting here again.

    Best wishes!

  27. Dear Shane,

    How wonderful that you had a trip down to Hamilton to spend time with your embroidery friends.
    Loved seeing all the gorgeous needlework, the drawstring workbag is going to be beautiful. Love the drawn threadwork.
    The muffins look so good.
    Good luck with getting Jessie's stocking finished.

    Happy Wednesday

  28. Cupcakes and stitching are a great combination. I have noticed that when my hands are busy, very busy I can resist having more than one!

    So glad to hear that you had fun with a friend thrown into the mix. You will have to post your stocking before you put it in the post to France!


  29. Dear Shane, I wish I had time for such wonderful get together with creative friends, like you have , the creations from everyone of you, looks very beautiful, and I can tell you have so much joy and cosy hours together.
    That cake is yummy to see, and the back looks stunning.
    I wish you a lovely day- with hugs from Dorthe

  30. Hello Shane:
    We have been led to your delightful blog by a comment you left on our friend Frances's blog. And, here we are and how pleased we are to have arrived.

    Travelling to new places whether just down the road or across several countries extends the mind in ways one cannot imagine, we find. Indeed, we are delighted to see Venezia, a most magical city and one very dear to our hearts,highlighted in a book on Rosie's table.

    How clever everyone seems to be here...cupcakes, tapestries, embroideries.....we who struggle to thread a needle are most impressed!

    We have signed ourselves as Followers in order to keep in touch and we hope that we might entice you to visit our blog one day.

  31. Hamilton, Ontario? You must not be all that far from me (considering the scope of blogland.) I'm in Michigan, actually headed to London, ON and Stratford in a couple of weeks to share good times with a friend and see some good theatre! Looks like you had an amazing time! Those cupcakes look divinely decadent! And most delicious! What pretty stitching. You remind me I need to get my elf hat on and start Christmas -- the time is coming fast!

  32. Great cup cakes and I love the thread work.

  33. I would love to dive into that stack of books! And the redwork embroidery is gorgeous! I'm enjoying your blog this morning! What a wonderful life you live! Sweet hugs!



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