Wednesday 5 September 2012

Beautiful linens found in France...

Bonjour dear friends - Ça va ?!

Today I thought I would show
you some of the little treasures
I found at a brocante in


I fell in love with this little pouch
as soon as I saw it!
It is very old and was worn
with a First Communion dress,
probably to hold a handkerchief.

The fabric is so fine
I would call it
handkerchief linen -
please tell me what you think it is?

I've always loved old collars - they really
do speak to me of times past,
I wonder who wore them.
I would love to know
what the dress was like.
I can think of many
ideas for re-using these collars.

I know it's stained and well worn
but for me that's the appeal!

Are you like me and have a 'thing'
for monogrammed sheets
and pillow slips?
Well these weren't the complete article,
just the tops but that's OK!
I'm so grateful that others
recognised the beauty and potential
in these exquisite pieces
and saved them
for future generations to enjoy.

Maybe this gorgeous piece
sat on someone's dressing table
in days gone by.

It's so delicate

and exquisitely embroidered.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing
some of the bits I found!

Thank you to all my lovely friends
for popping in to say hi!

****WELCOME ****
to my new followers
I'm so glad you're here too!

Take care
Be kind to one another
hugs and love


  1. Lovely lacey finds! The pouch is very sweet - they were often used to hold a prayer book. The pouches are very collectible - it's amazing how many variations on a theme you can find!

  2. Hello Shane
    These French linens are all so gorgeous
    including the dear little pouch but I have to say my favourite is the lace cloth at the end! It is so delicate and fine - beautiful quality indeed even complete with the little hole.
    Wishing you some lovely times with friends over the next few days.
    Love and hugs,

  3. Lovely French linen and lawn are getting so much harder to find nowadays. You have picked some beauties!

  4. What wonderful delicate loveliness Shane. So wonderful that you rescued such sweet treasures. x0x0x

  5. Oh such beautiful things Shane! I would call it a pochette, that sounds more French! All those wonderful things were probably all made by hand by some industrious lady working by oil lamp. Hugs xx

  6. What beautiful finds you brought home Shane. The more you collect treasures from the past the more you begin to appreciate them, especially as they become harder to find. I thought you might like to know that the boutique handmade market I had a stall at was a huge success - over 4,500 people turned out for the markets and my stall attracted lots of admirers. I am teaming up with another girl to do high teas - she bakes and I'm supplying the cake stands and tea cups and other vintage lovelies. We have our first function this weekend. It's wonderful to know that everything I am using once belonged to someone and is now going to bring delight to someone else - just like your linen!

  7. Such truly lovely, delicate pieces!It is a wonderful feeling to be able to come across such delicate things and feel the essence of their past. I have actually bought vintage silverware pieces that have monograms on them. No, not my initials but I adore them anyway :)

  8. Beautiful linen and lace. I look at those pieces and think of the hours of labour that went into creating them, and I'm so thankful that they are still appreciated.

  9. Beautiful linnen and lace it !! from me...xx

  10. Oh, I am in love this your pouch. I can feel how soft it is from here! You have found a real treasure. I know you will put it to use, on display of course! Shane, I see you've picked up my brand new Paris Mondays giveaway button! Thank you soooo much, I am touched! xoxoxo's Pam

  11. Shane, you found some very amazing pieces...stunning! I love each piece and I love going through all my antique linens, the details are wonderful.

    Flea markets in France...there is nothing like them.

    xo Rhonda

  12. My dear Shane,
    You have really brought home some beautiful treasures.
    They are all so exquisite -I love how delicate they are and they will look wonderful in your projects, if you can bring over your heart to use them my friend :-)
    Sending hugs, and warm thoughts Shane.

  13. These are all so beautiful, Shane! What wonderful souvenirs to bring home. I have a thing for such pretty monograms like on that pillow slip piece too. Just gorgeous! Enjoy your lovely treasures!
    Hugs to you,

  14. oh how super pretty!!!! lovely finds in France!!!

  15. Hello, you do have pretty things! I especially love the Featherstitching on the pouch in the first picture.

  16. ooo you do have an eye for wonderful treasure and you were so sweet to share some lovely bits with me as well...I cannot thank you enough for the Swan Song hanging you made dear Shane...I cannot look at it and touch it enough!
    You are such a talent!
    Happy weekend to you and yours

  17. ooooh - I love the shape of the wee pouch! I can't resist old linens delicate. Perhaps that fabric is called lawn?

  18. Hi Shane, you found some lovely linens while in France. That last piece really is so intricate and delicate. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  19. What beautiful treasures. I also have a soft spot for hand embroidered linens and acquire a few now and again. I wonder sometimes if it is better to use them or keep them away from light and dirt. When most things are made they are for a purpose after all. Here in the tropics the heat and strong light affect fabrics quickly, so few last long. And insects and mould damage almost everything. Enjoy your beautiful mementoes of long ago; you are luckier than you realise.

  20. Dear Shane,

    You came back with some beautiful finds from France. I adore the old linen with monograms and all the pretty lace and broderie-anglaise.
    So neat that you will be able to work them into something again.

    Happy Thursday

  21. What beautiful treasures - always so exciting to find! Thank you for signing up to follow my blog.

  22. I have some lovely collars from French flea markets. I'm never quite sure what to do with them, but I just love them!



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