Saturday 15 September 2012


Hello dear friends
how are you all?
I'm so happy it's the weekend
with time to catch up on things...
like doing this overdue post!

Recently my friend Jen and I
had lunch at 'Verde',
a charming cafe come
home wares/garden shop
located in an old villa
with several rooms to sit and
enjoy lunch or just a coffee.

There is always a stunning
display in the entrance way,
just to whet the appetite
before getting down to the
business of choosing what to eat!

Their home ware items are
carefully selected -
I could easily buy everything
each time I'm here, so
restraint is called for!

In all the rooms
there are tables to sit and eat at,
now I call that
clever merchandising!
I never come out of here empty handed
even if it's only a card or two
(but there's usually more)!

They have a small selection of
beautiful clothes..... and
the most divine sponge cake
which I forgot to photograph
I'm sorry girls
but I just couldn't wait to eat it!!

but I remembered to take
a heart felt pic
of the coffee for you!

Verde is an inspiring cafe to visit
I always leave with a head full of
new ideas
to try once I get home!

Thank you dear friends
for popping in to see me today,
I wish we could meet at Verde
one day for a coffee and a chat!

to my lovely new followers
I'll be over to see you
very soon too!

Take care
please look after one another

hugs and love


  1. Oh, Shane, that does look like a fabulous place to visit. I've never seen a cafe that is set within a showroom where everything is for sale. Absolutely brilliant. I definitely would walk out with many purchases and definitely loads of inspiration. Thanks for sharing ! Have a beautiful rest of the day. Tammy

  2. What a great shop !!...l.ove all the green' love love

  3. Oh what a really lovely place Shane!! I adore the garden displays with the potted plants and birdhouses! I can tell you that if I went there I wouldn't be able to leave empty handed either.:)

  4. Oh, that is so clever for a cafe! My dream is to own a cafe / shop like this.

    Yes, I will meet you there one day!
    xo Rhonda

  5. It looks wonderful shop, I love this concept, coffee and fab homewares they go so well together, although being happy and relaxed i'd probably end up spending too much! Mx

  6. Dearest Shane,

    It makes me happy for you to see all this young green in your blog. You do have lovely restaurant shops, like this Verde.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. How lovely to spend time in that delightful shop.

  8. A feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. What a fun outing you had!

  9. Next time we have to fly into Auckland and have time to spare I think I would like to meet you there Shane. That is my kind of cafe. I always remember Oak Tree Cottage near Blenheim in the South Island. That was years ago when we visited but everything in each room was for sale, they even had a Christmas room. There is a vintage cafe in my town but the wares are mostly too retro for me. I did enjoy a buffet lunch in a lovely resort on Friday. On the deck of the restaurant overlooking a lake. Very luxurious indeed. I had my stall in the hotel foyer selling my china cake stands set out like a High Tea table for the conference attendees to browse and buy from and I did very well! Lots of conversations about china and tea parties with ladies from all over Australia. I also had markets yesterday and had to attend a dinner in the evening too. Today I need to recover and if Verde was near me I would go there for my afternoon tea!

  10. What a delicious place. I love all the "verde" plants scattered about and you're right a great marketing idea. Those little zinc house are sweet.

  11. How clever...I don't know of anything here that is in any way similar. I would LOVE a cuppa that coffee!

  12. Dear Shane,

    Looks like a great place to go and have lunch and a catch up with friends.
    Love all the green, the topiaries and the sweet little bird houses.

    Happy Sunday

  13. What a wonderful place, Shane. It must be fun to do some shopping and have a delicious lunch or piece of cake with coffee there.
    Have a great week!

  14. Oh Shane, what a place! Just as well it is so far away, I would spend all my money there! Thank you for sharing this with us ;-)
    I love those little sweet houses lined up in the top picture, an inspirational idea :-)

  15. Those birdhouses with hearts on them took my breath away! I adore them!
    What a beautiful place to shop/eat/drool. How lucky you are to be able to visit and how lucky WE are that you shared this treasure!

    I'll assume the cake was yummy!

  16. Hi Shane
    What a gorgeous place you have to visit there! I agree the little tin bird houses lined up amongst the potted greens looks so appealing.
    What a wonderful merchandising idea having all the things you love in the one place - plants, homewares and yummy food and coffee!
    I'm glad you get to have coffee there and spend a little too!
    Talk soon as I have something for you!!!!
    Love and hugs,

  17. Verde looks like a perfect place for lunch, some shopping is a fun combination.
    Wish you a nice week

  18. ooo what a wonderful place and it certainly IS clever to seat everyone in such tempting and beautiful surroundings!

    I *heart* your coffee and can almost taste it ... ummmm

    thank you for taking us along for some of your lovely outing dear Shane

  19. Hi! So many lovely things! Have a happy day! xxxxx riitta

  20. Hello Shane I loved this post with so many gorgeous and inspiring pictures! What a wonderful outing you had! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, it's lovely to find yours and I look forward to reading more of it now!
    Have a happy week!
    Helen x

  21. Hi we are taking, I can handle that many pots, easily! I am trying to recall where Verde shop around Auckland? Thank you for your lovely comment....always so nice to hear from you. :)

    Jeanne xx

  22. Shane, I would have LOVED to join you for this delicious place to dine and shop. I hope you will have a look at the French shop on my Paris blog's in Cincinnati! :)


  23. Goodness I might need an address for that cafe!

  24. Simply adore the photo of the coffee -- and all those cute birdhouses. I've been on a birdhouse blinging roll!

  25. What a wonderful place, so many lovely things! If I didn't live on the other side of the planet, I'd hop right over.

    Greetings from Germany

  26. This truly looks like a special and very beautiful place to visit, dear Shane, so many different and lovely things to look at and to even taste,-- your coffee, is so beautiful, and I can imagine I would also come home from that place, with my head filled with ideas, and inspirations.
    Thankyou for inviting me :-)
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  27. I love that kind of merchandising. Just going for coffee feels like a fun day out.



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