Sunday, 19 February 2012

An invitation - how exciting...

Lachlan's 1st Birthday

Lachie is our Godson's
second child
so we felt very priviledged
that he wanted us at his party!!

It was a beach party from 11-1,
a perfect time of little
one year olds!!

there were games like
pass the parcel and

an egg and spoon race
with the good dads supervising!

Such cute "little people"...
who remind me of "little old people"!!

The perfect cake for
our 1 year old boy
I think he likes aeroplanes...

because there were pink helicopters too..

They were made of white marshmallows
then pink/white chocolate with
licorice for the rotor!!
I didn't taste but the
kids loved them.

The day was very not and humid
with threatening thunder clouds
but luckily the sun stayed
out and everyone
was happy.

I just wished that my
two darling granddaughters
could have been here too.....

A very big welcome to
my two lovely new followers
Carol in France and
Ingrid in the Netherlands.

Thank you for popping in to see me

especially those of you who leave me
a little comment - love you!

Be kind to one another


  1. Birthday parties for little ones are such fun, especially when they dive into the cake and end up wearing as much as they eat! Glad you had fun and happy birthday to Lachlan.

  2. Cute cake and you gotta love the Pooh Bear! Glad the rain held off. They grow up so quickly.....

  3. Awe, sweet little peeps! Precious party, indeed, Shane.

  4. That looks like a fun day. Glad those clouds didn't bust loose. Great photo! Have a great new week. Tammy

  5. This is simply delightful! And yes, you should indeed feel honored!

  6. Thank you that you are following my blog...
    And first of all, congratulations with that 1 year old boy!!!
    And, I hope I'm not making to many mistakes in that English languidge, becouse my 'writing' English is not so good...but I think you can understand me ☺

  7. again ☺☺
    I'm now exactly your 200 follower ☺☺☺
    What a nice number.

  8. Such sweet tiny people, and what a wonderful party, I am sure you so enjoyed being there, with all thise cuties. The cakes were fantastic :)
    HUGS, Dorthe

  9. Hello! It looks like a fabulous birthday party indeed. I love the idea of playing pass the parcel on the beach! Thanks so much for popping by my blog recently (yes, Rinso was a washing powder here in the UK too). I've just seen your post about Downton's my absolute favourite TV programme. It's not on here at the moment and I can't wait until series 3 airs. I'll have to make do with watching the DVD box sets until it does! Bye for now. Katie x

  10. Looks like great fun.
    Don't think I could've
    resisted a pink helicopter!

  11. Hi Shane,

    Looks like a fun party and lovely that you were able to celebrate at the beach.
    Loved seeing all the darling little children, how cute.

    Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday

  12. What a wonderful day for a party. The beach made it even more special. Lachie, nice name. Is it Scottish?
    My husband is Scottish.
    Those little ones look like they had a fabulous time.
    Thanks for you nice visit.
    Blessings, Ginger

  13. Glad you enjoy my blog and Walmer Castle. I have this week posted on Dover Castle too.

    I do love these beach pictures with the children. Interesting to see across the world.

    My 93 year old next door neighbour is from New Zealand.

    Looking forward to the next series of Downton Abbey that is being filmed now.



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