Sunday, 15 January 2012


Welcome dear friends!
I would like to introduce
you to my newest angel -

We had a Skype session
at 7am (my time) this morning!!
(my daughter lives in France
and I am in New Zealand)
I had my camera on hand
and took these pictures of
my family on my conputer screen!

We chatted and the big sisters
had turns at holding their
baby sister
they are so proud!

Jessie is a calm baby
and didn't cry once
in the hour we were chatting!

It's times like this I feel the
distance between us (12,000km).
I wish I could have reached
out and taken her in my arms
and told her how much
I love her....

Welcome to our world
darling Jessie
it will be all the better
because you are now part of it!!!

Thank you all for popping in to see me
especially those of you who leave
comments.... love you!
A big welcome to my new followers

Be kind to one another

Love and hugs
Shane x


  1. What a little treasure is Jessie!
    And thank goodness we have Skype!
    Warm Wishes,

  2. Dear Shane ,she is a little angel, so very sweet- and what lovely photoes of the sisters- and little family all together.
    I`m happy for you ,you can skype with them.

  3. What a lovely post, every new born is a new miracle for the family...
    It looks so lovely and i can imagine you will love this little boy...

    Have a nice sunday,

  4. Owwww...what a sweetie !!!...have a nice

  5. What lovely photos of your sweet new well as your daughter and two other grandchildren..when you are so far away...isn't Skype just the best thing?

  6. oh that's so sweet, you will be happy and proud!

    Dearest regards,


  7. auguri ...che bella famiglia!!!!!dalmazia

  8. How wonderful to see your new grand daughter! love love the pics, they have such a vintage feel to them! Mx

  9. How sweet, Shane. She is precious and sweet. What a great idea, taking photos of the session. :)

  10. Skype is such a good way of keeping in touch with faraway ones. Such lovely photos, Shane.

  11. Welcome to the world Jessie,
    There are none more precious, than those fresh from God! You have been blessed.

  12. Oops! Looks like he's being smooshed in that first picture. ha! How wonderful that you were able to Skype for so long. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  13. She's georgeous and those photos came out great! Love that Skype!

    Thanks for sharing your newest love.


  14. What a sweetie, isn't it wonderful having Skype.

    I will have to see if I can get that book you have just read, it sounds interesting. Will look when I am in NZ next month.

  15. Congratulations on your newest little angel.

  16. Beautiful foursome. I can see why you can't wait to go on a trip!

  17. Baby Jessie is beautiful. Congratulations.
    Hugs Jackie

  18. Dearest Shane,

    What a precious hour of BLISS; thanks to Skype!
    This is so great that nowadays we can really peak into the world of others, no matter what the distance is.
    Enjoy your blessing!
    Lovely week ahead,


  19. Shane, I imagine you had a lovely chat. It is the next best thing if you cannot have a hug.

    A beautiful family.

  20. Hi Shane,
    Jessie is sweet as are her sisters! How lucky you are to have these precious angels in your life. I look forward to a grand child someday! :)

  21. Hi Shane,
    Thanks for stopping by my Blog. Aww, how sweet Jessie is!! Those big Sisters will be lots of help.
    Take Care,
    xxx Liz

  22. We have a daughter in Italy and so Skype is our lifeline to her. It's such a great program.

    How beautiful your girls are - and the newest little one, such a sweetie. You must long to hold her close, but how wonderful to be able to see her in real time.

  23. Thank you for sharing photos of that sweet little angel. All of your grandchildren are adorable.
    What a happy time for your family.


  24. Congratulations on your little beauty .....
    Enjoy each other!
    Thank you for your compliments and following Le Style.
    I'm happy to follow you too .....

    Warm greetings


  25. So cute! Congratulations on your new grandbaby!

  26. Hi, Shane!

    Yes!! I will be right there there for tea! (Tea in New Zealand, wonderful thought!)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Thank you for following along, too!

    You have a very sweet family!

    Take care.

  27. She is gorgeous Shane, you now have a trio of angels to spoil rotten.

    Amicalement from a chilly and foggy SW France, Leeann x

  28. Thank you so much for coming over and visiting my blog and it's lovely to meet you! Only just touched tip of your blog but it looks fab and I will be having a good look around asap.

    I do have Chrome downloaded, just to see if it worked with it and must admit it does all work perfectly with it, but I feel Google is kinda bullying us into using Chrome by making things annoying for us but I'm sure they will have to sort it out soon for people that don't use it which I'm sure runs into quite a few. Anyway I'm going to stick with explorer and the pop-up box which I have no problems with.

    Catch you soon

    Suzy xx

  29. ciao tesoro ....sono meravigliosi :) !!
    un bacio grande

  30. So so sweet angel indeed! Well, I must say that I am thrilled that you found my blog and that I in turn have found yours! Best of all, your are living in New Zealand. We lived in Auckland for four years, having then moved to England in 2009. We loved New Zealand and keep a special place in our hearts for all Kiwis. :)

    You have a wonderful blog....where friendships are made, and everyone enjoys coming over to say HI. I look forward to being one of them!

    Best wishes Shane for a wonderful day!

    Jeanne xx

  31. Bless your precious grand girls...what a sweet bunch they are...what a lucky little sister to be surrounded by so much Love!

    I can just imagine what a lovely time you all sure is wonderful making it the next best thing to being there!

  32. Dear Shane,

    How wonderful to see your darling family, beautiful daughter and sweet Grand babies. Congratulations to precious little Jessie.
    You will be so looking forward to going for a visit or have them come out.
    Love all the darling outfits you have chosen.
    Isn't skype amazing and what would we do without it?

    Wishing you a lovely weekend and best wishes to your family
    Hugs & love

  33. Now that's a BIG
    Monday Moment,
    Shane! Thanks for
    sharing it by linking
    up at P&H. I can only
    imagine how your
    arms long to gather
    all those sweeties,
    including baby Jessie,
    into them. I hope there
    is a trip on your horizon,
    soon! Great how you
    captured that Skype
    screen shot : )

    Hope it was a Happy

    xx Suzanne

  34. Lovely & cute, super love, they all like the angels with the halo on, xxoo

  35. Dear Shane,
    Your grandchildren look so adorable,
    I love how the big sisters hold their precious little sister so carefully.
    I know how you feel to be so far away from your daughter, I tell myself, they are seven hours flying from me, I live in Dubai and my eldest daughter with her family in Strasbourg, France. I see them twice a year for about ten days and parting is so hard.
    Skype does help a bit...



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