Thursday 19 January 2012


I'm still totally besotted with
everything baby -
specifically things for
my darling Jessie!!

One of my lovely embroidery friends
 sent me this sweet pattern today!
I can't wait to get started
they will make
beautiful Christening slippers

(If you would like the pattern
let me know and I'll email it to you).

My latest collection
for Jessie -
her 'must have'

from here
I adore this classic smocked
baby dress

and this is gorgeous -
if only I could crochet....

from here
We all need a little sundress
come summer!

from here

but this just has to be my pick!
Dolce and Gabbana -
very chic for a french bebe
don't you think - yes?

And she'll need some
snuggly friends to
keep her company....!!!!!

Thank you all for popping in to see me
especially those of you who leave
comments.... love you!
A big welcome to my new followers

Thank you for joining my blog.

Be kind to one another
Love and hugs
Shane x


  1. Those little slippers are just gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. What sweet slippers. I would love the pattern.

    The little dresses are adorable.

  3. Owww what a sweet post.....looooooove it !!

  4. What a wonderful post Shane! I too love everything baby! Those slippers are a dream. In my time I have crocheted Christening gowns. There's a picture of one on my blog if you go back a ways.
    Big Hugs
    June xx

  5. I love all the looks you have posted..I can imagine you creating these slippers..are you heading there soon? happiness and joy for this wonderful gift of a new grandchild and the ones you already have!

  6. Lovely sweet beautiful items and photos. Suzy x

  7. Oh, Jessie will be the envy of her neighborhood! Love that black and white number....o, la, la!!!

    The slippers are dear and sweet. And with baby's initials on them....too precious!

    Your post took me back 9 yrs ago when my only grandchild (boy) was born and I went crazy buying outfits and such. But, alas, daughter had her own ideas on what he should wear so they were never worn by him. I hope Jessie loves everything you send to her!

    Warm hugs my friend,

  8. Sweet wee slippers and the dresses - I hate to think what I'll be like if/when we ever get grandkids!

  9. Oh the sweet love and tender care you'll put into every stitch! May that translate into a cozy warmth for that precious grand baby of yours!

    Adorable wardrobe!

    Thanks for visiting.....
    Ciao Bella.

    Creative Carmelina

  10. Shane, dear- I love the D+G dress ,how wonderful-but also the smocked one is so lovely- it is very difficult, not to use every penny when our grandkids arrive :)
    HUGS , Dorthe

  11. O, how lovely all those baby is a nice post!!!

    Have a nice evening,
    Love from Holland,

  12. Hi Shane,

    Thanks so much for popping by my blog and for leaving such a lovely comment. Oooo, I think Lavender biscuits and a nice cup of tea would be perfect (we Brits love our tea)! Congratulations on the arrival of the latest addition to your family, you must be very proud indeed. Hope to see you again in Blogland and thanks so much for finding my blog! Katie x

  13. Dearest Shane,

    How sweet are all those baby garments! That is the cutest time in life and especially for giving it is so great. Enjoy this stage and look forward to the first visit.
    Love to you,


  14. oh - those little slippers are just too cute. Congrats on the little new one.

  15. I can see that Jesse is going to be one spoiled little treasure of a grand-baby!!

  16. Oh those sweet little slippers! I have just purchased a smocking pleater and I look forward to making little sweet dresses just like the one you showed here. Oh what fun you will have with this little one. I would love the pattern for the slippers.

  17. Okay, the Dolce dress is so sweet! She must have it. All of your choices are so sweet, Shane.

  18. There is nothing as exciting as a new baby! Congratulations!

  19. alternate squealing and sighing over the slippers, LOVE those so much!! Mx

  20. Oh such pretty lovelies for the dearest little Jessie - You don't think you might be spoiling this little one just a tad???(LOL!!!).
    And how can you not resist? I'd be doing just the same and more if I could.
    Those little slippers are sooooo sweet! and the gorgeous little dresses!! Ooh la la!
    Hugs Shane,

  21. Hey Shane, I can tell you will be making so many pretty baby things with love in every stitch. Carmelina is the one who could help you with the crocheting. I am a novice compared to her. But it sure would be fun to try and teach you. :) Hope your day is great. Tammy

  22. thank you so much for your sweet comment!! love that little crochet dress :)


  23. Congrats on your addition to the family, she looks beautiful! I love those slippers and the sweet little dresses! Hopefully you will get to visit soon! X

  24. It's clear you are having a very good time...such precious girlie girl things you have there...

    trop mignon :)

  25. I want to try the dress, so cute in Pink! U(+O+)U



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