Thursday 12 January 2012


Late last year when I broke
my arm, a few of my blogging
friends sent me lovely
"cheer packages".

This parcel was chock full of
wonderful creating bits and bobs
from my gorgeous, talented
friend Rhonda of

An exquisite little altered
matchbox with goodies inside!

Lots of Rhonda's tags -
with beautiful images.

I've got something special
in mind for this bezel!

Ooh la la - so pretty

I adore Rhonda's
darling Faux Gem Tintype
Wonderful to add to tags ect.
Check them out on her etsy here

and many French style tags
just what I love most!
You know me well
dear Rhonda
merci mon amie!!

Do you love handbags?
French style handbags - yes?!
Then head over to 52 Flea
where she's having an
(be quick it closes Friday 13th)
Could be your lucky day!!!

I know we all like
books on interiors - house stuff - yes?

'An Eye for Detail'
is the title of an inspirational
book that Ellie is offering
in her
Check it out here

I'll have another update
on Jessie soon -
I'm waiting for photos!!

Thank you all for popping in to see me
especially those of you who leave
comments.... love you!

A big welcome to my new followers

Be kind to one another

Love and hugs
Shane x


  1. How very,very beautiful a gift from dear Rhonda, so many adorable pieces, to create with-what a wonderful gift of love.
    Hugs to you, dear.

  2. Hi Shane...yes bolggen is fun !!....and such a nice world !!...i have 4 cards in my mailbox last sweet !! from

  3. You are so welcome, Shane. It truly was my pleasure to gift you during your down time. I'm so happy you are up and at it again. xo Rhonda

  4. Wonderful gif ties from friends. xox Corrine

  5. che meraviglia!!! :))
    un grande grande bacio !

  6. I came here and i like it...blogfriends are so sweet, they are the best friends in the world!!!
    I come back here!!!

    You are welcome on my blog also!!!

    ♥Eefie from Holland

  7. I think that bloggers are pretty special people and sometimes 'get' us better than anybody else. Lovely goodies!

  8. Dearest Shane,

    No doubt that blogger friends can be really meaningful! In the couple of years that I do read blogs, I've learned about that as well. We really can lend a hand, an ear and give meaning to one another.
    Love to you,


  9. Happy New Year Shane! What lovely goodies you got - enjoy. Congratulations on your newest grandbaby by the way.

    Thanks for your good wishes.


  10. Testing as I've had 'comment' problems with blogger.
    It's apparently all to do with their new "threaded comments" which was added to their blogging interface several days ago.
    They are aware of the issues and will rectify it ASAP (hopefully).

    Meantime I had to change a setting and make the comments 'pop-up' rather than imbedded.

    I'll see if it works now.

  11. Dearest Shane,

    Pieter's Goddaughter did live in New Zealand because her husband was with Royal Dutch Shell, the Oil Company. That was the connection. Not the Dutch Consul. We're good friends with our Honorary Dutch Consul in our State and we annually do attend the Dutch Queen's Birthday Party celebration with the Consul. Always fun to meet ex-patriats, even if we are American Citizens since 1993.
    But niece Myriam has lived all over the world due to the Royal Dutch Shell connection. Quite some adventures too.
    Have a great Sunday and love to you,


  12. What beautiful things - love the patina of the old photos.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger



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