Tuesday 30 November 2010

I'm getting ready....

If you read yesterday's
post, you'll know we're
expecting VIP visitors
in February!!

While shopping for
Christmas presents
in Whitcoulls (book store)
this morning, I discovered
that for each $20 I spent
I could buy a 'Horace' bear
for the special price of $7 -
naturally I had to buy two!!

They are now propped up
on my computer chair -
you can see why I
just couldn't resist them!

Horace 1

and Horace 2.
And very soon I'll be preparing
two little beds for my
darling granddaughters
and there will be a
Horace bear on each bed
waiting to be cuddled.

Also on the chair
with a bears is
Peter Rabbit's
Cookery Book
which was given to
my daughter when
she was four yrs old.

When the girls arrive
we will have a little
tea party,
would you like to
join us?

Do bears like rice pudding
and jelly

and jam tarts

and oat biscuits?
I hope so...

They must surely like
Mrs Rabbit's currant buns!

There's just so much
planning to do and
I'm hoping Horace 1 and 2
will help me!!!

If you would like any
of Peter Rabbit's recipes
please let me know!!

Thank you so much for visiting
and for leaving your lovely

be kind to one another

Shane x


  1. Hi Shane,

    How very sweet the Horace Bears 1 & 2 are!
    Your darling Grand-daughters are going to be so pleased to come and visit their Grandmother.
    The Peter Rabbit Cookery book looks delightful and such a lovely thing that your daughter was given.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and many thanks for visiting me.


  2. Bonjour Shane ~ the Horace bears are so... cute and I'm sure they will be much loved. Enjoy baking goodies from the beautiful Peter Rabbit Cookery book. Ginger & Pickles oat biscuits sound like a real treat. My very favourite was Miss Tiggy Winkle so I'm wondering if she has a recipe in your lovely book.

  3. I do love the bears, and I'm sure they would like jelly!
    Anything from Beatrix Potter is a treat to read, and that looks a delightful book.

  4. Oh the bears are so adorable- love them:). Your grand daughters are going to love their visit with you. All the special touches will make for a wonderful visit. And who wouldn't love jam tarts- yummm:)

  5. Lucky, lucky wee ones
    to have you as their
    grandma! I want to BE
    you when I am a grammy : )
    I am off to e-bay in
    search of this book.
    My daughter loved B.P.
    and her room is still
    painted with vignettes
    from her books, even though
    she is now in high school.
    She would love the cook
    Happy Tuesday, sweet Shane.
    xx Suzanne

  6. Your little ones will be so excited! What fun!!

  7. That's so sweet! I'm sure they will love the bears and the cook book looks great! They'll have so much fun making the recipes with you! :) x

  8. Only two little Horace bears, not one for grandma to keep for her own too? So sweet and the cookbook, rice pudding and jam, okay by me.
    Sounds like your preparations are bringing you much joy. xox Corrine

  9. The Horace's are darling and I bet they are cuddly soft too! My boys so Loved the Peter Rabbit stories...my eldest Ian would cry when the mouse got stuck under the fence with pea in his mouth...I THINK that's how the story went...long time ago now.
    Very sweet that there is a cookbook too...you've made me hop up and check my recipe book shelf and sure enough we have a Peter Rabbit's Natural Foods Cookbook illustrated by Beatrix Potter...imagine that!
    Lovely popping by for a bit of tea and thee dear Shane!

  10. Horace 1 and 2 are adorable - and bound to be loved by your grandkiddies. Pretty special gran!!

  11. So happy for you that your grand children are coming for a visit. What joy! Love the Horaces.



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