Sunday 28 November 2010

I'm counting my blessings

On my daily journey through
visiting and reading
my favourite blogs,
I sometimes encounter a
Often the content of the
will be treasures that
have been collected
or even hand made
by the host.
I only enter a giveaway
if the items on offer
"I've just got to try and
win this - it's got my
name all over it"
you know what I mean.... 

 I was recently lucky enough
to win a giveaway
made by Rhonda here
Now, I'm a huge fan of
and I would love
to have everything
she makes!!!
I was 'over-the-moon'
when I saw my name
on her blog
as the winner -
crossing my fingers
and toes
really did work!!
In her parcel were
this beautiful
fabric tag of the
Madonna and Child

 and also this sweet
French themed shadow box
(click on it to see the beautiful detail).
Thank you again Rhonda
I'm so blessed to have a piece
of your art work.

 This is the second lovely
package to arrive in
my post box all the way
from Barbara in the UK.

Barbara and I did Caroles book class
together earlier this year.
Barbara used exquisite fabrics,
laces and buttons
so I knew when I saw
her Giveaway, it
would be amazing.
The french fabric edging with
children embroidered on it
was enough for me!!!
Click on the photo
to get a closer look.

Thank you Barbara
I appreciate your gift.

Please visit these two blogs
they are both so talented
and both also have
on-line shops
(Christmas is almost here)!!

I'm finding it very hard to move on
following our mining disaster.

Next week there is a
formal Memorial service for the
29 miners
who lost their lives last week.

Please continue
to remember their families

 in your prayers.

Thank you for visiting my blog
and for leaving such
lovely comments
I appreciate each and
every one of you.

Be kind to one another.


Shane x


  1. My prayers and thoughts are with those sad families of the miners. Even on the other side of the world we think of you.....
    Thank you for showing such lovely things Shane.
    Hugs and blessings
    June xx

  2. I'm so happy you love your shadowbox. I try to tell a story with each one I make. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog. I'm smiling!

    Your post is lovely and touching today.

  3. How lovely to recieve those pretty treasures in your post!! I am still thinking about the families of the miners and the on-going sadness in their hearts.
    Have a lovely week Shane.
    Keep safe

  4. Hearts and Prayers still going out to your community and the heartbroken families...just so hard!

    What a cheery and fabulous mailbox you've had ... gorgeous winnings...such treasures...Lucky YOU and so well deserved dear Shane!



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