Wednesday, 1 December 2010

They are coming home.....

and I couldn't possibly
be happier!!!

"Going Home"
is the title of the beautiful
song on this video clip.
When I heard the words
I thought
how appropriate it is
for my theme this week
"my family is coming home". 

Please take the time
to listen.
It will only take a few
precious moments
and I promise it
will make you feel
warm all over!

It comes courtesy
of Tiffany from
Tiffany's Writing Compendium
a lovely blog I found
only last week.
She very sweetly
allowed me to use it here
thank you Tiffany!
Please visit her
- I'm sure you'll be as
enchanted as I am
with her writings.

I'm listening to the
music again as I write
this post and the tears
are welling up.
The anticipation of my family
coming home is
my dream come true!

I hope you are all having
an enjoyable and happy week.
Amidst the Christmas preparations
please take time out to
be kind to one another and
put the Christ back in to

Shane x


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. (oops a typo in the last comment)..Hello Shane, how exciting for you! I do love the recipe delightful. A tea party sounds like a lovely plan. How astonishing to come across "Going Home" twice in one week..once at Tiffany's & then again at An angel in the were certainly meant to catch up with it. Definitely a clip to be reblogged & shared. Much love Catherine x

  3. What talented little boys:). And such a beautiful song. I am so excited for you. It's getting closer to the day when they all arrive:)

  4. Dear Shane,
    Enjoy every moment of the homecoming...xv

  5. Such a beautiful post Shane and how much I enjoyed the video. I had tears in my eyes listening to those beautiful boys singing, like angels.
    I am so happy for you to have your family coming.
    June xx

  6. What a happy time you have to look forward to.

  7. Hi Shane, I can imagine you are happy to look forward to february :)

  8. Thanks for the reminder. Hope your preparations are coming along for those sweet children. xox Corrine

  9. Oh they are so precious...something about children singing always pulls the plug on me!
    Happy days full of sweet anticipation for you Shane.
    Still haven't found my SEW Somerset magazine!
    Thanks again for telling me sweet Lady!

  10. oh how exciting for you.....thanks again for your sweet sweet comments, I truly don't deserve them!! Wishing you a blessed & happy rest of the week!! TK xx



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