Sunday 10 October 2010

Simple Pleasures - the tooth fairy card

I've made this card for my granddaughter

She is only 6yrs and she is going

into hospital to have six of her baby teeth

removed to make room for her new

permanent ones to come through

poor darling.....
I won't be there at the time for her

so I made this little

Tooth Fairy card

there's a special tooth fairy pocket

so I'll pop some coins in there for her

on this page I made another pocket

where she can store her own

little treasures

I hope it cheers her up

knowing that the Tooth Fairy

is thinking of her!!
I'm linked to Dayle's Simple Pleasures
please visit and see the beauty all
around us.
Thank you my dear friends for visiting
I love all your comments and
visiting your blogs too.
Be kind to one another
Shane xox


  1. Shane, you work is absolutely delightful. She will love it and treasure it always.

    A bit of you will go with it in the post making it even more special.

    Pam x

  2. This is just so very sweet ~ I'm sure she will treasure it. What a big occasion for her to have so many teeth removed but I'm sure she will be in very capable hands.
    Your handi-work is beautiful and very special.

  3. Wow 6 teeth at one time. I hope the Tooth Fairy brings enough money.

    You will love this - better than money - Tooth Fairy keepsake:

    Catch the Tooth Fairy in the act :)

  4. Poor baby!! And they are doing this in the hospital, not at the dentist!?

    What a beautiful gift for her. Its just lovely.

  5. What a lovely idea! So sorry about the teeth all at once though, but I'm very sure this card will cheer her up.

  6. Awww, how cute is this? And how sweet are YOU? Having one tooth pulled is painful, but 6? Hope she's feeling better soon. Your card will make her smile!


  7. This is such a pretty card - how could she not love it! It is beautiful. I would have liked to do this course but the timing wasn't right for me, unfortunately.

    Thanks for your emails - sorry I am very slow at replying! The show was fabulous and I came away with lots of inspiration - I just need to find the time now to do something with it!!

    Have a great week.

    Barbara :)

  8. Hi Shane,

    Your card is precious and what a sweet gift for your little Granddaughter.
    Hope that it will go well for her.

    Happy week and hope that you are staying warm.
    It seems to have turned cold over here.


  9. Lovely card Shane! Your granddaughter will be happy with it :)
    For her it is nice to know that you are thinking of her when she gets new teeth :)
    I was to the Netherlands for 2 weeks to deliver the quilts :))

  10. Yes it is perfection. Thanks for telling me to look. Now if I wasn't always off swimming, I could visit more.
    Hope that warms you up!
    Mum lives in Hamilton and is totally chilled.
    Sorry I missed the give away, my fault.

  11. Oh Shane, she will love it, you know she will. So sweet. Tooth fairy's are so important after all. xox Corrine

  12. What a beautiful card. She will love it.

  13. Oh Shane what a beautiful gift for your granddaughter! That will be something she'll terasure for life! It's beautiful. Poor baby, 6 teeth pulled at once...oh my.

  14. Je suis desolé pour votre petite- fils! Your card is just lovely. It will be treasure for her. I wish I was as talented. My Eva keeps all her teeth and won't part with them! She needs this.
    A big hug to your precious one.

  15. How absolutely sweet and precious;
    your little granddaughter will be charmed by your wonderful card Shane and don't you and her Grandpa have cute names ;)
    Thank you for the welcome back!
    having a bit of a time getting back in the grove (or grind) ... should enjoy that while it lasts I guess!

  16. oh she will love that gorgeous present that you made for her, just beautiful!!

  17. Poor little girl! I'm sure that your card, the six euros and especially the thought behind will make her smile, a toothless smile, but certainly a charming one anyhow! :-)

  18. Precious little child and so far away from you, dear "Mina." Your gift is lovely and perfect for her, one that she will cherish forever.


  19. I wish her the best of luck. I am sure she is anxious but will be delighted to see your present to her... It's gorgeous! Thank you for your lovely comment .. truly appreciate it!


  20. How sweet of you to make her this! And how nice to read your granddaughter is living in the same country as I'm.
    I wish her all luck for the operation. Not something a little girl of 6 years old is dreaming of!

  21. Oh , your work is absolutely delightful.
    love it so much !
    love from ♥RINI♥

  22. Shane, this is stunning and what a treasure. She will adore having this to hold close to her ~ seeing as you remembered this safe (yet traumatic to a six-year old) procedure that is happening only to HER. 12,000 miles ~ she must miss you terribly and you, her. I'll keep you all in my prayers and what a wonderful grandmother you are!!! Hugs, Marilyn

  23. Hi Shane,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving good wishes.
    I wanted to pop over and see the card you made for your darling granddaughter.
    It is absolutely gorgeous and what a treasure for her to cherish.
    Such a traumatic experience for a wee girl.I'm sure this beautiful card will give her comfort.

  24. What a labour of love - all the beautiful sewing, vintagy fabrics and lace !

  25. Hi Shane- this is absolutely precious, what a sweet grandmother you are! I just made a white linen tooth pouch for my 6 year old and your creation definitely puts mine to shame- ha! ;)

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