Thursday 28 October 2010

I love Pink!!

My tribute to my friends who have
experienced breast cancer -
you are all such brave,

I also want to tell you about
these bloggers who inspire me...

Who couldn't be inspired by the beautiful
creations of Rebecca Sower?

She's a legend and her stunning work
appears in many Somerset magazines.

Have a look here
at her latest tutorial
a little lavender sachet to hang on a door.

Just what I had in mind as a
little Christmas present for friends -
thank you Rebecca!

One of the very first blogs I joined
as a follower was Magpies Nest
the home of Patty Szymkowicz.

She is the most inspiring blogger to follow
as there's always something interesting
and new in her world.
Thank you Patty for inspiring me
and offering your support and
friendship when I
started my blogging journey!

check it out
you won't be disappointed!

Another blog I always love to visit
belongs to Margaret in Switzerland
it is Alice and Camilla and her
latest post is about her QB5 stitchery
which has arrived home -
it's very inspiring also!

More exciting news for you:))

My friend Barbara has just
opened her own shop
I've done a few classes with her
and all of her work is simply exquiste!
Please visit Barbara's new shop
to see all her beautiful things.

She also has a giveaway here
until 6th November.

can any one point me in the
direction of a pattern for
a child's simple apron
I can make for my
little granddaughters??

Have a wonderful rest of the week
and thank you for visiting me
I so appreciate your comments!

Take care and

be kind to one another!



  1. Bonjour Shane:- congrats! you have now reached the 100 followers. I'm like you I'm always happy around pink especially the soft shell pink or the deep cerise pink, I'm off to visit those lovely sites you recommended.
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. As a double mastectomy - stage 3 sURviVor (!) ..I say a big..Thank you! With everyone's dilligence and keeping a watchful eye on our own bodies..we will stop eradicate this SOON!

  3. Dear Shane ~ it is my delight to be connected to you here in the land of blog!

    Thank you so very much for your really lovely and kind words ... so so nice of you!

    Being able to come and "visit" with you is always a treat for me ... I am so glad we've met!
    p.s. I Love pink too and the special meaning behind it as well

  4. I am now officially a "follower" too! :)

  5. What a lovely collage Shane! My teenage daughter recently attended her first cake decorating course. She was the youngest member of the class. Her first request to put her newly acquired skills into action came just last week. A friend of mine asked her to make cupcakes for the 'Think Pink' girl's night in to raise funds for breast cancer. She spent a day in the kitchen baking and piping out roses, and various other flowers and swirls - all in pink of course! She also made a big 'Think Pink' cake which became a raffle prize. I believe they raised quite a lot of money. So pleased that her first creative 'assignment' was for such a worthy cause.

  6. Shane, the collage of pink is lovely and significant for this special month.

    I do not think that you need a pattern for a child's apron. You can "dress up" in your special way a rectangle of fabric (trimmed, embroidered, lace-trimmed, etc) and gather it on a wide gros-grain ribbon to suit the child's size.

    Show us a photo when you are finished!

  7. Shane that is such a lovely tribute. I especially love the heart of flowers:)

  8. Oh Shane, I love pink too. What a wonderful mosaic, those roses making the heart, and sharing the other fab blogs - thanks. xox Corrine

  9. Beautitul mosaic, and thanks for the blog love

  10. Hi Shane,

    What a lovely post and tribute to pink for breast cancer month. Also love the sweet little lavender sachet. Thanks for sharing the links and will go and visit these talented Ladies.

    Happy weekend

  11. good morning shane...from across the waters...
    i have a moment to myself with our big ol' very full house and i am soo happy that you have pointed me in the direction of some new bloggers to visit with my pot of tea....

    beautiful thoughts for those special women affected by breast cancer....women are soo wonderfully supportive of one another...x

    i have a very lovely simple pinny and apron that i make...i don't have a pattern but i could email you measurements and a picture if you like...

    melissa xoxox

  12. Hello, sweet Shane!
    Had a quick moment
    for some tea and a
    few blog reads and
    I'm so glad I popped
    around : ) today.
    Love your collage of
    pink images....I
    have one friend who
    finished chemo this year,
    one who started and
    finished and another
    who is in the middle.
    Beastly disease! Love
    the mousy you embroidered
    for your granddaughter
    and the apron is going
    to be darling, I'm sure,
    especially if the pattern
    came from Melissa : )
    Hope you are enjoying
    a lovely spring day on
    your side of the world.
    Big hugs from mine!
    xx Suzanne

  13. A lovely tribute Shane
    and lovely blogs and artwork you have featured too!!! Love that little lavender pillow..

    Thanks for stopping by for my madness.. just a bit of fun.. not sure how long I will run it.. maybe a week... maybe less.. ciao xxx Julie

  14. Thank you for visiting "Rose Petals from Heaven" and leading me to your beautiful blog. I am your newest follower. *hugs*

  15. sorry I can't help with a pattern. I adore the Blogs you mention here.

  16. Hi Shane, thank you so much for your sweet mention and the lovely comments you left on my blog! my apologies for running a bit behind! I love your mosaic photos and the super links, I also came across the Rebecca Sower one and had thought it's something I might be actually capable of making!
    Loving your blog! Margaretx

  17. I love pink too!
    I always use an apron that I already have to make a new one so can't help you. I'm sorry!



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