Friday 8 October 2010


Hello everyone and apologies for being so late with my blog post.
Life has been very topsy turvy in our house over the last couple
of months for several reasons, however things are more or less
back to normality now - thank goodness.
My thank yous to three wonderful blog friends are well
overdue - I'm sorry.

Firstly, above is pictured my first and only

Giveaway WIN!!!

This beautiful French pouch is from Marilyn of

Willow & Figs and you can visit her beautiful

blog here where you will be enthralled by her

lovely creations.

These two very sweet cards handmade by Marilyn
were popped inside the French pouch.
I'm going to frame the top one and it will go
on the wall in our guest room.
Thank you Marilyn for your very generous gift!

I LOVE paper napkins and this beautiful
selection was given to me by my Aussie friend Pam!
Pam visited New Zealand recently as she has family
here and wanted to attend our Vintage Textile Fair.
We met for a cup of coffee - there was an instant
repore as we were already aware of what each other
were "in to" so we both "got it" (you know what I mean)..
You must visit Pams blog Bayside Moments here.

Thank you Pam - there will be a little something
in your letterbox very soon!!

Well last but definitely not least is this packet which
arrived all the way from Mary Anne in Canada.
Mary Anne's blog is Magpie's Munblings and you must
visit her here
and read about her life and all the lovely things she makes
One day she posted about felted slippers, as I've always
wanted to make a pair of these for each of my
granddaughters I asked how she went about it.
No sooner said and the instructions arrived!!

Look what Mary Anne also slipped in the envelope
some gorgeous pieces of fabric from her stash!
Mostly silk apart from the one below which
is a beautiful richly coloured paisley.
I'm disappointed as this photo doesn't do it justice.
Mary Anne I was overwhelmed - thank you.

This confirms for me that bloggers are

the nicest most generous friends one could find.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

whichever hemisphere you're in and

take care of one another. xox


  1. Hello my Blogging Friend,

    Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog. I am glad you liked the napkins!

    It was so nice to meet you Shane and a shame we did not have more time. There will be a next time. Take care my friend.
    Pam x

  2. Whose a lucky bunny then. Just gorgeous and I can feel your excitement coming off the blog!!
    Are you going to post your Tooth Fairy Card here Shane? Hope your granddaughter is doing well.

  3. Lovely treasures for you. I got lots of treasures myself last week. I like opening mail, don't you? xox Corrine

  4. How great to have a visitor all the way from New Zealand on my blog! Welcome.And how great you'll participate my give-away.
    Will follow your blog from now as well.
    Take care

  5. oh what lovelies in the post! and now I will have to visit your links!!

  6. So glad you liked the wee stash bits I sent along! Looks like you've had some pretty nice things filling your mailbox lately - isn't it fun to get something besides bills and junk mail!!

  7. Congratulations on your lovely goodies...Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  8. Congrats on the win!!! Oh so Lovely!
    Talking about you on my blog today ;)

  9. Lucky girl - what beauties! I hope you enjoy them. They are lovely.



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