Friday, 3 December 2010

Lost for words....

It's been a difficult week...
and everything's finally
caught up with me.
There are no words left...
I'm feeling incredibly

Please enjoy
these quintessentially
New Zealand

A Maori waka (canoe)
such as the ones used in
the great migration from
to New Zealand
1000 years ago.

The Sky Tower
in my home town

The indomitable majesty of
Mitre Peak in the

These images are
who I am -
They give me strength.

Have a wonderful Friday
I'll be back to my
old self tomorrow!!

Take care of one another
Shane x


  1. Dear Shane,

    Love the beautiful images you have shared, and yes we do live in a beautiful place.
    Like me you have probably been really touched by the moving service on Thursday. I sat on the sofa and couldn't stop crying.
    My second day of Jury Service, to be drafted to a trial, I was not needed which in a way I was really happy about.

    Have a happy weekend

  2. Shane, I'm so sorry to see you sad. you are in my prayers.

  3. It must be a very difficult time for everyone in your country. You have my deepest sympathy. Sometimes these situations feel way too close to home. When terrorists attacked Mumbai I found it very distressing as we had lived in one of the hotels attacked and my husband was due to visit there 2 weeks later. It was too close to home.
    I hope you feel better soon Shane. I'm sure having your family home for a visit will make all the difference.
    Thank you for letting us feature your blog on the Decorating Forum:)

  4. Dear Shane, Thanks for sharing who you really are, sad and all. Lovely photos or your wonderful world. xox Corrine

  5. but wait! don't you have some wee visitors coming to your place in the very near future???

  6. Shane, I am sending hugs, love & laughter your way....may you take moments to thank God in ALL things, rest in Him and move in to next week with a fresh spirit, thoughts are with you dear one, TK xx

  7. Beautiful images to give us all time to reflect on the earth around us.



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